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4 Apr. 2005
Memories of an Angel
When the Shadow Angels invade after 12,000 years of slumber, one young man - Apollo - could be the prophesized missing piece that finally completes Aquarion.
11 Apr. 2005
The Beast of Darkness
The Elements lose their edge, their souls unraveling in battle. Aquarion is torn asunder and the situation looks grim - until Apollo joins the fight!
18 Apr. 2005
Element School
Apollo reports for duty with the new Elements, making some of the more experienced pilots touchy. When an alien harvesting team appears in the city, veteran and rookie alike are pushed to the limits.
25 Apr. 2005
Barefoot Soldiers
The recruits undergo a strange training exercise at the will of Gen Fudo, their new commander. Paying attention to the odd lesson could mean surviving versus perishing.
2 May 2005
King of the Underground Labyrinth
Apollo goes AWOL and the team is sent out to find him. His motivations for vanishing are personal, and his vendetta puts the whole team at risk.
9 May 2005
To the Other Side of Emotions
Apollo and the other recruits begin work on their telekinetic abilities, enhancing the powers of their imaginations and spirits. The new techniques create a connection easily transferred into fighting strategy.
16 May 2005
Knight of the Crimson Rose
As the pressure for perfect unity mounts, the recruits' feelings are getting ragged. If victory is to be assured, the Vector pilots must embrace their darkness. Only in their weakness will true strength be found.
23 May 2005
The First Merge
When you're one of the few recruits that haven't experienced a merge, it's easy to get the wrong idea about it. If you get too excited, things can get explosive.
30 May 2005
The Path to Dreams
A Harvest Beast has opened the door to human dreams and the Shadow Angels seem to be plucking children from their sleep. The fighters take an amazing risk to save them.
6 Jun. 2005
Stars in the Sky, Flowers on the Ground
The Shadow Angels unleash a dreadful new weapon, designed to be guided by their most powerful warrior. Elements are seriously injured and must heal while the Vectors are repaired in the field.
13 Jun. 2005
Happiness Is at the Bottom of the Lake
A crisis of confidence has shaken Reika to the core, forcing the depressed pilot to leave the program and her partners behind.
20 Jun. 2005
The Time of Amber
An artifact from a holy scripture unleashes a flood of recollection, igniting the souls of Apollo and Silvia. Toma himself visits the Earth in a war machine - and Apollo is in the crosshairs.
27 Jun. 2005
A 12,000 Year-Old Love Letter
Apollo may be a beast, but Toma knows his weakness: the loyalty that will allow the Shadow Angel access to the relic.

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