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The Best Love Anime

Author: GuyverZRider from Malaysia
4 February 2007

The Best anime love story i have ever seen.the climax is a icebreaker.that is the ultimate no.1 most touching anime i have ever seen.The voice casting is also superb and the animation plus plot is also interesting.i hope there will be a 3rd season soon.A truly heartwarming tale of a true love between a human and a goddess.this anime depicts the struggle of the relationship and their love life.The 1st,2nd,the movie,the ova,manga is drawn and presented well.this anime in my opinion outbeat other anime although it is just a love story,in my opinion it is better than other anime that is consist of action.This anime shows that true love conquer all.I highly recommend viewers to watch this anime.I hope it touches yours because it touches mine.

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Soft and Sweet

Author: Richard Greco from Pakistan
6 March 2012

Didn't see the Anime or Manga. Decided to watch the movie instead. At first it gets a bit confusing because you don't know the background but you quickly catch up. It truly is a romantic action filled with love story that has the power to touch your heart and wish for true love or a lower just like our Goddess. I did love the concept of having Goddesses helping you out, alas it's true only in the Anime.

Overall, it was pretty great. I enjoyed it fully, I was close to tears at some point but held it together. I just wish I could find someone that I could love unconditionally as well.

Highly recommended.

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An Excellent Romance Anime

Author: RecapAnime from United States
29 August 2014

Ah! My Goddess is a one of a kind romance anime. From the two seasons that I watched I never at one point lost interest which says something about a show. That being said the story line is very basic and easy to follow and there is no real major plot twist, in fact every episode is its own story.

But having a trait like that in a show doesn't take away from it at all. Especially when every character is likable from the goddess Belldandy to the demon Mara, they each have something that makes the show so much better. Along with that the intros for season 1 & 2 fit the show perfectly

In all even if you're not into the romance, the anime is still something to check out but sadly there has been no info or rumors on a season 3 which is sad cause the show doesn't feel finished.

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A heartwarming tale of love between a goddess and a mortal hindered only by character development flaws and slight overuse of clichés.

Author: Tyshawn Purnell from United States
15 May 2014

*This review takes into account Season 1 and Season 2 (Flights of Fancy):

Ah! My Goddess is a series that surrounds the life of 21-year-old college student Keiichi Morisato as he copes with normal stresses (mostly caused by unnatural circumstances) until he comes into contact with a goddess by the name of Belldandy. The series' events are set into motion when she allows him one wish, which Keiichi uses to inadvertently bond Belldandy to him forever. From that point on, Keiichi and Belldandy find methods in which to live with, connect to, and appreciate one another. Of course, this sudden, close-knit connection blossoms into a romance every viewer should expect, yet still desire to see flourish.

Ah! My Goddess has a colorful cast of memorable characters that portray various archetypes that mesh very well and in turn, grants the series a perpetually captivating comedic air. Also, some episodes of the series are dedicated to putting secondary characters in the spotlight, which provides each of them with a decently fleshy background. One more noteworthy statement is that each character plays an important role in one form or another, which serves to augment the story's immersion factor.

Unfortunately, the plot, while strong, is a bit lacking. As the series progresses, challenges to Keiichi and Belldandy's relationship present themselves in various forms. However, each scenario plays out more or less the same and while the characters involved learn their lesson by the end of the ordeal, they sometimes seem to abandon said lessons a short amount of episodes later, effectively recanting the epiphanies had by the characters until they either relearn the same thing all over again in the next challenge or never get another chance to mature. This leaves little room for substantial character development.

In addition, one drawback to the wide array of characters is that some of the characters marginally outshine others. Some of the characters have distinct, dynamic personalities that show gradual changes as the series progresses. Meanwhile, others follow textbook cardboard cutout archetypes to a T and do little to diverge from a basic formula of behavior. Plus, many supporting characters are granted an episode or two of their own, but get only that before suddenly fading into the background. Worse, some characters stop appearing at all after their starring episodes, which implies a sense of redundancy in the grander scheme of things.

To conclude, Ah! My Goddess is a spectacular series that captivates viewers with romance, drama, comedy, and a healthy supply of fan service. It has a definitive charm to it and may get some viewers to think deeply about the concept of love and its enigmatic wonders. In addition, many of the characters are memorable, the plots are generally strong, and its focus on the romantic connections between otherworldly beings and humans serves as a peculiarly attractive feature of the series. However, the series does have its fair share of clichés, contrivances, and shortcomings that detract from the most important element of its story, which is the romance. Of course, it should not stop those curious about the series from watching.

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Ah My Goddess!

Author: Tweekums from United Kingdom
4 December 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The protagonist of this series if college student Keiichi Morisato; everything seems to go wrong for him until one day the goddess Belldandy appears before him and offers to grant any one wish. He could ask for anything but what he asks for takes Belldandy by surprise… he asks her to stay with him! With the contract made she stays with him and some people aren't too happy about it; most notably a girl who is upset when Belldandy becomes the most popular girl in college and a boy whose advances she rejects. As time passes Keiichi and Belldandy are joined by Belldandy's sisters Urd and Skuld… Urd is keen to kindle romance between Keiichi and Belldandy while Skuld is determined to stop that happening so they can return to Heaven. If dealing with rivals and siblings wasn't bad enough a demon turns up with the intent of bringing misery to the world.

This series provided quite a few surprises; it is a seinen romantic comedy but it manages to avoid excessive fan-service and despite the fact that it involves a boy living with three girls it doesn't feature the usual harem hijinks. In fact the romantic elements are very chaste. This might disappoint some people but I found it a refreshing change and the gentle comedy was most enjoyable. The real strength of the series is its characters; in particular the three goddesses; Belldandy is one of the mos delightful anime characters I can think of, Urd's slightly over the top personality provides plenty of laughs as does Skuld and her various inventions. The animation and character designs were good and when the twenty four main episodes and two OVA episodes were over I was left wanting more… thankfully there is a second series.

These comments are based on watching the series in Japanese with English subtitles.

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