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All you ever wanted in a film for a nice, satisfying evening, is here, that is, romance, humor, drama and a happy ending

Author: Amy Adler from Toledo, Ohio
19 August 2009

Noelle (Monica Keena) is going back to her hometown to do a business study about the local Christmas ornament factory. It's near the holidays and the plant's owner, who died recently, was discovered to have been supplementing the factory with his own income to keep it afloat. Business whiz Noelle is keen to find a way to save it, for her mother and many other residents and area small business operators depend on its existence. As Noelle is blowing up a large company balloon, it breaks free and causes a male driver, Justin (Tobias Mehler) to lose control of his car, inflicting minor damage. Noelle is apologetic, especially since Justin is young, handsome, and coming to work at the factory as a seasonal employee. The gentleman also likes what he sees in Noelle and they begin to "step out" together. But, there are complications. First, the factory really is in the red and there seems to be no way out, other than moving it overseas. Then, too, the locals learn that superstore, Global Mart, will be coming to town, driving several small businesses to their demises. Lastly, Justin seems very smitten with Noelle, at times, but she often glimpses him in close conversation with the former owner's pretty granddaughter, Ashley, who has also come to town to make decisions about the company's future. How will this all turn out? Here is a winning film for the holidays or any other time of the year. It is funny, clever, sweet, and just perfect for an evening of nice entertainment for romcom fans, even ones in their teens. The two principal stars, Keena and Mehler are very winning and so is the rest of the supporting cast. The lovely town setting is also a fine asset, while the costumes, script, and direction are more than adequate. The film, in fact, resembles this year's New in Town, in quite a few ways, and that statement alone is strong praise. Do you love "getting in the mood" around holiday time, by watching a few worthy Christmas films? Include this one, then, in your schedule, as it most likely will be all you ever wanted in a seasonal flick.

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Super cute Christmas movie....

Author: designerdawn from Canada
14 December 2006

A movie you can watch with the whole family...Loved it! And all the kids will like it, even the teenage girls, they will love the outfits...I know my niece is copying some of the fun outfits she saw after watching it..It is nice to see a fun cheery Christmas movie that is different from the usual..Plus it made us all laugh, great Director for adding some funny stuff..Loved how it had such a happy ending too. We all hope to see this movie again next year, I think it will be a Christmas bubblegum classic...Only wish there was some fun eighties music thrown in there too!... Thanks for something different!...And hopefully we can buy it on DVD to put in our collection.

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Really, some terrible acting

Author: jacquilynne-1 from Canada
13 December 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Some of the worst, least natural acting performances I've ever seen. Which is perhaps not surprising given the clunky, lame dialog given to the one note characters. Add to that the cheap production values and you've got a movie that doesn't look like it even belongs on television. One doesn't expect much from a Lifetime movie, especially one this old, but this is nearly unwatchably bad.

Plot-wise, it's a dreadful, clichéd romance of a type even Harlequin would consider beneath them. It's possible to guess how the remainder of the movie will go by simply watching the opening couple of scenes. Surprise, the only female character who gets any focus and the mysterious stranger end up falling in love.

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Eh I've seen worse

Author: LtlHippo from United States
21 December 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

They should have named this movie ...Blonde women that needed to get their roots colored. Also the main character, geeze, the too tight sweaters. The giggling. Thought the guy did a good job though. I keep hoping we'll find a good 8 star Christmas movie to watch this week. The dart throwing. Had to laugh at that too. We've still got 3 more on the DVR to watch, maybe we'll get lucky. Oh yeah, I figured the guy out pretty quickly and nailed it when he picked up the flowers and then drove out with his cousin. I told my daughter they were on their way to the cemetery. And how stupid was it that the two gals followed them there spying on them? Creepy.

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Budding Hollywood writers: study this film

Author: MisterMiata from United States
21 December 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A note to all of you budding film writers: Study this film. If your dialog reads like the dialog in this film, please shred your script and try again.

I didn't have high expectations, but was intrigued by the description indicating there was a mystery at the Christmas Ornament Factory. The Mystery is resolved very early and the film becomes a straight romance. I almost stopped watching it at 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and at the first break. My spouse , who is the Hallmark & Lifetime fan, gave up at the first break.

Forest River is a company town - the main business is Aikens Ornaments, who make all manner of holiday decorations.The patriarch of the company has recently passed away, so the companies future might be in question. We soon meet Noelle, who would rather be on Wall Street than Main Street, and the mysterious Justin, who gets a date with Noelle after a large snowman she is inflating crashes into Justins car. Once we meet Alison Aikens, doing due diligence for the Board, we have our story setup.

If you can't nail all the story arcs by the first commercial break, you haven't seen enough of this kind of Holiday film. Maybe that's a good thing.

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Decorative Christmas Romance

Author: wes-connors from Los Angeles
28 November 2012

Nicely-proportioned blonde Monica Keena (as Judith Ann "Noelle" Dunn) has returned to Forest City to advise the "Aikens Christmas Decorations" factory that employs most of her home-town's residents. The business has been failing in recent months, following the heart attack of its founder and president. A mishap involving a promotional giant snowman introduces Ms. Keena to mysterious dimpled Tobias Mehler (as Justin Allen), who has just arrived in town. He is handsome and immediately hired to work for the failing "Aikens" company. Apparently, there is always room for another good-looking hunk on the payroll...

Keena receives unexpected competition from efficiency expert Sonya Salomaa (as Ashley Aikens), who has apparently arrived to shut down her deceased grandfather's factory. Keena catches her rival in overly friendly meetings with Mr. Mehler, who is supposed to be Keena's boyfriend. Mehler has a "great butt" as evidenced by director Ron Oliver and ogling girlfriend Ali Liebert (as Priscilla Clark). Playing her part well, pretty mother Dense Galik (as Mary Lee Dunn) also notices. The plot is very predictable. This is a Christmas ornaments movie, with the inside trimmings looking better than the overly done outside ornaments.

**** All She Wants for Christmas (2006) Ron Oliver ~ Monica Keena, Tobias Mehler, Dense Galik, Ali Liebert

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not a good Lifetime Christmas movie

Author: SnoopyStyle
27 September 2015

Forest City is a Christmas company town depending on the Aikens Christmas decoration factory. Judith 'Noelle' Dunn (Monica Keena) is a MBA student back in town to write her thesis on the efficiency of the plant. An accident with a giant snowman lands her with drifter Justin Allen. Justin gets a job in the factory. Noelle discovers that the late founder had been discretely covering the losses and his granddaughter Ashley Aikens arrives to determine the future of the plant. Justin keeps meeting secretly with Ashley and hiding a secret.

This is trying to be cute but it's actually a bit annoying. This is a lower level Lifetime movie. I really love bubbly Monica Keena when she was younger but she's not growing into a mature actor well. The romantic chemistry is really problematic. The guy is a stiff and he keeps going off which leaves Noelle as a jealous mess. Jealousy and plant closing don't strike me as Christmas material. It makes her character unlikeable. I don't expect much from movies like these and this one delivers even less.

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Where is the plot?

Author: Abby from United States
31 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Almost despite myself, I have become a fan of Lifetime/Hallmark/ABC Family romantic movies. The plots are formulaic and the endings are predictable but, with varying degrees of success, they all manage to be engaging and, at times, uplifting. Even with the generally low expectations that go along with movies in this genre, this one fails miserably. The dialogue is elementary and the plot is almost completely non-existent. After 10 minutes, I realized that absolutely nothing had happened. After an hour and the unsurprising "twist" revelation, still nothing had happened. Perhaps the problem lies in the fact that no compelling reason to save the factory is presented to the audience. We cannot sympathize with a mission that the protagonist herself has said is impractical.

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