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Season 1

25 Sep. 2006
Fancy Footwork
Sisters Savannah and Sophina learn the importance of positive competition when they find themselves on opposite teams in the Hip Hop Central dance contest. The kids learn to drink water for a healthy body.
26 Sep. 2006
When I Grow Up
The kids share their dreams about what they want to be when they grow up. Hip Hop Harry explains how banana chips, a healthy and tasty snack, are made.
27 Sep. 2006
Words Have Power
The kids learn that words have the power to make someone feel good or bad, and so words must be carefully chosen. Kiana also learns to make a special gift for her fatherÕs birthday.
28 Sep. 2006
Making New Friends
The kids welcome the new girl in town, Tonya, to Hip Hop Central. Hip Hop Harry creates a shapes game, challenging the kids to create an activity using at least two different shapes.
29 Sep. 2006
Do Your Part
The kids learn about contributing to a group goal by helping plan a surprise birthday party for Pinky. They also learn about germs and the importance of proper hand washing.
2 Oct. 2006
Never Give Up
Ryan is having a hard time in basketball practice, but Hip Hop Harry urges him to never give up and to keep practicing. The kids learn how fish breathe underwater when mail carrier Carla stops by with his new pet goldfish.
3 Oct. 2006
Air Air Everywhere
The kids help Max find examples for a school assignment to prove that air is all around us. The kids learn that air allows us to smell things.
4 Oct. 2006
We Have Five Senses
Hip Hop Harry challenges the kids to find an activity that uses all five senses at the same time. When they choose Òcooking,Ó Hip Hop Harry invites Chef Rob to help make a tasty snack and teach the kids about the four flavors.
Wildlife Wendy
Wildlife Wendy pays the kids a visit to teach them about birds, and helps Kiana overcome her fear of birds by learning about them.
31 Oct. 2006
Be Creative
Hip Hop Harry and the kids are having a costume party so they create a list of five things they will need for the party. Max makes his own costume by being creative and using items he finds around Hip Hop Central.
2 Nov. 2006
Rain Makes Rainbows
The kids learn the upside of a rainy day Ð rainbows! Together, they come up with a song to help them remember the colors of the rainbow.
3 Nov. 2006
Dream It! Achieve It!
Hip Hop Harry invites the famous singing group Brutha to perform at Hip Hop Central and they ask Colton to perform with them! Colton learns that if you can dream it, you can achieve it, and he is more determined than ever to reach his goal. Also, mail carrier Carla delivers a box full of new books to the kids!
20 Apr. 2007
Finding Your Talent
Veronica has a hard time finding her talent.

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