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Paramount Ends First-Look Deal with John Goldwyn (Exclusive)

Paramount Ends First-Look Deal with John Goldwyn (Exclusive)
Paramount has quietly ended its decade-long first-look deal with John Goldwyn, the former vice chairman of the studio.

Paramount had signed “Saturday Night Live” creator Lorne Michaels and Goldwyn to a first-look deal in 2003 when Goldwyn stepped down from the executive post through the duo’s Michaels-Goldwyn banner.

The producers have delivered a quartet of comedies — “Hot Rod,” “The Guilt Trip,” “Baby Mama” and “MacGruber” — but none of those became a hit. They also teamed on lifeguard comedy “Staten Island Summer,” which has been completed but has not been set for release.

Paramount is currently maintaining a first-look deal with Michaels through his Broadway Video banner — one of 15 such deals at the studio.

Goldwyn produced Ben Stiller’s “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” along with his father, Samuel Goldwyn Jr., who had been trying since 1994 to remake the 1947 original film, starring Danny Kaye and produced by the iconic Samuel Goldwyn Sr.
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Cops Think Murray Shacked Up with Baby Mama

  • TMZ
Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Dr. Conrad Murray's baby mama will testify before the L.A. County Grand Jury tomorrow at 11:00 Am.Nicole Alvarez, the mother of Dr. Murray's 7th child, has not been cooperative with Lapd detectives. We have already reported that we have heard Dr. Murray was living with Alvarez during the time he was supposedly staying with Jackson. Law enforcement sources tell us they believe Dr. Murray was living with Alvarez
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Lamar's Baby Mama on Khloé Nuptials: "I Thought It Was a Joke"

If you think you're surprised by Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom's upcoming quickie wedding on Sunday, imagine how the groom's ex-fiancée must feel. Odom, 29, began dating Liza Morales when they were both just 17, and they've had three children together: Destiny, 11, Lamar Jr., 7, and Jayden, who died of Sids at age 7 months in 2006. The high school sweethearts split two years ago. "It's just really, really shocking," she tells E! News. "Everybody, and I quote, 'everybody' is shocked by this." Some of her surprise may come from experience. The NBA player popped the question eight years ago, but he and Morales never tied the...
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Dr. Murray's Baby Mama -- Grand Jury Bound

  • TMZ
TMZ has confirmed one of Dr. Conrad Murray's baby mamas will be called to testify before the L.A. County Grand Jury in the Michael Jackson investigation -- because she's not cooperating with the cops.The L.A. County D.A. has asked the Grand Jury to put Nicole Alvarez under oath and testify about Dr. Murray's comings and goings around the time Jackson died.Alvarez -- the mother of Dr. Murray's 7th child -- lives in Santa Monica,
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Monaghan Plays Downey's Baby Mama, Damon Gets Scary: Movie News for 9/18

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Michelle Monaghan is set to play Robert Downey Jr.'s preggers wife in 'Due Date,' Matt Damon and Clint Eastwood are teaming up for the supernatural thriller 'Hereafter,' 'Tron Legacy' sets an IMAX 3-D release date, and more of today's top movie ... Read more

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Baby Mama to David Caruso: You're Off the Hook

  • TMZ
David Caruso probably feels like a million bucks right now -- 'cause we've learned his baby mama just dropped her million dollar lawsuit against the actor.Liza Marquez, the mother of David's two children, filed documents in Los Angeles Superior Court last week requesting the dismissal of her mega-sized lawsuit against the "CSI: Miami" star.The doc states Liza "is not recovering anything of value" from the lawsuit.As TMZ first reported, Marquez claimed Caruso
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Jude Law's Baby Mama Offered $200K for Tell-All

Jude Law’s baby mama has been offered a huge stash of cash to tell her side of the tale of getting knocked up by the Brit bachelor. Model Samantha Burke is pregnant with Jude’s baby and due later this year. She came out last month to the media to admit she was the baby mama, and is now in discussions with several magazines to sell pics of her baby girl, whom she is reportedly naming Sophia. According to reports, there’s $200,000 on the table for the tell-all which mags want to print in October, the...
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Jude Law's Baby Mama Offered K To Reveal Details About Their Fling

Jude Law's ex-lover has been offered 0,000 to reveal details about their fling. Model Samantha Burke - who is pregnant with the actor's baby following a brief romance last year - is in discussions with several magazines to sell pictures of their daughter Sophia when she is born and talk about the "Sherlock Holmes" star.

The interview and photo shoot will take place in October, around the same time Jude's Broadway debut in "Hamlet."

A source told the New York Post newspaper: "Samantha is getting offers ranging up to 0,000 for the interview and baby photos."

"The irony of the timing for the interview is not lost on her. She will talk openly about her relationship with Jude. While Jude has promised to provide for Sophia, Samantha doesn't feel like his behavior towards her was entirely chivalrous."
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Jude Law's 'Excited Baby Mama Blogs

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Samantha Burke, the 24-year-old model expecting a child with Jude Law, wrote about how "excited" she is to welcome her little one in less than a month.

"Only a month to go until I welcome Sophia into this world," Samantha writes on her blog. "I'm excited, of course, but a little anxious too. There is still so much to do to get ready. With all that I have left to do, I'm going to sign
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Jude Law Doesn't Remember His New Baby Mama

If Jude Law's latest baby mama was hoping she was going to get a relationship out of being pregnant, she's going to be really disappointed! Apparently Jude doesn't even remember the mother-to-be of his fourth child. A friend of Samantha Burke, who is pregnant with Jude's baby, claims the Burke hasn’t seen or been in personal contact with Jude since he left New York, and she can only reach him through his lawyer. The unnamed pal told E! Online: “She met him at a club in New York. He was sick, so she...
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Jude Law "Didn't Even Remember" Baby Mama

It's hard being a young twentysomething lady who loves famous people. If everyone isn't calling you a fame whore, then you're just trying to get whatever famous person responsible for knocking you up to remember you. Ugh, it'll be Ok; just take underwear pictures and post them online. And if that doesn't work, have a close friend do the talking for you. This is how the story of Jude Law's baby mama Samantha Burke is going, anyway. A close friend of Samantha's steps up and tells E! exclusive details of the brief relationship between the Sherlock Holmes actor and the aspiring model. It all started once upon a time in a club: "She met him at a club in New...
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Jude Law Not on Speaking Terms With Baby Mama

Jude Law may have promised to take care of his unborn child from Samantha Burke, but that doesn't mean he has to speak to her. Jude is reportedly furious with his baby mama for getting pregnant because he was under the assumption that she was on birth control. According to sources close to Jude, they barely had a relationship together, so he's upset that it resulted in a baby. According to the New York Daily News, Jude met Samantha outside New York’s 1Oak nightclub in January and he took her back to his hotel room. An insider...
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Jude Law Reportedly Met His Baby Mama Outside A Nightclub

Jude Law reportedly met the mother of his unborn child outside a nightclub. The "Sherlock Holmes" actor took 24-year-old model Samantha Burke to dinner after they met on the street outside New York's 1Oak nightclub in January.

The pair then went back to Jude's hotel room.

An insider told the New York Daily News newspaper: "They actually met after the club had closed, on the street. He took her to a diner around the corner and then to the Greenwich Hotel, where he was staying. She stayed over that night."

"In the morning, Jude had to make his call time so he left her in his hotel room. When she took off, she left him her phone number, and after a few days, he called back and said he'd like to take her out to dinner. They never did make that dinner - they just stayed in his hotel room.
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Sarah Palin Denies Divorce Rumors

A rep for former Alaska Gov. and Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin has firmly denied Internet reports this weekend that she and husband Todd Palin both had affairs and are now planning to divorce. "No truth to any of the rumors," wrote the rep in an e-mail to People. "No divorce. No affairs. No land in Montana. Nothing! All lies and fabrications!" The reports, published on several Alaskan Web sites, allege extramarital affairs on both sides and an impending divorce, and claim the 45-year-old politician is considering moving her family to Montana afterward.The news was also dismissed by Todd's father Jim Palin as "nonsense.
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Jude Law Thought His Baby Mama Was Taking Contraceptive Pill

Jude Law thought the model pregnant with his child was taking the contraceptive pill. The 'Sherlock Holmes' actor was "stunned" to discover Samantha Burke is carrying his fourth child following a brief romance at the end of last year, because he believed she was taking precautions against having a baby.

A source told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "Jude assumed she was taking the Pill. He was stunned at being informed of the pregnancy. Jude feels he's been made to look the bad guy. One of the reasons their brief relationship didn't work out was because Samantha was a little too keen."

"She claimed she was falling in love after just a couple of weeks. It was probably a bit too much too soon."

Other sources claim 24-year-old Samantha was "inexperienced" with men before she met Jude, 36, which has made the shock pregnancy even harder for her family to deal with.
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Jude Law's Baby Mama Speaks!

As Hollyscoop had previously reported, actor Jude Law is expecting his fourth child after having a brief relationship with a model named Samantha Burke. While Jude was hoping to keep this relationship under the radar, the media found out who the baby mama was and got a ton of new info on her and their unborn baby. And now Samantha is speaking out via her lawyers about the whole situation. "Samantha, her mom, and her family can affirm that Jude has been responsive and supportive throughout the relationship and pregnancy, and know that he will remain so as a father...
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Jude Is Happy to See Fans as We Get to Know His Baby Mama

Jude Law looked like he was in good spirits leaving the Wyndham Theatre in London last night after another performance of Hamlet. He signed autographs for fans, while back in the States we learned more details about the woman pregnant with his fourth child. Apparently the baby is the result of a weeklong fling with a model about seven months ago - and there's even a photo of her, Samantha Burke. Jude has made it clear that he's ready to support the child and with the supposed due date in early October, the baby will be here soon. View 5 Photos ›
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Jude Law's Baby Mama Revealed

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That certainly didn't take long. Yesterday it was reported that Jude Law was going to become a father for the fourth time. He confirmed that he was no longer in a relationship with the woman who would be birthing his child, and that no future statements would be issued. Well, maybe they won't be issued from Law's camp, but a lawyer has revealed that the mother of Law's child is Florida model Samantha Burke. We hope Law enjoyed his one day of secrecy.Speaking to TMZ the lawyer said, "Ms. Burke can confirm tha ...
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Jude Law's Baby Mama Comes Forward

The woman pregnant with Jude Law's baby has been named as Samantha Burke. A lawyer for the U.S. socialite and aspiring actress released a statement Thursday revealing "Sherlock Holmes" star Jude is the father of her unborn child and has pledged to support her and the baby.

It also states Samantha got pregnant during a brief relationship with the 36-year-old star which occurred over the Christmas period last year.

Samantha has reportedly registered on website Babies "R" Us giving her due date as October 6 and saying she is expecting a girl she will name Sophia.

In a statement to gossip website TMZ, her lawyer wrote: "Ms. Burke can confirm that she did in fact have a relationship with Mr. Law and that she has informed Mr. Law that she is expecting his child later this fall."
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Exclusive: More to Love Star's Surprising Skinny Photos, Gisele's Bikini Bump, and Jude's Baby Mama!

It's been impossible to ignore the press surrounding the new "overweight bachelor" reality TV show, More to Love - now we've got exclusive photos and an interview with his high school girlfriend to prove that he wasn't always a big guy. See the shirtless and prom photos here, and check out what his ex has to say about his studly past - turns out there used to be less to love of Luke Conley. Plus, new details about Jude Law's baby mama and Gisele's baby bump. Check it out now! View 5 Photos ›
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