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The network giveth and the network taketh away...
Venus-2521 January 2007
This edition of BAILANDO POR UN SUENO sounds like a great idea, but it seems as though improvements are always accompanied by something that takes the improvement away to balance out the numerical score.

The new host, Marco Antonio Regil, is perfect for this program; he's attractive and has the right attitude and energy for this show. As before, the celebrities are likable and some are excellent dancers. The premise of the show is that one partner of each of the engaged couples dances with a celebrity partner with the objective of winning a fancy dream wedding. Upping the ante in part two by also awarding a house to the winning couple is wonderful. PERO......

WHY did they think it necessary to submit all the brides to medical exams to announce that four of them are pregnant? Perhaps this is a culture shock thing (I'm a gringa) but in my opinion this is terribly tacky.

Also unnecessary is keeping the couples separated from each other during the competition. I suspect that this is an attempt to create una drama de celos by the time they get to the tango. The celebrity "suegras" who test the love of the couples are probably going to have fun with this one. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out; I only hope that this doesn't end up in the same place as CANTANDO POR UN SUENO.

Added on March 18th: I would also prefer to see the dancing on these programs be judged more on how the partners dance together rather than allowing this to continue to be so stunt-dependent. Considering that neither the contestants nor the celebrities are professional dancers, this program is becoming too injury-prone.
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