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Surges with an energy and visual verve that improve the play and enhance the themes of dramatist Peter Morgan's script.
The A.V. Club
In a masterful performance, Langella highlights Nixon's oily charm and guile.
The result is involving, engrossing cinema -- more thrilling, in fact, than Howard's "The Da Vinci Code" -- filmmaking of a type rarely seen anymore and sorely missed.
Howard and Morgan have transformed this story into something more than an embellished re-telling of recent history. They have shaped a tragedy that is almost Shakespearean in force.
Frost/Nixon works even better on screen. Director Ron Howard and Morgan, adapting his own play, have both opened up the tale and, with the power of close-ups, made this duel of wits even more intimate and suspenseful.
Offers considerable insight into the Nixon mystery, without solving it; the movie is fully absorbing and even, when Nixon falls into a drunken, resentful rage, exciting, but I can't escape the feeling that it carries about it an aura of momentousness that isn't warranted by the events.
Village Voice
Frost/Nixon's main attraction is neither its topicality nor its historical value, but Langella's re-creation of his Tony-winning performance.
Less a political movie than a boxing film without the gloves.
Frank Langella's meticulous performance will generate the sort of attention that will attract serious filmgoers.
Unsatisfying even if, like me, you're a lifelong aficionado of Nixon-bashing.

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