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In many ways, City of Men is like a Portuguese-language version of David Simon's "The Wire."
A compelling and visually arresting drama.
A poignant look at the legacies of fathers who abdicate their responsibilities.
Chicago Tribune
Director Morelli and editor Daniel Rezende know how to set up complex lines of action and keep the screws tight.
It's lighter, funnier and violent, and it's not entirely without hope, making this tale of survival under horrendous conditions far more suitable for younger, more impressionable audiences.
Charlotte Observer
The three leads all played these characters over multiple seasons on the TV show; they're comfortable in these skins, and they show that. (Confusingly, all three appeared in "City of God" under other characters' names.)
As heavy with message as any Hollywood delinquent drama of the late '50s.
The movie's power comes less from its contrived story than everything else: the stark setting, chaotic energy and authentic cast.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
A mix of credible sociology and tired melodrama, along with a palpable sense of déjà vu. Because the plight of boyz 'n' the hood is a global tragedy, its depiction on the screen has become a global commonplace with its own attendant danger - the tragedy is starting to feel trite.
Miami Herald
Six years after its release, "City of God" is still electrifying and fresh: It hasn't aged a bit. City of Men, though, already feels strangely stale.
Performances are up to par, but the story unfolds conventionally - it lacks the fragmented fury of its predecessor. You might call it "City of God Lite."

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