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Klapisch's masterstroke was to place at the center of a movie a man, forced by circumstances, to stop and simply observe.
Every character has life and depth. It's unusual for an episodic film to involve us so well in individual lives; as the narrative circles through their stories, we're genuinely curious about what will happen next.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
This is a kaleidoscopic valentine to a great city from a director who knows and loves his subject.
Has a mature tapestry of characters, a welcome sense of humor and, most crucially, a lovely Juliette Binoche.
The actors, remarkable and seasoned, take care of their end of things, stylishly and (when and where it can be arranged) truthfully.
Not much happens during the course of the movie but, as with all good dramas, the protagonists are richly drawn and the events of their lives become of interest.
It pulls together diverse residents of the city, from produce vendors to academics, and trains a loving eye on their unique environments and the urban landscapes they all share.
Wall Street Journal
As a whole, though, Paris pulses with a contemporary version of the energy that animated Balzac's novels, or Colette's accounts of the life she observed from the window of her apartment in the Palais Royal.
There are too many secondhand characters roving through Paris.
The best armchair holiday going - the cast is lovely to behold and the plot dips in and out of the arrondissements with panache. You almost don't mind that none of it adds up to terribly much.
The Hollywood Reporter
Paris is a bittersweet film containing rare moments of comedy.

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