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9 out of 10 people found the following review useful:

Below Par Film

Author: statz000 from United States
19 July 2007

Understand this is my opinion of the film, and I truly respect everyones hard work and dedication to this project. This movie was poorly produced and it's apparently due to the lack of funds that were available. The movie is the perfect example of why it's obvious that you need far more than 5-10 grand to produce a great film. It's not even worth it unless you can pay for good talent, and better equipment. The sound was lousy, the acting was weak, a level equal to what you can find at any local high school or community college acting department. A prime example of B Flick entertainment, the foundation of mediocrity in the industry.

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9 out of 14 people found the following review useful:

what a waste of time! MUST NOT SEE!

Author: mr_bobs from USA
4 August 2008

After two failed attempts (had to stop and change the movie as it was too boring and unprofessional) I finally decided that I am gonna watch this movie, no matter what (especially after reading the misdirecting fake reviews here, must be by someone from the team). It felt like the movie was taken by a bunch of school boys, worst acting, worst script... everything is sub substandard! What a waste of time! I am hardly a critic and usually like almost all movies... but this was so pathetic that I decided that no matter how busy I am, I must write this review. PLEASE skip this movie and do yourself a big favor. Just to see the end, I finally had to fast forward... lol

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2 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

I signed up tonight just to warn people of this movie.

Author: bal_der_dash from United States
14 July 2011

This movie does not even deserve the 1 I am giving it but I have to put something to write this. I am not a professional in any way not even as a critic. However, I do LOVE movies - all kinds - and have developed quite a pallet. I am open to watching ANY type of movie and will give ANY movie a chance. Unfortunately that's why I watched this movie. I have my preferences for movies I actually find GOOD but one of my favorite types of movies to watch are the horribly bad; bad story, acting, whatever. It's amusing. THIS movie, was beyond even that. I'm surprised I had the self control to sit through this movie without being strapped down and my eyes forced open like in Clockwork Orange. This is BY FAR THE! WORST! MOVIE! I have EVER! EVER! SEEN! I have never said that sentence as strongly or been livid enough to actually write a review like this but let that stand for how atrocious this movie is. The acting was forced, very amateur, uncomfortable - for both viewer and actors it seemed, and horribly - I would like to repeat and emphasize - HORRIBLY directed. I wanted to address this first because I've seen movies where the acting was bad, but I was able to overlook that because I could tell the script and possibly even the direction/production were good, but this falls short on every level. The worst of all was the main character, the villain, who I amused myself only slightly thinking he had the acting quality of a wrestler only to find out to my horror upon reading one of the reviews that he actually was! As I said already, I can deal with bad acting if the script and direction, sometimes even if it is just one, are decent enough. But the story so stupid. I apologize for using such a juvenile term but that's really the only way to accurately describe it and it's much more polite than what I want to say. I am seriously tempted to write Brooks Benjamin (writer, director, producer) just to find out what he was thinking the entire time this project developed. I don't even want to talk about it anymore because I am that angry and just shocked and dumbfounded that something this awful could actually be created and viewed by so many people and written about - even jokingly - the way it has been on here.


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5 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

A more realistic view of "Point of Fear"

Author: lester444 from United States
5 November 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I had the opportunity to see Point Of Fear last night at the Ritz Theater in Clinton, TN. Most of the audience was made up of locals, friends and family of the film maker and cast. It was a very giving crowd, and everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves. I, however, do not know anyone involved in the project. I also knew nothing about the plot or details. So it was brand new for me.

I'm impressed with the fact that POF was made for 5,000 in roughly 20 days. This was an ambitious project, and my hat is off to any first time film maker for being able to do that.

The premise was simple: 4 friends go hiking in the small mountain town of Pleasant Point. They arrive the day after a woman was found murdered. We meet a doctor known as the "fear doctor" who helps people get over their fears or phobias in an unorthodox manner. One of the friends has a fear of heights, and decides to go see him. The doctor, originally from Atlanta, lost his wife and child in a suicide and a car accident, respectively, and moved to Pleasant Point. The friend, Melissa, reminds him of his dead wife and then begins to believe its her. This triggers him to go crazy. He ties her up, holding her hostage, and then begins killing patients and others who get in his way. The remaining friends (finally) start to look for her. The movie ends with all of them in the woods in a final show down.

After the film was over, my first thought was "Did the end move slow due to poor writing, or for time?". I knew that Mr. Benjamin was submitting to different festivals, and that a lot of them are pretty strict on the length of a movie. I calculated that the film ran about 85 minutes. It was pointed out to me later that the film ran 99 minutes. So, that answered my question. Numerous horror films run at the 75-85 minute mark, (even theatrical releases... See "Darkness Falls") and this one needed to as well.

The premise was OK. But the execution was poor. There were WAY too many plot holes. Too many characters automatically "knew" key elements. One of the friends answers the phone at their cabin, and "knows" that it's from their missing friends cell phone. How did he know that? After the doctor kills a patient in his office, he cleans the floor with gloves on. It's his office. Why does he need to wear gloves? His fingerprints are SUPPOSED to be there. Then, after all of that, he leaves the murder weapon on the floor (a shard of glass....with blood all over it) and even leaves the body in a trunk to be found by the police. The sheriff, after finding a dead man in the river, immediately says "I'm gonna go talk to that doctor". Why? And even though it's established that the sheriff has been "eyeing him", he still doesn't know where his office or home is located.

But I'm nitpicking. My biggest problem was that the story turned into being "about" the doctor. Not the friends, or the hunt of their missing friend. Knowing who the killer was early in the film ruined the suspense for me. I didn't sympathize with the doctor. I wanted him to get caught. I also felt he was the weakest character in the film. I realized that Mr. Benjamin cast his brother as the villain, but that was the biggest mistake. Jason Benjamin was weak compared to most of the people he was acting against. He was also the wrong type. He looks way too young to have finished med school, have a family, lost the family, then move elsewhere. He may be in his thirties, but he didn't look much older than the friends that went camping. By the time we get to the end of the movie, EVERYONE the doctor has come into contact with, he kills. Not only did I feel that it got ridiculous, but that it was almost over compensating that we sat through the first 2/3rds of the movie without killing, then added it to make up for it. When we're there, at the end, we then have to see a flashback of the doctors family, his wife's suicide, ETC, ETC, when he just needs to DIE. Then, Mr. Benjamin gives him a monologue. The ending was just too painfully long.

The acting, for the most part, was OK. Austin Musick as Melissa was very good. I felt all of the friends did the best they could. Erica Bundy as Karen was the weakest one, but she was playing a stereotype. (The "horny" girl.) Which, threw me, because I thought at first they were all couples. Reggie Law as Mr. Mackey was actually my favorite. He had a fantastic character face, and was very natural with his acting. The sheriff was OK, but the rest of the "cops" were way behind in talent.

I feel that Mr. Benjamin has a very good "eye". His direction and editing was very good. It kept me interested in the movie more, actually. But I'd like to see him partner up with a "writer" sometime in the future. It's his weakest "talent".

I hope POF gets distribution. Others may like the story. I'd like to see what else Mr. Benjamin can do, and see how he grows as a film maker. Again, my hat is off to him. I give him kudos for directing and editing, but only 5 stars due to the lead, the script, and making me sit through a VERY long ending.

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Point Of Fear

Author: a_baron from United Kingdom
16 February 2017

Oh boy, who dreamt up this turkey? Four kids, well, not quite kids - two guys and two girls, of course - on a drive to the country where they face unspeakable horrors. Sound familiar? Sadly it is not werewolves. vampires or even zombies but a deranged alienist who might just need a shrink of his own. He relocated to nowheresville after the death of his son followed in short order by the suicide of his wife. Or was it really suicide? We learn that at the end, but near the beginning of the film he meets one of the girls, and she just has to be the reincarnation of his spouse. Well, reincarnation is probably not the word because Grace hasn't been dead that long, but the doc believes her to be his wife, and she ends up tied to his bed.

That much a reasonable person could probably swallow, but he has already been murdering people left, right and centre - or somebody has - and he soon murders two of his patients followed by...seriously, this film is too bad to comment on. The madness of our tragic shrink is so overacted, the ending is just plain silly, and everything leading up to it is, well, this is a low budget film, and it shows. One point for the soundtrack.

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3 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

Waste of time & money

Author: abbasi-rehan from Pakistan
30 December 2008

Please stop posting fake reviews for this movie. I can't believe on most of the comments here, how can one rate this movie more than 1? There is nothing in it. This movie is complete waste of time & money...Its a package full of crap....No matter how hard I try I can't find a single good thing about this movie. Acting, sound, script every thing and I mean everything in this movie is way below standards. For sure its the WORST movie i ever watched. I will never recommend any one to watch this movie. I agree that the budget for this movie was very low but it has nothing to do with the script and acting. School boys can make much better movie in this budget.

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3 out of 16 people found the following review useful:

Amazing Movie!!

Author: makebelievedreamer from United States
6 November 2006

I will not describe the movie for others have done that, and I am just a little bit lazy. Simply put I really thought this movie was amazing.

I like to watch independent movies, but this one caught my attention back in June at Adventure Con in Knoxville TN. They were showing a trailer for it and the trailer caught my eye as it was very professional looking. So when I finally had the chance to watch the movie over the weekend, I could not resist.

The Acting was very well done with a couple of standout performances.

The main story of the friends going to a quiet mountain town is not that original, BUT everything else, totally is. The Dr. Jamison character is very original I thought. I loved the fact he was called the "Fear Doctor" and made people face their fears. Very cool.

The music was awesome, and there were quite a few laughs in the movie.

I highly recommend this movie to anyone who loves slasher/horror/thriller movies!!

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3 out of 16 people found the following review useful:

Review by Tony Farinella from

Author: bigfanoffilm from United States
22 October 2006

A lot of people are doing some amazing things within the horror genre. Horror is alive and well. On all levels. The Indy level. Mainstream level. Some of them are good. Some of them are awful. Some of them are just gore for the sake of gore. The horror film I'm reviewing is done more on the psychological level. The film I'm talking about is 'Point of Fear.'

The formula is really nothing new. 4 teens go on a vacation somewhere and find out about a murderer. We have seen this formula in 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre', 'Hostel', 'Wolf Creek', and a number of horror films. We know how it is going to start. We know how it is going to end. What counts is the middle. I am happy to say the middle of the film is well-acted, chilling, and has a kick ass soundtrack that gives the film a "I'm going to kick your ass" feel.

Upon doing research for the review, I read that most if not all of everyone involved in this film has theater experience. This really helps as a good portion of the film is verbal. So if their performances feel wooden, bland, or forced; the verbal portion of the film will fail. Another key is how the films characters are not your typical dumb movie characters. They rely on emotions a lot but also use their brains. The star of the film without a doubt is Jason Benjamin. He is a life force.

He has a history in the pro wrestling industry and his heel persona (bad guy) in this film is intense, enraged, and liable to snap at any point in time. He is called "the fear doctor" and he helps people overcome their fears. He also has some fears and regrets of his own. Such as the passing of his wife and child. Some of his methods are a bit extreme and often lead to death. He is like the pro- wrestling version of Dr. Phil. He soon starts to lose his grip on reality when one of the teens sees him for a session and he believes it is his long lost wife.

He captures her and holds her hostage and pretty soon her friends start to wonder where she is. Also, he begins picking off his patients in assembly line fashion. A guy with a fear of spiders and a large African American man who has a fear of water end up in bad shape. Director Brooks Benjamin is smart in not being graphic with the violence, but focusing on the fear aspect more then anything. Also, a human being is doing the damage. Not some chainsaw wielding psycho.

The film was filmed in Tennessee and gets the small town right. From the Pepsi-chugging overweight cop to the clueless cop. Not to mention the feisty woman cop. Also, how the people react or don't react in certain small towns. It does this without ever making fun of them or looking down on them.

Look for 'Point of Fear' at festivals near you. It is not one to miss. Between 'Bad Reputation' and now 'Point of Fear', I'm loving what the Indy horror cinema is bringing me. Well-written, smart, and intense horror/dramas.

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5 out of 21 people found the following review useful:

A gripping film with exceptional cinematography

Author: bayb459 from United States
6 November 2006

Brooks Benjamin does an amazing job in creating an intense and gripping film with Point of Fear. Most notably, Benjamin uses the cinematography to immerse the viewers into each scene. By alternating between the character's point of view and areas of impending danger, Benjamin allows the camera angles to heighten the suspense in this thriller. A blurred effect or filter distinguishes flashbacks from the present, and flashing lights as well as short segments of black and white isolate or signify crucial parts of the plot. In addition to these elements, the editing in Point of Fear helps to develop a compelling plot, particularly in murder scenes or stunts that require many cuts to achieve the overall effect. Benjamin should certainly be commended for his obvious talents in these areas.

An exceptional cast completes this production. In particular, the actors chosen to portray the central characters seem to have a grasp on natural acting. Linds Edwards, who plays Mark, is especially real and engaging. His performance demonstrates his ability to immerse himself into the "illusion of reality" and remain in character throughout the film. Overall, Point of Fear is a film that captures the viewer's attention and maintains it until the credits roll at the end.

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3 out of 21 people found the following review useful:

Point of Fear Rocks

Author: donaminton from United States
17 October 2006

This movie was amazing. I enjoyed the soundtrack, acting, and the story! The cinematography was great. The scenery was wonderful as well. Jason Benjamin did an amazing job as Dr. Jamison and I really enjoyed every single death scene. Every fight scene was choreographed to perfection, and you really felt the sense of urgency that the characters felt as well. At the start of every fight or death scene there was some awesome music kicking in that just made you want to scream! There were several instances when the theater would go through the emotions with the characters as well. One minute you are laughing and the other minute you are wondering what in the world just happened. What you are going to see is great fight scenes, good acting, awesome dialog, and killer music. What you will not see is a bunch of dumb teenagers doing the exact opposite of what they should be doing. You will also not be compelled to scream at the theater screen "You're going the wrong way," or "what an idiot" which is the case in many horror flicks. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to see a good slasher film with some intelligence to it.

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