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Upon learning that Ken Davis plans to sell Wildfire's son Flame due to a turned-out forefoot, Kris, Matt and Junior come together to help heal the horse's condition in hopes of changing Ken's mind. As significant progress is made on Flame's forefoot, Kris is overjoyed and unexpectedly kisses Junior, with whom she's been "just friends" for some time. And, as if that wasn't enough, her emotions get the best of her - and she also kisses Matt. Meanwhile, Dani and R.J.'s relationship is picking of some steam. She even decides to move into his trailer - but they soon realize that it is hard for a "Princess" and a "Cowboy" to co-exist under the same roof. He chugs beer - she sips wine. Tired of having Kris living under the same roof as Matt, Gillian tries to motivate him to help find them a place to live. However, he is struggling with his decision to move in with her as he begins to realize that his feelings for Kris are real.

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