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2 Jan. 2006
The Falls
DI Rebus investigates the murder of Dr. Joseph Devlin, a retired obstetrician. The man is found in his home, tied to a chair with his wrists slit. On his lap is a miniature coffin, similar to those found in a local museum, with the smiling effigy of a child inside. Devlin had dined the previous evening with Sir James Hogarth, his closest friend. Rebus and DS Siobhan Clarke get on the trail of David Costello when Phillipa Balfour, a university student working at a local museum, tells them she has once again started to receive threatening e-mails from Costello, who has ...
16 Jan. 2006
Fleshmarket Close
A man from Kosovo is killed in a seedy Edinburgh slum. Considered by some to be a hate crime, due largely to the racist slur painted on the victim's head -- Rebus is unconvinced. Clues lead to the dirty underworld of gangland bosses, and their control over the local underprivileged. Fingerprints, blood stains, odd looks, dramatic music cues -- even unused tickets to a soccer match -- all lead Rebus to another corpse. Rebus sees the killer's motivation not as racist, but rather of sibling rivalry, hidden passion, or something much more devious... Or maybe not.
8 Sep. 2006
The Black Book
A past case returns to haunt Rebus when he is called to a local landmark where a prostitute has been buried alive. The inspector is convinced a member of the Scottish Parliament is responsible - but his efforts to secure a conviction are hampered by the arrival of a high-flying copper drafted in by his superior.
15 Sep. 2006
Question of Blood
Detective Inspector John Rebus and his sidekick DS Siobhan Clarke are called to investigate a shooting at a local college. At the scene, the spattered blood and bullet holes that litter the room tell a tale of a frantic shooting, and the bodies of two dead schoolboys and a sports supervisor are revealed. One of the victims is the son of Rebus' cousin. Faced with the loss of a family member, Rebus strays across the police boundaries.
22 Sep. 2006
Strip Jack
On the eve of a conference on African poverty, the Chair - millionaire philanthropist and people's champion Gregor Jack - is found with a hooker during a brothel raid. Then his wife Liz is discovered dead in a river and he becomes a murder suspect. Rebus embarks on a journey into the mind and murky past of her super rich husband.
29 Sep. 2006
Let It Bleed
Rebus is called to an investment bank after a man shoots himself in front of the bank's owner. In his wallet the dead man has a photo of a young child along with the words Alto Chicampa. At the man's funeral, Rebus finds out that he was working for a chemical company, about to set up a new plant at a local estate to manufacture a new pesticide for the third world. Investigations lead Rebus to Amanda Morrison, a former employee of the bank about to sue the firm for sexual discrimination, but who soon turns up dead. Can Rebus prove that the suicide shooter and Amanda ...

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