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I voted for George Bush
Rogue-3221 June 2007
Who doesn't love impressionists? And who doesn't find it interesting to see someone who looks very similar to a famous person? You put those 2 premises together and you've got this very clever show. It's not good enough for the contestants to be able to do a spot-on impression of his/her chosen celebrity, the person has to physically resemble the celebrity as well. I was hooked in the first five minutes of the premiere episode, I think I smiled the entire time, even during the commercial breaks - it was that entertaining. The judges are jerks, but that's par for the course on a show like this; with the exception of Mia Michaels on So You Think You Can Dance, it seems decent judges are just not to be found. But we can vote for our favorites in the finale, and that's another major plus.

7/19 - Wanted to add that I didn't get to vote for my favorites last night because my favorites didn't make it to the finale. The Rodney Dangerfield impressionist was lethally spot-on, but they didn't pick him because they said he didn't LOOK enough like Rodney. But yet they've been swooning weekly over the Sinatra guy, even though he doesn't remotely resemble Ol' Blue Eyes. They said they laxed the rules for him because his vocals were so perfect, which means they must have cotton in their ears because his imitation is passable at best. And the Streisand girl - she sounds and looks nothing like Streisand in my estimation. She got through though, but they didn't pick the Dolly Parton girl, who sounded exactly like her and the visuals were purdy damn realistic as well. Not thrilled with any of the finalists, really. So here's something I never thought I'd be saying - last night, my fellow Americans, I voted for George Bush.
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I Had A Good Time Watching It, But At Some Points It Turned Into American Idol, Despite The Fact That It Is Supposed To Be An Impersonation Contest (SPOILERS)
I_Am_The_Taylrus30 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers

Like On the Lot, I am commenting on this title quite early in its run. There has only been one episode, but I enjoyed that episode a bit, actually. It was not as good as the premiere of On the Lot, but you know, it was pretty fun watching the good, and the bad, and the horrific celebrity impersonators go in front of the judges to show what they have.

Here is the basis of this series. People go in front of a panel of judges dressed as a celebrity and try to impersonate them. They have to have the right voice, the right movements, and the right personality. There have been a lot of hit-and-miss ones. There was only a few that got through. Some of those are an impersonation of Little Richard, the Honeymooners, Jack Nicholson, Lucy Ricardo, Bono, and Simon Cowell. There is later going to be a typical reality show round, in which you vote for your favorites. It is later decided who is going to be the next best thing.

Overall, this is a cute reality show, but it is not the best out there. Still, this is probably going to be for a while, like American Idol, and the basis is okay and a different idea, and the way they pulled it off was fine. Anyway, this is fun, but it is definitely hit-and-miss.


Recommended Shows: American Idol.
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