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Dr. Sean McNamara: Tell us what you don't like about yourself.

Dawn Budge: Nothin' money can't buy. I have a few extra layers on my pound cake, that's where you come in.

Dr. Christian Troy: So, you'd like some liposuction Mrs. Budge.

Dawn Budge: I mean all over. Even behind my ears. Whatever it costs, I can afford it. I hit the big power ball, $300,81,000,000. Maybe you saw me on Maury?

Dr. Sean McNamara: Congratulations.

Dr. Christian Troy: Wow.

Dawn Budge: Excuse me, *I* won it. I am the one, who sat for two hours, in the humidity, my fat ass in a broken' down lawn chair, just to buy my tickets. While these two bugeritas were stayin' home to watch a re-run of "The Ghost Whisperer".

Dwight Budge: It was the second two-parter Dawn!

Mallory Budge: The only reason you didn't stay home was cause you had already seen it, Ma.

Dawn Budge: Zip it, Mallory!

Dawn Budge: Anyways, after I won, the first thing I purchased, were the exact replicas of the mirrors of Louis the XIV has in Versailles. Ya know, France? $15,000 a piece. I would have paid $5000,000,000. After I had them professionally hung, I looked at myself in them and thought, Pudge Budge has got to go. It is time my body matched my bank account.

Mallory Budge: [laughs] If that's what your after, hell, you'd been skinny your whole life. She was only making $15,000 down at the Jiffy Lube.

Dawn Budge: Can you sew her mouth shut? I mean literately. Can you put a zipper on there? Because I swear to you, I will do it!

Dr. Sean McNamara: Is there something your interested in having done Mallory?

Mallory Budge: [Looks down at her chest] I want some new tits.Big ones.

Dawn Budge: Finally, something we agree on. I mean shes gotta do something about those mosquito bites, shes never gonna get a man and move the hell out of my house. While you're in there, do something about her belly button. It's disgusting. Show the doctors Mallory.

Mallory Budge: [Mallory lifts up her shirt to expose her bellybutton] I always thought it was kinda cute.

Dawn Budge: How the hell are ya gonna walk around South Beach in a Tube Top? Look Dwight, it's bigger then your penis.

Dr. Sean McNamara: Mr. Budge, we haven't herd much from you. Do you think your daughter's...

Dawn Budge: Excuse me, Dwight is my second husband, he is not Mallory's father. He is here, because he would like a bigger dick. And those pumps? A total waste of money.

Dr. Christian Troy: So, you would like a penis enlargement Mr. Budge.

Dwight Budge: Aw, hell, I don't know, I never really thought of having an operation.

Dawn Budge: It never came into your head before because we could never afford it homey. Now, that's all changed now. We're the rich folks now. It's time that we got what we deserve, and we deserve these operations.

Dr. Sean McNamara: I have to say Mrs. Budge, McNamara or Troy won't operate on patients who are uncertain of their convictions.

Dawn Budge: No, no, they want them, it's all we talked about from the drive down from Pensacola.

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