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Why 5.7?

Author: sunnysurfer101 from United States
15 July 2012

This show is BETTER then your average Christ show. Only others I like is The adventures in Odyssey. Anyways, my review. All the characters are likable, the effects (while rare) started out bad but it got better. I LOVE the parodies they make of movies. And, it's a good interpretation of Christ! It's like a Christian Friendship is Magic.(Even though that show IS better.) Yep, I'm a Christian Brony. Even when the jokes can be too obvious, it's still funny. And, the voice acting is pretty good, though it started okay. But one thing that gave this an 8 was that they rarely have any silly songs with Larry! That's a minor flaw, but it still isn't expectational.

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Good for youngsters, entertaining enough for adults

Author: zugdar
28 July 2015

I watched Veggietales as a kid and now as a parent I can still appreciate the humor and characters. I'll admit that most Christian shows can be pretty corny but Veggietales has a strong entertainment value much as it does for the themes. The pop culture nods, silly songs and characters can be compared to an Animaniacs for slightly younger viewers.

The series has stretched out to TV, home viewing and movies. I'd say the best experience is the home viewing as the episodes on TV are edited for time and, to lessor extent, removing a little of the Christian lines. The videos also include fun silly song intermission breaks in the episode which are pretty entertaining.

I can only knock the show currently for its slower and less flashy older episodes and a couple of so-so episodes.

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Best Christian Animation

Author: nimcor3
18 November 2016

Veggie Tales is a great well made Christian animation for kids and it's the best. Teaching Bible lessons and great morals is what this show offers. It's funny and as an adult I enjoyed watching it as well. Those who criticize this show as bad just because it's Christian is not a fair review, obviously they haven't watched it without a bias.Veggie Tales not only have great lessons but great catchy silly songs as well for a sing along. The characters are all Veggies and cute looking and bad guys are not too scary for kids. Nothing bad like adult jokes are never said in this show like they do in other kids animation shows. It's a overall great show and I highly recommend this show for everyone to watch and enjoy.

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Come on IMDb users only 6.8

Author: J-M
10 October 2015

Why does this get only 6.8? Yes it's a kids show, but i know older people who like it (Not including me.) I know a lot of Christian shows can be pretty corny but Veggie Tales is I think the highest quality Christian series for kids. It is also good and clean for young kids, and entertaining enough for the adults like what one of the other reviewers said. It has fun great characters kids love like Bob the tomato and Larry the cucumber. They're cute and teach Christian values in a good way. The content is stuff that most parents will not find offensive even for there youngest kids 3-4 years. The have a Super hero i used to love when i was a kid. Larry-Boy! While the villains may sometimes frighten kids, they are still fun. The violence is very light and should not frighten kids. And they don't really say any bad words. Except the parents guide said that there is one use of stupid in an early episode, and if they said it i didn't hear it. Over all if you have kids, get them this.

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Childhood Show about Vegetables

Author: leggot
13 December 2016

This episode of talking vegetables seems to personify everyday objects and make them out not what one would expect from such a movie. Although the characters are cute and have very simple interactions with one another, it is troubling when your children start talking to their food, believing that it is still alive. I don't particularly care for their excuses when they don't want to eat their veggies (and tomato) because they will one day come to life. It also seems unacceptable to bury their food because their friends will be unable to breathe under the soil. For this reason, my children are now addicted to this cartoon personification of their food which they should be eating. Honestly, its a cute idea, but playing with your food is a thing of the past; think of all the hungry children who have to watch this with nothing to eat. I would give this 7.98/10 starts because it made me hungry for some salad and it also promotes God to a young audience, but people know that your food isn't alive and talking. Especially those rotten tomatoes.

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Religious propaganda aimed at children

Author: Ost99
28 March 2016

VeggieTales is religious indoctrination dressed up as a children's show.

The stories are just vehicles for religious indoctrination. Every "solution" is "trust in God", or some such nonsense.

Subjecting young children to this kind of indoctrination borders on mental child abuse, and should be illegal.

I'm shocked and appalled Netflix spend resources on this kind of drivel.

For Netflix customers: There's no hints as to what kind of content this is in the description or images.

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