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Miami Herald
A pleasant if unremarkable romantic comedy that plays out like a sitcom with great scenery.
The film is so brazen about its pandering, crumple-hearted silliness that it had me rooting for Vardalos to land her big fat Greek stud-muffin.
Ruins is sometimes as sunny as its locations but as familiar and predictable as a Greek diner.
The problem with the new movie is the same as with the previous one. Vardalos has this idea that she's a marm. And while it's true that she personifies her movies, I don't quite buy her librarian mode.
Chicago Tribune
My Life in Ruins will neither ruin nor change nor significantly impact your life.
Feels like warmed-over souvlaki.
Director Donald Petrie doesn’t have much to brag about here, but at least he gives us some nice scenery to look at.
Rarely has a film centered on a character so superficial and unconvincing, played with such unrelenting sameness. I didn't hate it so much as feel sorry for it.
Village Voice
A strangely self-loathing affair that paints Vardalos's tour group as a uniformly ill-mannered, culturally illiterate bunch, while rendering Greece itself as a badly plumbed third-world hellhole run by lazy, Zorba-dancing louts.
All ends happily for everyone in the movie, but for those in the audience, the experience is so hackneyed that they'll come out feeling like they're wearing shirts that say, "I went to the Acropolis, but all I got was this lousy T-shirt."

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