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Season 2

27 Aug. 2007
Behold a Dark Horse
Killface runs for president after curing Global Warming.
3 Sep. 2007
The Opposition
The train wreck that has become Xander Crews' life is filmed for a Killface presidential documentary. This in turn causes Xander to run against him.
10 Sep. 2007
The Issues
The Presidential race heats up as Xander Crews reveals his immigration and education plans to the media. Meanwhile, Killface works with his campaign team to figure out a way to ruin Xander's chances of winning the election.
17 Sep. 2007
The Image Problem
Killface and Xander Crews go on a duck hunt in an attempt to promote their public image, but end up getting lost and arguing over movies involving bears.
24 Sep. 2007
The Miracle
After his near-death experience while duck hunting, Killface begins to believe it was divine intervention so he acquires a Bible.
1 Oct. 2007
The Middle
While Killface recovers from a failed assassination aimed at him, Xander returns as Awesome X in an attempt to get Fred Dyer to be his Vice President. But first he pays a visit to the X-Tacles.
15 Oct. 2007
The Debate: Part 2
Someone gets a new pair of pants.
2 Mar. 2008
A Take on Hooper
The new super-villain team of Sinn, the Dread Lobster, Valerie, and a pregnant Antagone broadcast a message of terror out, using the Annihilatrix to back their claims up. Xander, Killface, and the new President Taqu'il see the message and decide to do something about it...even if there isn't much any of them can do.
16 Mar. 2008
Cody Gains a Namesake
Cody is remembered with a namesake.
23 Mar. 2008
Differences Are Put Slightly Aside
Differences are put slightly aside.

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