The Duchess (2008) Poster


Plot Keywords

duke heir
marriage duchess
politician fashion
peer adultery
politics love
whig 18th century
punishment bare butt
scolding public humiliation
bare chested male blackmail
female protagonist political endorsement
political speech man and woman in bed
woman gambler marital rape
gout menage a trois
flintlock rifle bastard daughter
tri cornered hat georgian era
marital infidelity scandal
infant illegitimate child
speech epilogue
illegitimate daughter infidelity
unfaithfulness extramarital affair
horse and carriage horse
servant maid
mansion castle
orchestra reference to school for scandal
friendship childbirth
london england bath england
bed dancing
drunkenness passion
roulette gambling
party pregnancy
deceit deception
devon england 1780s
1770s wedding
prologue royalty
mother daughter relationship arranged marriage
dumshire scotland toast
dinner pretend niece
male nudity political campaigning
political campaign old vic theatre london
westminster england chatsworth england
parliament cambridge university
cradle goose
general embroidery
pigeon church bell
church card playing
theatre box theatre audience
theatre performance theatre
rainstorm baby carriage
letter rape in marriage
political rally election
aristocracy candle
chandelier candelabra
love triangle swan
pond waterfall
rifle mirror
flash forward beauty mark
wine lesbian subtext
sister sister relationship harpsichord
orphan loss of mother
death mother in law son in law relationship
baby wig on fire
wig tory
female nudity family relationships
no opening credits sex
rape dog
nobility based on book

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