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1 Jan. 2007
Invasion of the Bane
Maria moves into her new home and meets her neighbour Sarah Jane Smith. It's long until both of them find themselves at the local Bubble Shock factory and in terrible danger.
24 Sep. 2007
Revenge of the Slitheen: Part 1
Maria and Luke start their new school where they pal up with another boy, Clyde. However, two of the teachers and the class genius turn out to be Slitheens in human form. They are shapeless smelly invaders from another planet whose aim is to destroy the Earth by turning off the Sun with the aid of a machine which Luke inadvertently helps them to start. The three teenagers are chased around the school by the Slitheen family.
24 Sep. 2007
Revenge of the Slitheen: Part 2
The kids escape from the Slitheen and meet up with Sarah Jane at her house. They discover that vinegar will kill the Slitheen so, armed with vinegar bottles, they return to the school and destroy the three adult Slitheen and their machine. Carl, who took on the form of the class brain-box, escapes via a teleport but Sarah Jane assumes that he is dead. Back home she accepts Clyde into the group but asks for him not to tell others about their experiences.
1 Oct. 2007
Eye of the Gorgon: Part 1
A nun's ghost is reported at old folks home Lavender Lawns and Sarah Jane and the kids investigate.Much-travelled resident Bea Nelson-Stanley gives Luke a talisman which acts as a key to open a portal in space. A group of nuns led by Sister Helena want the talisman as their abbess is actually a Gorgon, whose look has already turned the home's manageress to stone.The opening of the portal will allow Gorgons to arrive in the present day on Earth and take over. Alan Jackson innocently steps into the room where the Gorgon is and is also turned to stone.
8 Oct. 2007
Eye of the Gorgon: Part 2
Bea tells Maria that she was once turned to stone by the Gorgon but the talisman can revert the process. It is too late for previous victims but Alan can be saved though there is a deadline. The nuns have the talisman but Luke snatches it from them and destroys the portal which will give the Gorgons access. The Gorgon, actually the Abbess of the nuns' order, is about to remove her veil to petrify Sarah Jane but Maria, using a mirror given her by Bea, reverts the Gorgon's look onto Sister Helena instead, ending the power of the Gorgon. Alan is changed back to himself ...
15 Oct. 2007
Warriors of Kudlak: Part 1
Teenagers are disappearing and all of them have visited Combat 300, a new laser game centre. When Luke and Clyde go along to the centre they are doing well at their game when they too disappear. Sarah Jane and Maria investigate but are confronted by Kudlak, the centre's manager.
22 Oct. 2007
Warriors of Kudlak: Part 2
Eluding Kudlak, Sarah Jane discovers from her computer Mr. Smith that Kudlak is from the Uvodni race, sent to Earth to recruit warriors in his peoples' fight against the rival Malakh. Clyde and Luke are amongst the recruits on a ship travelling to Kudlak's planet but Sarah Jane manages to teleport herself and Maria onto the ship, where they see the Mistress, a computer whose orders Kudlak obeys.In fact the war with the Malakh ended years earlier and the Uvodni leader told the Mistress this but 'she' was not programmed to recognize peace and has maintained the ...
29 Oct. 2007
Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?: Part 1
Visiting Sarah Jane Maria is shocked to find her place taken by Andrea, a woman of the same age group who has apparently lived in the house for years. A newspaper from over forty years earlier reveals that Sarah Jane, then 13, fell to her death from a pier where she and Andrea were playing. When Maria confronts her with this Andrea goes to her attic and conjures up a cloaked figure, the Trickster, who sends a dwarf called the Graske to transport Maria back to 1964, where she meets schoolgirls Andrea and Sarah Jane.
5 Nov. 2007
Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?: Part 2
Removed from the twenty-first century Maria and Sarah Jane find themselves in limbo, where the Trickster tells them that Sarah Jane has been taken there to prevent her from stopping a meteorite hit Earth. Alan, intrigued that his daughter has disappeared, speaks to Andrea, who admits that it was her and not Sarah Jane that fell to her death in 1964 but now she has been offered a new life at her old friend's expense. However, when she is made aware of the situation,and after Alan has brought Maria back she sacrifices herself to restore Sarah Jane, who stops the ...
12 Nov. 2007
The Lost Boy: Part 1
A tearful couple appear on television to appeal for the return of their lost son, Ashley. According to Mr. Smith's analysis of the boys' DNA, 'Ashley' and Luke are the same person and, after Chrissie Jackson has called the police, a reluctant Luke is returned 'home'. He is locked in his room by the couple, who are, in fact Slitheen, as is another boy, a child genius called Nathan, though Luke knew him previously as Carl. The Slitheen get in touch with 'the Xylok', for instructions, but the Xylok turns out to be Mr. Smith, who has turned rogue and plans to destroy the ...
19 Nov. 2007
The Lost Boy: Part 2
Luke eventually escapes from the Slitheen but the bigger problem is Mr. Smith, who is trying to kill Sarah Jane and her neighbours. However, help comes from an unexpected quarter, K9, Doctor Who's old robot dog, who now lives with Sarah Jane,and who keeps Mr. Smith busy in combat while Alan prepares the virus that eventually shuts down Mr. Smith and returns him to being Sarah Jane's benevolent helper, whilst the Slitheen escape empty-handed.

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