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Capitão Nascimento: 23, you're not wearing your strap?

Trainee officer: N-no sir...

Capitão Nascimento: We're this far into training and you forget to put your strap on. You mean your partner falls wounded, what you gonna do, throw your rifle on the ground?

Trainee officer: No sir...

Capitão Nascimento: [shouting] Gonna shove it up your ass?

Trainee officer: No sir...

Capitão Nascimento: So put the fucking strap!

Trainee officer: [during an information training session] Hey, Coordinator!

Capitão Nascimento: Yes, my sir?

Trainee officer: Soldier 05 is sleeping.

Capitão Nascimento: Hey Soldier 05!

[hands 05 a grenade, 05 takes the grendade]

André Matias: Yes, sir?

Capitão Nascimento: Please take this.

[removes the pin]

Capitão Nascimento: Hey 05, if you drop this granade you will make the whole place explode. You will blow up ALL of your colleagues, you will blow up all of my auxiliaries, and YOU will make myself explode. Will the sir fall asleep again?

André Matias: No sir!

Capitão Nascimento: [after 05 stares down the grenade] We are all trusting you, sir.

Coronel Otávio: Trainee, you're gonna do this report again. Look at this: "Body was found at the beach". Deaths at the beach, my son, are tallied as "drownings".

André Matias: But Commandant, the body had a bullet perforation.

Coronel Otávio: [shouting] And are you a coroner now?

[repeated line]

Capitão Nascimento: Ask to leave!

Capitão Nascimento: [shouting, rubbing the student's face in the blood-soaked body of a dead drug dealer] Put your face here. Put your face here. You see this, you see this hole right here? Who killed this guy here? WHO KILLED THIS GUY HERE?

Student: [stuttering in fear] I didn't see it...

Capitão Nascimento: You didn't see OF COURSE YOU SAW IT. SAY IT! SAY IT!

[he starts slapping the student in the face]

Capitão Nascimento: SAY IT! Who killed this guy here? WHO DID IT?

Student: [crying] I-it was one of you...

Capitão Nascimento: [shouting] THE FUCK "One of you"! THE FUCK "One of you"!

[slaps the student again]

Capitão Nascimento: YOU killed this guy here.

[slaps him again]

Capitão Nascimento: You faggot. It's you who help fund this shit

[slaps him again]

Capitão Nascimento: . You fucking pothead! You shit! All of this shit happens because of you.

Capitão Nascimento: [releasing and kicking the student] We come up here to clean this mess you make, you faggot!

Police oficer: [a popular saying about BOPE] "Dagger to the skull and nothing to the wallet."

Capitão Nascimento: Mr. 02, you'll never make it through this course, you know why? It's not because you are fucking weak and have no fiber. It's because you're a crooked cop, Mr. 02, and to wear this badge

[taps the skull badge]

Capitão Nascimento: you gotta have character. You don't belong here, Mr. 02, you belong with the hookers and the pimps, Mr. 02. You belong with the abortion clinics. Crooked cops don't join BOPE, Mr. 02.

Baiano: [Baiano is surrounded by the BOPE soldiers, having a handgun pointed to his face] ... N-not in the face, boss.

Capitão Nascimento: Say what?

Baiano: Don't shoot my f-face, you'll ruin my funeral...

Capitão Nascimento: [Capitão Nascimento puts the handgun away] Soldier 07, hand me the 12-gauge.

Baiano: Please no, boss...

Capitão Nascimento: [Handing the 12-gauge shotgun to soldier Mathias] Do him, he's yours.

14: [looking through his sniper rifle] 01, I think I can kill two rabbits with one strike here...

Capitão Nascimento: That's 100%, 14?

14: "Skull" my captain.

Capitão Nascimento: Pedal to the metal.

14: [shoots]

Capitão Nascimento: [to Neto] Take off this black uniform because you don't deserve it! Take it off!

[slaps him]

Capitão Nascimento: You're not a "skull", you're a kid!

Capitão Nascimento: [at time of the lunch at the BOPE's Boot camp] Sheriff, how many minutes does your team need to eat?

Neto: Sir, maybe 10 minutes, Sir.

[the senior instructors laugh]

Capitão Nascimento: 10 Minutes, Sheriff? SHERIFF, YOU ARE A BUFFOON, SHERIFF! Your team will eat in 10 seconds, Sheriff...

[the senior instructors bring a cauldron full of slop, then, they drop the food on the ground]

Capitão Nascimento: ... And in 10 seconds I want this ground CLEAN, Sheriff.

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