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Chicago Tribune
Ladron plays like a telenovela without the melodrama. The characters are brightly drawn archetypes, and the humor's very broad. But the tone is nice and brash.
The A.V. Club
Entertaining, casually satirical crowd-pleaser.
There's a new heist film in town that follows the conventions of the genre and then adds a couple of fresh and endearing twists.
An effervescent comedy coasting on the charisma of its stars.
To make an intelligent heist film is difficult work; to shoot an entertaining sociological study is near impossible. To manage both at the same time has got to be some kind of minor miracle.
Chicago Reader
The formula works just fine on a more modest scale, without having to carry all the glittering casino sets and A-list movie stars.
The producers have stated that they're going after an American market that supports Spanish-language TV networks, radio stations and newspapers. This niche audience may well respond to not being required to read subtitles, for once, in a movie geared to them.
The Hollywood Reporter
An obvious "Ocean's Eleven" knockoff, minus any of that franchise's hip sensibility.
L.A. Weekly
For a movie whose bad guy bamboozles unsuspecting Latinos with false promises, Ladrón could be cited for precisely the same offense.
Miami Herald
There's nothing so artistic about it as to attract the same art-house crowd that braved subtitles to discover "Nine Queens," and yet, it's professional enough that Spanish speakers will be glad to have a heist movie on par with "Rush Hour 3" or "The Pacifier" made in their native tongue.

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