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A Must Watch!
jjd_02142 July 2007
I absolutely love this show. I'm the wife of a Guardsman but we live very close to Ft. Campbell, Kentucky and more than half of our church is stationed here. I realize that a lot of the comments here discuss technical issues like uniforms and those issues have already been addressed. If the actors went to jail for impersonating officers, we wouldn't have a great show! As far as story lines, exactly as said, it's a TV show first and foremost and it's supposed to be a little exaggerated. As for the show in general, I think it addresses the biggest issue of them all. It's fine and dandy for the country to "Support the troops" and what they do overseas. But no one ever takes into the consideration what the wives and families of these soldiers must sacrifice for the same cause. Year long or better deployments, in harm's way, forced into single parenthood, the worry of ever seeing the man you love alive again. As Claudia Joy Holden said in her speech at the July 4th picnic, "We serve too". And she's absolutely right. I can't tell you how heartbreaking it is to see women at my church week after week, holding their heads high, keeping it together for their children. And yes, they always manage to bring something for our socials! One woman picked up her child in the nursery shortly before her husband was due home from Iraq and said that her 1 year old was excited about seeing his father...for the first time. If that's not sacrifice, I don't know what is. Watch the show and enjoy it. Don't ruin it for yourself by dwelling on the petty things. Realize what you're watching is true life and should really be respected. God bless our troops!
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Great and accurate show
scrabtree-36 August 2007
I have been on 3 sides of this fight. I have been in the military myself, then I married an enlisted man and finally my enlisted husband became an officer. As for the comments that the "male" officer had to say, all I can say is, you were never a wife. Every wife, both enlisted and officer has their own stories to tell. I can tell you from personal experiences that the show is text book cases for any wife of the military and many husbands of the military. It's a great show that responds well for the wives and children of the military and the experiences and hardships that they face each day. I have watched wives begin affairs or come close to it, I have watched as wives marched in to the commander's office demanding the commander lay off their husband and yes, I have seen officer's wives get differential treatment at a medical facility. The thing to remember, although the military network is a much tighter network, so many of these things also take place in the civilian why would it be so hard to believe?
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I Disagree- Good Show!
srfrazee5 June 2007
I disagree with the first review of the show. As an Army Wife myself, I can say that the show was relatively realistic in our portrayal. The plot lines were interesting. Remember, it's only the first show. They're not going to jump into everything at once. Sit back and watch the show develop. While I understand that the first reviewer dealt with Army Wives, he WASN'T an Army Wife. It's an entirely different world. Again, that was the pilot episode. It makes no sense to jump into everything right away. Let the show develop, then decide if you like the show. I personally felt no disservice. Also, you were an officer. Much of the show was based on the Private's wife as she entered the military world. Being an enlisted wife is much different than being an officer's wife. I can safely say this with experience.
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What Can I Say
Hammerchick7704723 May 2008
This is one of the most realistic and compelling stories.Todays T.V. is so full of things that are realistic. Being a daughter of an Active Duty member means a lot. In the final episode of the 1st season when all the members get deployed my mom and brother cried. Having just gotten our soldier home it was still very emotional. I still found myself in tears and holding my breath when the bomb is showed. Being on a base thing happen that make you ask yourself Why. I though i was safer. No one will ever get the chance to know the feeling of what it is like to have some one leave you and go into danger. Its a hard thing to live with but Army Wives showed others what we deal with on a daily basis. I swear who ever wrote the story did a great job from portraying the enlisted to officer issues to the true service of the line of duty.
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Great show!
alison-pliske17 June 2007
I am also a USMA grad. Unlike a previous poster, I served in Iraq and Afghanistan instead of "rear detachment." Also, unlike him, I am a woman. The problems posed are fairly accurate, especially the problems between the lieutenant colonel wife and her civilian doctor husband, and the problems posed by young enlisted soldiers marrying young women they barely know right before deploying. The only thing I don't agree with is the portrayal that senior officer wives get preferential treatment, for example, in the medical clinic. Then again, I'm a woman, and only a Captain, so who knows, maybe this does happen. I have certainly heard horror stories from my MPs who pulled over a colonel's wife who tries to "pull rank." I am excited to see the rest of the season!

Ali P Philadelphia, PA
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missysue783 July 2008
I think the gossip and cattiness is dead on. The bartender who married an Army guy she knew 4 days...I had to laugh, in real life it would be a stripper. That said, she's one of my favorites. As a former dependent of a retired Marine, a former AF SSgt and now a Air Force wife, I find this show both brutally incorrect and laughably honest. I do agree about the lack of different nationalities. Just when I want to be a cynic about the whole show, I find myself feeling for them because I have been in pretty much all of their shoes. It is just a show, I can forgive the inaccuracies. It's just nice to see the military portrayed as flawed but striving to make the world better.
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Love the show
harleydude119 August 2007
I absolutely love the show. I am retired Air Force, and I also happen to work on the old Navy Base here in Charleston where they film the show. I see them pretty regularly and have always thought Catherine Bell made every show she has been in. I can't wait to run into her somewhere and tell her how much I enjoy her work. It is nice to see the buildings and surroundings where I work every week on TV. The Physical Training field where the son was going through basic training at " Fort Benning" is right on the road to work for me every morning. I am happy to see the old Navy Base being used for something everyone can enjoy.Keep Army Wives here in Charleston for another season!! Love the show...Dave
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Exceedied my expectations!
shylovin53115 August 2008
I had been hearing all the buzz surround this new show called "Army Wives" and just had to check it out! I wasn't expecting to much considering it is on Lifetime. I watched the first episode and it was So-So but then about three or four episodes in I just fell in love! It was completely brilliant. It is one of those shows missing of late on TV clouded by mind-depleting reality horrors! Its one of those rare shows that touches the heart! I think the cast is brilliant and all have great chemistry together! I love Roxy and Pamela and their friendship so much. I will not lie and admit to the fact that Im a sucker for the Roxy and Trevor romance! Its just so sweet and something we all want in life! And not to mention the Drew and Sally have a fierce connection on screen together! Overall for the Type of Show it is and the network it is on I rated it as a Ten! Wildy unexpected that I fell in love! I would Recommend to all!
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I Love This Show
krzy240729 July 2007
I personally think that this is one of the best summer shows on TV this season. It's dramatic (but not so much that you just want to call up the writers and be like, yeah that wouldn't happen), can make you cry, laugh and it's something I really look forward to Sunday night. All the characters are really likable and relatable which I really like. Though they are all different from each other they all kind of "mesh" together. Overall, I would definitely recommend this to anyone, it's a show for any generation. Some people are saying that it's very unrealistic in the sense of uniforms and such, but you just have to keep in mind that it's TV, it's never going to be 100% realistic, it never has been and never will be. So yeah, great show in my opinion!!
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Sad and keeps you hooked!
Kristinartist7923 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Spoilers I love this show; I love the characters; even Joan, who a lot of people might not have liked after what she did (not letting that soldier save that girl) she has a soft kind side to her. I saw a commnet where somebody said they hated her, but she is showing a different side in these later episodeds. It was so sad when Amanda died; I loved her character; she was one of the most innocent, but I believe that was the whole idea, innocent people die in war and terrorist attacks. Poor Geremy; they didn't show him as much after that; the father just mentioned how hard it was for him, which is expected. I was hoping to see his characor more; I guess they kind of took him off the show, or he was unable to do it. When I first saw the episode, I thought she was alive and her mother was taking her to college, but I guess it was supposed to be a surprise ending. I had to watch it twice to get it, but that just shows what a great show it was, that you get hooked even the second time! I mean I would have rather had Betty die, but in the last episode, she showed a kind side, and it seems all of the characors at some point show a good side. Joan did when she told Roxy that her husband was okay and when she decided to keep her baby knowing how much of a good father Roland would be. I loved how in last episode, they showed God on the episode helping Claudia and helping that little boy to help her. It was hysterical seeing that sweet little boy accompany her on a date; in a way he was sort of helping her!
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Real Women
hannah8700-121 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
"Army Wives" is television's finest! I love everything about this show. It touches and reaches me on such a personal and emotional level. No other show has moved me to tears quite like this one. At first I thought that it was going to be entirely based on the army but it's actually the exact opposite. It's about real life and real women who have to fight their own battles to keep their family together. And it's hard to pick and choose favorites too. Every couple or family has their own special uniqueness and personality that draws you in and keeps you coming back each week for more. In the beginning you're introduced to five different families and each episode you learn more and more about their lives and what they've lived through and each one tells their own story. Eventually you just get so involved and wrapped up in all the people and their lives. Most of all though, the show is about friendship and how each wife finds a kindred spirit in the other. They're all there for one another during the good times and the bad. All of them are strong and independent women who go through so much but still manage to move on with their lives with a courage and bravery that comes only from the heart. This is so much more than just a show. Every episode leaves you wanting more. In fact, I even went out and bought the complete first season so that I'll always have every episode. A show of this caliber doesn't come around too often and this is one that I hope will last a very long time.
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Great realistic show
kmlclj11 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I myself was an army wife of an enlisted solider. As I watched this show it brought back many memories and made me laugh at times. It is so true the way the wives are portrayed. Even down to the way the homes are decorated and set apart. The officer wife going in to see the doctor before the PFC's wife, so true. The two women sitting back and talking about the pregnant girl, you really do find those on every post. The writers have really done a good job. I do not watch the show and critique every pin, patch, or award heck my husband many of times had to correct soldiers for the wrong uniform. Just sit back and enjoy the show and be proud that you were apart of that and can tell find the mistakes.
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great show and great characters !
connor73976 August 2007
I love this show and have watched each week. the characters are each great and the diff personality's make it so fun-

my only concern is instead of going in direction of --just sex !

i would like to see more family direction- the kids - what is happening with son that went away to join military - no one even talks about missing him or how he is - the daughter that was in love with him and had sex before he left for military - the little kids that some have -- all the wives go thru trying to do everything and keep the family solid - the program last week was like all they each do is have sex or talk about sex- we want to see this program make it to the leading show - so just give us a little more real life struggles and concerns and issues- because this show -is A WINNER !
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Bad Message to Young Women
red_velvet_glove29 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
(My spoilers talk about incidents happening in the show, but never name who the involved characters are so the store is not ruined for anyone) This show is OK at best. Occasionally it is funny, but it is usually predictable, dull and not inventive at all. It also is a bad role model for young women who might be in a similar situation. So far, the show's attitude towards self respect is sickening. If your husband cheats on you and has a baby with another woman, then, for the love of self respect, DO NOT get back with him. Nobody deserves to be treated that way. There has been everything in this show from domestic violence, cheating, lack of loyalty and respect towards your spouse and the show's answer is always that the wife should suck it up, take the abuse and sit there quietly. This is very saddening to see on a show nowadays, and I think sends the wrong message to young women. The show is not good enough to excuse this kind of message and I wish I had not wasted time watching what I did of it.
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every episode is engulfing
michelle_022414 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Believe it or not, my boyfriend got me hooked on this show. Every episode is so emotional, whether you feel anger, sadness, happiness, etc. When I watch a TV show on a regular basis, I get very hooked on the characters & what happens to them. I love this cast, yes, even Joan. The second season completely changed the way I see her, knowing that she has that soft, motherly side. Roxy has some of the best lines, I still laugh at feeling like toe jam on an idiot cracker. Roland is a wonderful man, sure he makes mistakes, but don't we all. He is caring & not to mention hot! I am glad Trevor went through his addiction phase cause I was beginning to think they were portraying him too perfect. He is a good man for Roxy though. Pamela is so tough and I was so tense watching her go through the stalker thing, she was truly scared & I felt it with her. I don't know why for sure yet, but I don't really care very much for Chase, maybe its because he disappears so much, leaving the family without notice (I know that is not his fault though). Claudia Joy is truly a remarkable woman, has been through so much & stands by man no matter what. Michael is a likable character as well, you can tell how much he loves his wife. Denise, she is my girl, I understand some of the dumb choices she has made, but I still believe she has a good heart. Frank has taken her for granted for a long time, but he will have to realize what he has. I have only seen the first 2 seasons, but I did see part of an episode in 3, so I do know they get back together. I don't know what all is going on yet, but I do know that they were separated & they both strayed.

I do love this show, but I do have to state my opinion on something. I already believed this before, but now I believe it even more.....having a child when you are in the military, knowing that you will be sent away for large portions of their lives seems very selfish to me. This is only my opinion. Those children don't deserve all the missed birthdays, plays, holidays, or just everyday interaction. A wife, well she can make that decision herself as to whether she can handle the away time, the children don't have the choice. I cry almost every time one of those kids cries because their parent is leaving or dead.
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shadeaux_kat8 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Tonight was the season 2 premiere of our beloved Army Wives. I have to say I watched it twice and I balled like a baby thru the last ten minutes the first time and when it came on again every scene with Claudia Joy and Amanda made me cry again. First of all you think it's bad enough with Marilyn dying but we saw that coming at the end of last season. Joan being nice to Roland is, to me, a bunch of crap because she's not gonna chose him over her career. I know how Roxy felt. I was an army wife for a while and I know that not knowing is worse than knowing. Joan being a beotch like that kinda ticked me off though. Pamela is our glue right now her and Denise. They are holding it together no matter how bad it hurts. I feel sorry for Jeremy too. Losing Amanda is like losing a part of all of our hearts. I can't imagine a better way to open the season though even as I wish Amanda was still with us. And I'll be waiting every week to see more.
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been there, and I love it!
Jamie De26 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I am an ex military wife 2 times out. My first husband was in the Air Force and my second in the ARMY. Neither of which have worked out, but not due to the military either time. I happen to LOVE the show. Yes, there are uniform discrepancies. Yes, there are protocol discrepancies. Yes, the rumor mill seems to be outrageous. But it's a television show. I have thought for years that there should be a reality show about the lives of military families. Military families have a very unique family life and it takes one heck of a woman to take on that responsibility for her family. Speaking from personal experience the rumor mill can seem just as outrageous when you and your family are the focus of the gossip. Watching officer's walk right into the ER while you've been sitting in the waiting room for 4 hours is NOT unheard of. And I love Roxy's lack of military knowledge, it puts a very realistic edge on her character. It doesn't always make sense in the military and that is another obstacle that you must deal with as a military family. Yeah yeah yeah you're all reading this going...but you've tried and failed twice...but I am a firm believer that the military is not what ended either of my marriages, it was the person behind the uniform that ended them. I still love the military life, and love me a man in uniform. All in all I think the show is great and gives America a glimpse of the lives of the wives of those who are serving. Big kudos from me and I can't wait for next season.
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Tough Calls
bigjersec91 July 2007
Although this show shows a different side of the the military life, it has an awful way of portraying us as soldiers. I recently watched an episode about a guy holding two people hostage while reliving an experience in Afganistan. Though PTSD affects so many of us returning from the war, it seems that the show wants to portray us as insane people. We are soldiers fighting a war that was ordered to us to fight. I am proud to be a veteran of the OIF III War, but I am not insane. I only hope that people watching this program realize we have a job and a devotion of duty to our country. We follow orders and perform jobs many of the American population would not endure. We go to war as men and women, we return as men and women; only now we hold emotional scars. Thank you for this program, but realize this is a portral of a small percentage of those who return. The nightmares of the things I have done plague my dreams forever, but I am proud of what we have done, and be proud of those who fight for your freedom. God Bless America and God Bless You All.

Thank You, CPL, 3rd ACR US Army 2005 to 2006
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horrible, horrible, horrible show
mike3103 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This is important subject matter. It deserves important attention. After watching the premiere, it is obvious that the makers of the show have gone for the "Melrose Place" angle. They cloak the melodrama in the trappings of important issues. Sad, sad, sad. I am a veteran. I am a USMA grad. I once had the unpleasant but important task of serving as the rear detachment commander for an active duty Army unit which was deployed overseas. My job was to deal with...among other things...the wives and families left behind by the soldiers. Based on my experience, it seems to me that those responsible for the show do address real and complex issues, but they don't give them the appropriate amount of attention. The plot lines are not realistic, and they do a disservice to real Army wives. Out.
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Strict filming guidelines
Donna-14417 June 2007
Within the guidelines for filming the actors/actresses are not allowed to completely display all of the correct markings of a military uniform. There will always be something out of place on said uniform. But kudos for noticing the details...not many do. The issues are right on the money and the personalities are just as real as they can possibly be. It's wonderful to realize that the writer(s) did their homework...believe me, they skim the surface of all that goes on and I certainly wish I could add some of my experiences with changed names to protect the innocent/guilty. I LOVE THE SHOW! Donna (An Army Colonel's wife.)
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You've got to be kidding!!!!
sarge8012328 June 2007
So, I'm channel surfing this morning and happen across a show called Army Wives. It was actually a block of three episodes. I'm a retired Army Master Sergeant, the son of a retired NCO and the father an Army Captain who's a West Point graduate who spent four years as an enlisted man before he entered the academy - and on his third deployment to Iraq. We're all blessed with wonderful, supportive women who are real Army wives. Any TV show or movie with a military theme is an automatic must watch for me.

I couldn't take my eyes off this show! You know how when you're driving down the road and come upon an accident? You don't really want to stare at those poor people but just can't help yourself. I've never seen such an outrageously inaccurate representation of Army life! The technical advisers should be fired and replaced. Even the simplest protocols are not correctly represented here. Sappy, soapy, overly dramatic plot lines are to be expected from any show produced by or for the Lifetime Channel. And, I understand the concept of dramatic license, but this thing is way over the line.

I couldn't resist calling my daughter-in-law to find out if she's ever seen the show. She said she tried to watch the premier but turned it off and went to bed about 45 minutes in. She hasn't watched it since.

I'm thinking that real Army wives ought to be insulted by this show; which should be retitled "Wannabe Desperate Housewives."
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Claudia Joy
billyprince1119 March 2013
My son and I are writing this because of the show, Claudia daughter name was Claudia,she. Was born Feb.12. She just died on my birthday Feb.20.we just buried her Feb.27,2013.Her husband name is Michael she has one living child. Only a son instead of a daughter.She also had a bad heart and she was a diabetic.when he husband and son came home,they found her laying across the bed with a towel wrap around her dead.everything people were saying about her in the show.they said at my daughter funeral,it was so amazing it was like watching our life and what had just happen to us on TV. So very unbelievable....I saw she had three or four best friends,so did my daughter,she had many friends,these four friends were so awesome in helping me with so many things,each.and every day.just like they
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Not what I was expecting
DanRem122124 December 2012
I'm a guy and I'll be honest: I DID NOT think I would like this show. I was bored one day browsing on Netflix and ran across this show. Being a Veteran myself, I decided to watch it just out of curiosity.

All I can say is: WOW what an incredible show. I don't even care if it's considered a chick flick. The show is so realistic with how it displays the Army life. Even having been in the Army, I didn't realize that the wives/caregivers had to do almost as much as we had to.

The way this show brings up the emotions is incredible. The emotions never feel forced like how some actors are when they have to cry. This seems all too natural. I definitely recommend to anyone, but especially if you were or are in the Army. Check it out.
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A little message from the Netherlands
Jaimie Van De Moosdijk11 December 2010
I love army wives, it's really weird to see the difference between countries. I live in the Netherlands and my boyfriend was in the military here. In the USA it's normal to live on the base while here it's normal that you sleep there but go home in the weekends. you don't have your own home just a room you need to share with somebody from the same group. Also i read everywhere and all the time how army wives really shows life on a army base as an army wife. I think it's really sad that every time you've just made friends and just starting to know everybody you have to move again. They also have similarities, there are people that live on the base here to, but because our country is so small it's not necessary (sorry for my bad English) you can drive threw my country within 3 hours, so why live on a base. I think, what i have seen from this realistic show, that living on a base brings the soldiers and there wives/girlfriends together, especially in times of war and deployment i think that is a plus in your country. This is the first show were i can feel and see that is't real. i want to give my respects to all of you. I don't know if i could do it, all tho, when the love is real you stand by your guy even if that means you have to give up some things you love, that earns respect! one last thing: I recommend this show, even if you are not an army wife, the story, drama and fun that's in it makes you fall in love with those woman every time you see them.

With love and respect, Jaimie
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Touches the Heart!
cmtaylor53114 August 2008
I recently discovered this show and watched the entire first season and the first three of the second all in three days! The characters are so dynamic and interesting and I fall more in love with them every episode. I love the wide span of characteristics each person develops. I love how even though most of the wives are from different backgrounds they came together and bonded and seem to be the best of friends. They are all so different but yet share a common in fear in losing their husbands! This show isn't something seen on TV much anymore. Its hard to find a good show that is truly about its characters and how they touch each other heart. I don't know when the last time i watched a show that truly got to me and made me wonder if my friends husbands in the army and air force feel this same thing every time there husbands aren't with them!
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