Army Wives (TV Series 2007– ) Poster

(2007– )


[Belgrad is holding Claudia Joy and Roland hostage at the hospital Roland works at]

Sgt Peter Belgrad: [annoyed] Why are you talking?

Claudia Joy Holden: Don't know. I figured if I'm going to die before lunch, I might as well get my two cents in.

[after they made love]

Chase Moran: [euphoric] So... how ya been?

Pamela Moran: [laughs softly] Don't joke.

Roxy LeBlanc: I just want to know that you have faults, Trevor. You know, like normal people.

Trevor LeBlanc: [nods] Okay. Well, I jump to conclusions, I'm a terrible cook, I forget names, kinda clumsy, hence the knee, um... I can be impulsive and sometimes a little bit too sensitive.


Trevor LeBlanc: Feel better?

Roxy LeBlanc: [chuckles] Yeah. Really, I do.

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