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8 Jun. 2008
Would You Know My Name
Instead of a terrorist action, the missing explosives were stolen by sergeant George Polarski in a deranged revenge for his wife's adultery. It kills four people in coarse Betty Camden's Hump Bar and wounded 15 more. The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) starts interrogations. For survivors, all that only adds to the worries about loved men deployed in Iraq, Trevor's Roxy turns paranoid until she gets reassured he's still safe. Jeremy gets his first home leave. His lover Amanda was among the victims because she procrastinated leaving for college.
15 Jun. 2008
Strangers in a Strange Land
General Holden slowly looses his patience with his wife's wining and her troublesome friends, and his surviving daughter Emmalin with both of them, but minding her is just what helps Denis trough. Trevor is deployed in Iraq and confronted with unimagined horror but reports home he's adjusting well. Chase surprises his family with understanding and a home-cooked meal.
22 Jun. 2008
The Messenger
Brave, handsome corporal Mac, who lost both legs in Bagdad, charms Denise without any infidelity on either side. They become platonic friends over their lost passion for motorcycles, and his surprise goodbye present for her is his. Even when the general tries to teach Emmalin stick-driving, her sister's ghost gets in the way, just as it still does in his marital bed. Chase has a few day off his Iraq tour, which he spends mainly helping good son Lucas and brat Katie rehearse their parts in a Jeanne d'Arc church play. Little Fyn's imaginary friend harry inspires him to ...
29 Jun. 2008
Leaving the Tribe
After Trevor gets wounded while patrolling in Iraq, it's a long wait for news, but his family feels it was worth it: daddy is coming home! Meanwhile Betty admits her beastly behavior to the boys actually stems from infertility frustration. When her insurance settlement finally comes trough, she insists to rebuild the Hump Bar, with Roxy in charge. General Holden has a confidence crisis but remains on post, given general acclaim for his balanced attitude after the bomb, except from the rogue solider's widow. Denise is tempted to start riding corporal Mac's ...
6 Jul. 2008
The Hero Returns
Trevor returns home a hero but is conflicted; Frank, still in Iraq, becomes worried about Denise's newfound independence.
13 Jul. 2008
Thicker Than Water
Trevor has a hard time being paraded around as public hero while killing didn't feel right at all, yet reaffirms his patriotic sense of duty and tells Roxy it cancels his preference for being with his family while his unit is deployed. Pamela initially declines an offer to work for commercial radio in Atlanta, but resigns when censored by Lt. Colonel Evan Connors for questioning army tour rules together with Claudia-Joy on air. General Holden overrules that while Pam waves a topics list suggested by the Atlanta station boss. Roxy rightly questions a contractor's ...
20 Jul. 2008
Uncharted Territory
Trevor is formally reprimanded, yet privately supported, by general Holden for his coarse attitude towards the press. He's happy to return on Iraqi tour, unlike his family. Jeremy has a training period on the base, but dislikes late lover Amanda's kid sister expecting them to spend time together. Dr. Chris Ferlinghetti and Denise discover they both love poetry, another step towards uneasy romance. Chase continues spoiling his family, now as breakfast cook. Lieutenant colonel Evan Connors prepares to take over the XO-job thanks to Joan's pregnancy. The Hump-bar is ...
21 Jul. 2008
Trevor assures everyone he's recovering well and pleased to prepare for resuming his active Iraq tour, but can barely bite the pain with plenty of pills. Chase is arrested at night and kept completely incommunicado, accused of art-theft, as he can only explain afterward to protect him and the hunt for the real materialist war-criminals. Dr. Chris Ferlinghetti admits to Denise he hopes for more then friendship, yet after kissing she claims to remain faithful to Frank. General Holden patiently handles mixed signals concerning his rekindled child-wish from Claudia-Joy.
3 Aug. 2008
Casting Out the Net
Trevor finds it hard having to serve as XO's driver during his medical rehabilitation. Yet he spares no effort to spoil Roxy, who has to take a business course in order to manage the bar properly. While general Holden arrives in Iraq, Jeremy is arrested and shortly jailed as suspect in a drug case against his roommates. Dr. Chris Ferlinghetti is shattered when Denise dumps him, after receiving news husband Frank is on his way home, and asks for a transfer. Shortly after, 'Getti' has a serious motor crash. Pamela is invited as guest in a civilian radio talk-show.
10 Aug. 2008
Trevor revalidates at record-speed, but becomes dependent on pills and his doctor still won't let him return to active duty soon, yet he does an outstanding job as involuntary temporary XO's driver. Travis encourages, even helps Roxy taking a business course. Emmalin's infatuation with Quinn is completely reversed when the handsome knave is discovered to be part of drug dealing at the base high school. Dr. Chris Ferlinghetti sadly solves Denise's dilemma by dying.
17 Aug. 2008
Mothers & Wives
Claudia Joy's mother shows up. Roland helps a teen whose father was killed in Iraq. Roxy's about to take the GED and is nervous. And Frank confronts Denise about her relationship with Getti.
7 Sep. 2008
Great Expectations
Claudia Joy learns the real reason for her mother Charlotte's (guest-star Marsha Mason) visit when her father Randall (guest-star Len Cariou "Brotherhood") arrives unexpectedly at the Holden household.
14 Sep. 2008
Safe Havens
After Roxy tells Doc about her suspicions concerning Trevor's painkiller dependence, their confidence is betrayed, Trevor 'temporarily' replaced as XO's driver, Doc banned from the bar. General Holden diplomatically finds out how to convince foreign Academy mate Paolo Ruiz, now a close presidential adviser, to help renew a US base's contract in his country. Jeremy leaves for duty in Iraq, while his parents discretely discuss how to separate with minimal stress for the boy. Pamela remains obsessed by a possible stalker.
21 Sep. 2008
Trevor manages to do his duty admirably while wresting with his tranquilizer dependency, but the stress over his Silver Star award ceremony finally gets to him. After hearing the boys get scared of his temper, he stops stealing pills and resolves to seek rehab treatment after all. After academy friend Paolo Ruiz went way past flirting with Claudia-Joy, she agrees with the Pentagon national interest comes first, so the general must limit his satisfaction to a fist-blow. Denise decides to fully enjoy her separation now Frank has agreed to ideal terms for sparing Jeremy,...
5 Oct. 2008
Thank You for Letting Me Share
Trevor courageously combines daily therapy sessions with his full day-job, yet has some trouble convincing Roxy to join him for some joint therapy. General Holden is appalled to hear about his wife siding with Denise in the break-up with his man Frank. Lt. Colonel Evan Connors's wife seems a good match for the gang, being a lawyer like Claudia (who ceased practicing), but soon proves rather too arrogant to fit in.
12 Oct. 2008
Trevor fears his shoulder may never recover and if so wants to move to Wyoming, which appeals to the boys but abhors Roxy, who wants to keep the bar. Lucas's birthday seems doomed when daddy Chase is once again ordered on call for a mission and the boy refuses to celebrate without his hero again. Emmalin meets her cool pen pal, private 1st class Logan Atwater, and bitterly resents maternal worries and warnings, but dad approves after a discrete screening. General Holden tells Denise he won't turn on her on Frank's account.
19 Oct. 2008
All in the Family
Trevor is delighted to be diagnosed fit for combat duty again, so his mood is good enough to keep the peace between Roxy and her ma Marda, who visits unannounced to present her older, well-employed fiancé Jerry Bernard. Jeremy and Frank cheerfully meet on mission in Iraq. Corporal Mac may be a tower of optimistic strength around Denise, holding pep-talks for fellow crippled veterans daunts him, yet he braves that too. General Holden tries to keep calm although Emmalin pretends to study with a female hotshot classmate but actually sneaks out with private Logan Atwater,...
26 Oct. 2008
Departures, Arrivals
Chase arranged for Trevor to be promoted corporal and team leader, albeit in a new unit which won't be deployed again soon. Denise overcomes Mac's embarrassment about people staring at his prosthesis in a restaurant by a public kiss, which soon leads to making love. Unlike Emmalin, her lover private Logan agrees with general Holden military etiquette doesn't allow inviting him to dinner, but the memorial Roxy holds for just deceased Betty provides an acceptable venue. Now Marda has dumped her stealing fiancée Jeff, she's welcome again, even after Trevor discovers her ...
2 Nov. 2008
Last Minute Changes
News of the Holden's new posting spreads and packing begins. Pamela upsets her listeners and is removed from her show by Lt.Col. Connors. Betty's nephew makes a surprise visit.

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