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Season 6

4 Mar. 2012
Winds of War
The last of six months allotted to evacuate Fort Marshall, everyone is about ready; about Roxie, whose friends fear she's in denial. To Trevor's shock, she won't listen and even turns down the only offer on the truck stop for hopelessly outdated 'reasons'. General Holden res-fuses a pentagon desk job and decides to retire in stead, so Claudia Joy's law career prospects may determine where they move to. Pamela rescues Roxie, who was driving Fynn to a mate to say goodbye during a hurricane, but it's Denise who gets seriously hurt in hospital.
4 Mar. 2012
Perchance to Dream
The hurricane has damaged the new base so much worse that the move is canceled, Charleston's Fort marshal will instead receive the corps HQ as well. General Holden therefor won't retire but assume temporary command, finally a shot at a third star. Trevor hesitantly allowed Roxy to take Pamela and her kids in for the rest of the school term, as their apartment was recked, but starts to regret the resulting, overpopulated home conditions. In coma, Denise imagines how life could have been if Jeremy hadn't signed up for a second tour but studied architecture and married ...
11 Mar. 2012
The Best of Friends
Trevor takes a dim view a Roxy shamelessly dropping the general's name to elbow past the cue for a bigger home, but admits the result is great, although their Moran guests still cramp it, albeit is shortly, as Pamela is determined to join Chase in California soon as their apartment is beyond repair. General Holden takes up temporary command and warmly welcomes his former mentor, general Clarke. His wife Jackie impresses the ladies auxiliary too 'luckily' with benefit plans not to seem fishy to Claudia Joy, who suspects a dirty campaign for the third star, yet can't ...
18 Mar. 2012
Learning Curve
Trevor is now lieutenant and leads his own platoon, but platoon sergeant 'Ski' Wisniewski warns he still doesn't think like an officer. To Roxy's horror, he unilaterally invites all his NCOs and families for a barbecue. Alas, food poisoning strikes, but it still works out. General Bryce Whitaker's wife warns the Holdens that new acting division commander general Clark's ruthlessly efficient, ambitious wife Jackie is rapidly gaining advantage for Kevin over Michael. Even Denise is drawn into her benefit concert, a lucrative exclusive event for civilians and high ...
25 Mar. 2012
True Colors
Michael refuses to believe Claudia Joy when she finally realizes that Audrey's completely right about the Clarkes' dirty campaign tricks, including his ludicrously grand flag ceremony, resembling a pompous coronation, yet hesitates to play the card of their Kosovo period break-up. By the time she does, even Denise is focused on Jackie and Roxie takes over the unruly tween group. Trevor build confidence now his platoon's NCO families understand about the 'distrous' barbecue he and Roxie hosted but tried to make up for, and warns her that stepping in also means pushing ...
1 Apr. 2012
Trevor hopes his team wins a training competition and hence a day off. PFC Hector Cruz, a newly wed whose New York wife Gloria bitches at him and Roxie when Trevor sends her with an invitation for the women's auxiliary, tries too hard and lands in hospital, dehydrated. Claudia Joy makes up with Pamela in the Clarkes's absence but collapses with a medical problem. After school playmate Dustin Ridgeway accidentally gets some of David's blood on an open wound, the adopted boy's HIV becomes known to his shocked army parents, and the mother starts a ruthless campaign ...
8 Apr. 2012
System Failure
Finn's birthday was planned to be perfect for once, but daddy dear and his platoon are on the rapid deployment brigade, whose response time was mysteriously shortened to 30 minutes, and gets the signal just when Travis cut the cake. General Clark has followed an amateur 'Africa expert' captain's advice to recommend the Pentagon to send his troops on a humanitarian mission to a Central African failed state. In hospital Claudia Joy is diagnosed in need of a kidney, and Emalin insists to donate one, but isn't even fit given the hereditary diabetic risk and neither parent...
15 Apr. 2012
The airborne troops are deployed in the failed African state after a political murder started a tribal civil war, the anxious home front only hears where after the press arrives and wounded, mainly from the landing, are evacuated to Germany. Trevor's platoon is assigned to repatriate an NGO doctor, but his clinic is beleaguered by an improbably strong force from the least aggressive tribe. The kids need counseling and distraction, the women seek some in the auxiliary, but bicker pointlessly, Roxie can't cope and Gloria fills in even worse. Dr. Blake Hanson molds Tanya...
22 Apr. 2012
In Africa, Trevor's platoon has a hard time repatriating the beleaguered doctor as the backward tribe believes he maliciously failed to cure their kids as opposed to those of their neighbors. An NGO woman pigheadedly objects to being evacuated without the kids in her more sensible husband's orphanage. Back home, TJ steps up while Roxie and Gloria, already friends, unite with grumpy Gisela Wisniewski to rein in auxiliary rebels after divorce-facing Mai-Li's suicide, which Roxie nearly prevented. General Clarke's wife hides a pills problem. Dr. Blake Hanson kisses Tonya...
29 Apr. 2012
After Action Report
Trevor and Roxie must step in to help Hector and Gloria Cruz, who are in debt being utterly clueless about budgeting and misleading credit advertising, Gloria gets a waiting job in the Humpbar. Dr. Blake Hanson publicly puts cheeky nurse Gabriel in her place, yet they can't resist an illegal 'fraternisation' in bed. General Clark campaigns tirelessly for another star, even sanctimoniously reverts his position against gays in the army, but gets a bad press an account of the 'abandoned NGO orphans'. Densie finds out that his wife Jackie is on pills.
6 May 2012
General Clark's rapid deployment force is in PR trouble when the press gives a forum to vindictive NGO orphanage volunteer Rachel Miller. General Holden conducts the investigation for the Pentagon, which concluded Trevor's platoon and direct CO colonel Sherwood correctly followed orders in accordance with Washington's binding policy. Jackie Clarke can't handle the stress, combines excessive pills with alcohol and has to be stopped from attending the grand dinner for the troops. Ex-con Marcus Williams demands to see his biological son David, and when the Burtons ...
13 May 2012
Blood Relative
Trevor's fine record gives him a shot at the elite Rangers, but that would require another move, which Roxie won't even discuss. She works out her mean mood on the Hump bar staff, despite Gloria's surprising progress in beverages expertise. After her fainting, it takes Trevor to get her home and next day to a doctor, who diagnoses a pregnancy. Dr. Blake Hanson realizes, after Denise figures out his affair with Tonya and a breakup failed, that a radical move is required and arranges a transfer to Virgnia. The Burtons get biological father Marcus Williams to accept it's...
20 May 2012
General Complications
Trevor must step in personally when Hector Cruz picks a brawl with a bar regular for petting his wife Gloria's bottom. Their marriage is in serious trouble as he demands she stops working, which she won't even discuss, and Hector moves out. The Pentagon finally awards the third general's star, to Michael Holden, considering general Clarke's bad press over Africa. Roxy's pregnant moodiness is worse then expected, the gynecologist spots it's twins. Holden's mentor Bryce's wife Audrey Whitaker claims she swung the star and demands an improper reward. Denise's kidney ...
24 Jun. 2012
Fatal Reaction
Michael can soon relax, Claudia Joy pulls trough, so he and Frank treat their recovering spouses to a beach-house. On the beach, they meet a charming man, Henry, who soon returns to prove first impressions most misleading, and ends up shot at close range by Denise. Trevor meanwhile has a hard time controlling Roxy, who fears he has no idea what to expect the next nine months and afterward. David now meets Marcus in secret. Hector is treated badly everywhere, Gloria gets discrete advice to reconsider throwing away their marriage.
1 Jul. 2012
Tough Love
Trevor's buddy, Cory, arrives with his wife to have surgery on his burns. Hector tries to reconcile with Gloria. Denise tries to deal with the beach house shooting, and Jackie takes Claudia Joy to a gun range to teach her how to use a gun.
8 Jul. 2012
Battle Scars
Nicole's mother invites herself to the presentation of the Bronze Star. Deployment plans are being made, and someone has to stay behind. Claudia Joy helps a vet who has been declared dead. Victor and Gloria attend marriage counseling.
15 Jul. 2012
Hello, Stranger
Pamela and Chase ask Roxy and Trevor to go away with them. Then Chase gives Trevor a job opportunity that Roxy thinks is too good to pass up. When a doctor nearly kills a patient, he tries to put the blame on Tanya. Denise and Claudia Joy try to help her. And Jackie's daughter comes for a visit and Jackie's hope they can spend some time together but she doesn't want to.
22 Jul. 2012
Baby Steps
Trevor and Roxy argue over his Army career.
5 Aug. 2012
Fort Marshall welcomes military dignitaries for its centennial celebration.
12 Aug. 2012
The War at Home
The group deals with the fallout from the Centennial celebration.
19 Aug. 2012
Kevin returns home and takes his frustration out on Jackie.
26 Aug. 2012
Domestic Maneuvers
Roxy and Trevor prepare for a new future; Roland and Joan argue.
9 Sep. 2012
The group learns that Fort Marshall is merging with an air force base.

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