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Now why did I like this movie? It was just plain dumb fun, is why. It is absurd and preposterous, and proud of it.
The A.V. Club
Dragon Emperor succeeds largely through sheer excess: It's doubtful that any idea was thrown out for being too implausible.
After an hour of inert exposition, a race through Shanghai gooses the movie alive. Then it plunges back into torpor.
The movie bogs down in tiresome good guys vs. bad guys action cliches.
Chicago Tribune
The film has one objective: to smack its audience in the face with fleeting, competing wows, over and over.
The Hollywood Reporter
Too much of the proceedings are silly rather than horrifying, with the nadir being the appearance of some particularly athletic Yetis who briefly pitch in to lend a hand.
Tiresome and messy.
As for Fraser, his clumsy humanity is endearing, but by now, assuming he has invested wisely, he should have enough money saved so as to not have to waste his talent anymore.
Charlotte Observer
I'm afraid it just stinks.
Reheating the ingredients can't disguise how stale they are, as setpiece after setpiece strains to whip up excitement, only to fall flat while reminding of previous sequences that did such things ever so much better.

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