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The big day approaches for Wilfred.
Paul Evans3 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Wilfred turns up at the Surgery soaking wet, he's homeless, after a telephone cable has gone through the roof, he's temporarily moved in with Ida. Miss Parfitt calls in a state, Mother's decided to leave her, and move in with her Sister Myrtle. Ida attempts to join Miss Parfitt and Wilfred, he moves in, but a letter turns up at Ida's accusing Wilfred of being in an immoral relationship with Miss Parfitt, her reputation is at stake, he does the decent thing and proposes marriage.

It's been a lovely series, sweet and fun, Series 5 has been a bit down on the earlier series, but it's still been enjoyable. Miss Parfitt has been a good addition to the cast for the last two series, and it's nice that she gets a good storyline to end the show with.

Sweet finale to a show that ended at the right time. 7/10
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