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Funny as it oughta be

Author: gridsleep from United States
29 May 2009

As with Jimmy Neutron and his many specials, Steve Oedekerk shows true and under-appreciated comic genius. There are few as good as Oedekerk and company for satire in a cartoon vein, from The Right Stuff to Ocean's Eleven and everything in between, it's spot on farce. The characters are likable and truly individual. I would like to see more live action ensemble comedies as good as this, but I don't think the talent is out there (at least, not since Caddyshack.) Watch this. It's good for you, and it's good for your kids. Laughter is the best medicine. The most hilarious aspect are the comments of KillerKlownFromUranus above. He sounds exactly like Snotty Boy from the show, almost as if that repulsive, fat, oily, greasy, ignorant, loud mouthed, cowardly, ugly little pus head actually existed in real life. Life does imitate art, sometimes, doesn't it? If you don't like it, don't watch it.

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Author: alister black from United States
2 January 2010

People often diss this show, and I just can't understand what's wrong with it. I'm not going to spend time arguing every point made, I'll just praise it: My little brother watches Nickelodeon, and as far as I can tell it just went down the toilet since the nineties. I used to love Spongebob and the newer episodes I've watched are godawful. So it does my heart good to actually laugh out loud at a new show. Though it's not as thoughtful as older shows, as I've grown my sense of humor has become more immature, and I can understand why people enjoy stupid stuff. My favorite comedy show now is probably Robot Chicken, which goes under fire for the fact that it's dumb. But what did people expect? But I'm not reviewing that. I'm reviewing Barnyard. Barnyard is ridiculous in plot, has mastered the art of "random humor," but still manages to have a decent storyline. It's like if Robot Chicken kept a plot as opposed to brief clips, but for children and not fart jokes (thank god, by the way. I actually hate fart jokes even though I like Robot Chicken, and am sick of all the fart jokes in kid shows). All in all, it hasn't disappointed me yet and I look forward to watching it in the future.

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Just plain fun!

Author: gonelunch1 from United States
21 October 2008

OK, this isn't Robot Chicken, but it is well written with spot-on pop references and nicely developed characters. Yes, Otis has an udder. No, I don't know why the "totally vegan" farmer keeps a farmyard full of animals (but it's nice to know my little animated friends are safe). The story lines actually keep me guessing, and the CGI is surprisingly sophisticated, especially for a TV show. Watching this show is a little like going to a Bowling for Soup concert - don't go into it expecting a deeply intellectual experience, just prepare for a terrific party!

Nick's new cartoons have been a mixed bag lately, with some uninspired entries (Tak and the Power of Juju) and some terrible ones (The Mighty B). This show is a welcome reminder of just how good Nick can be.

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Author: kiti22
18 January 2014

This was one of the most poorly written cartoons of all time

The plot made no sense

The soundtrack from that cartoon was stupid

The opening theme was dull

The voice acting is Terrible

The episodes are lame (there almost like a bad episode of Family Guy or like a bad episode of space goofs)

The characters are dumb and annoying and stupid

And the most annoying character ever was Ottis's sidekick or Friend All Heros and Villains needs sidekicks There a bit useless but smart, cute, amusing and funny, But for pip hes not cute not funny not amusing, hes so stupid And annoying

Freddy and Peck is a lame Rip-Off of Timon&Pumba

Well All the Farm Animals from Back at the Barnyard are a comeplete Disgrace to the Animal Kingdom

Eugene "Snotty Boy" Beady is a complete rip off of nelson from the Simpson's (i hate that boy,i hate his voice and i hate his hair)

The references from movies and TV shows are useless

This show was terrible,Disgusting, Boring, Not funny at all, and one of the of the worst shows of all time Even Lilo&Stitch the Series is a Better Animated Show based on a Movie than this

Want to see a good cartoon Go watch Pokemon or Digimon or my little pony: friendship is magic or littlest pet shop or avatar the last air-bender or dragon ball z Kai instead

And then stay far away from that cartoon

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Hysterical and slapstick

Author: bull-904-250226
27 August 2012

This cartoon series is one of the zaniest and enjoyable out there. Most shows based on movies tend to be pale imitations, but the writers behind "Back at the Barnyard" series give it a silly yet entertaining life beyond the silver screen. There's lots of pop references (ranging from "The Dark Knight" to "Survivor" to "Star Trek" and humor that the grown-ups can enjoy, and enough oddball fun and jokes that the younger set can laugh at as well. Like a sophisticated sitcom, this show relies heavily on a strong ensemble effort, so it's carried by all major and minor characters. Not every episode is a laugh riot gem, but enough are that it'll grow on you.

My kids and I miss seeing this show but are hoping they'll release all the episodes on DVD soon.

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Next time, Nickelodeon, leave the movies you make alone.

Author: j-jessie-weaver from Texas
15 December 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I loved "Barnyard: The Original Party Animals" when it first came out. It was a funny and cute movie with action and a lesson for kids who were too selfish to be responsible, "A strong man stands up for himself, a stronger man stands up for others." That obviously meant for you to look out for your friends instead of thinking of yourself. When you turn such a great movie into a television show, what could possibly go wrong? "Back at the Barnyard" is your pitiful answer.

This show is so insipid and dumb, it makes Homer Simpson look smart. There is hardly any mention of Otis' lost father or Daisy and her calf, Ben. Most of the episodes consist, (I have seen a few), of the animals being stupid and messing around with the humans. We saw that once in the original film, Nickelodeon, why would you wanna make us see it again? One of the characters, Nora Beady, is a big example of "Back at the Barnyard's" cheesy and pointless jokes. I will admit that she was funny in "The Original Party Animals," but in this cartoon, she is so obsessed with trying to prove that Otis and his friends aren't normal, that it's just plain ridiculous.

And, might I point out, what is the purpose of Abby's character? She was never in the film, so why did they replace Daisy with her? It's completely useless and deserves an explanation.

Overall, "Back at the Barnyard" is a worthless cartoon that does nothing, but become terrible in every way possible. In my mind, there is only one "Barnyard," and that's the movie. All I have to say about this poor excuse for a cartoon is, thank goodness it is now gone.

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It's so funny, I've been addicted to this series for years

Author: dror-19417
10 April 2017

No doubt - as far as I'm concerned this series is in Top 10 of the best cartoon series I have ever seen, it is so funny and the plot is excellent, the characters tear from laughter to tears. It's such a shame that it ended with only 52 episodes, in my opinion it had huge potential. Maybe it's just for me, but the kind of humor in the series is exactly my kind of humor, so I became very attached to it. There is no doubt that today in 2017 I can say that she is even nostalgic, compared to the film I saw and he was nice but no more in relation to the series. Otis, Abby, Peck, Freddy pig,Dukas-they're all just great characters and they tearing from laughter to tears. We want more, so bad that the series ended in chapter 52 only. rate - 9

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Author: God from Heaven
4 December 2016

No biggie cheese. This movie ruined my entire Hecking life and, honestly, I'm considering Suicide. please do not see this movie. It sent my 3 year old boy into the Er. He soon died after witnessing this awfulness. My wife left me and is now dating Tim Allen, in fact they are considering marriage. I am so friggin depressed, i literally have nothing left but my rundown VHS copy of Stuart Little, I am most definitely not in a healthy mental state all because of the 2007 straight to TV nickelodeon movie "Back at the Barnyard". No wonder Robin Williams left this unholy earth, he lived in fear his entire life that, one day, he will have to witness a sight as unbearable as this poopy bum movie. It is so bad in fact that I am convinced at this point that it was a concoction of the devil himself. It's a conspiracy. It all adds up. Listen to me, person reading this. please, PLEASE, promise me that you will not see this disturbing piece of satanic cinematography. My peepee is numb, I think i see a little blood.

And that is my review of "Back at the Barnyard", thank you.

P.S: I had to replace some of the cursing with baby words all because of IMDb's stupid bum rulez.

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Back at the Foolishness!

Author: Hamza Tahir Malik from Pakistan
4 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I just noticed the simplest of things in this animated series that there is not one bull or oxen included, so this situation really annoys me and whenever i catch my little brother watching this show it just frustrates me.You are ignoring the simple biology here man ! So Basically we have male and female cows which doesn't even sound right.When i watched the movie for the first time i ignored it but when i caught my brother watching this series it amazed me that no single person thought about it and its just common sense.I mean cows need a bull to reproduce and this whole show seems that a gay person is directing it.

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I don't see what is so bad about this show

Author: TheLittleSongbird from United Kingdom
8 August 2010

Just last night, I was replying to a thread on the Rockos Modern Life boards about Best and Worst shows on Nickelodean. And I was shocked when there were those who picked this as one of the worst, though not as shocked at how many people picked Avatar:The Last Airbender as one of the worst. Look, Back at the Barnyard is not Nickelodean's best not even close, I would pick Rocko's Modern Life, Ren and Stimpy, Doug and The Angry Beavers over this, but it sure the hell beats ChalkZone, Zoey101 and Rocket Power, and I truly think the gem that was once Spongebob has jumped the shark.

And I will be honest, I think this show is better than the movie. I didn't like the movie really, but despite some predictable moments and some parts where the humour went over my head, Back at the Barnyard isn't bad at all. The animation is colourful and better-modelled this time around, while the music is good too. The writing and humour are random but it is funny, and while the stories have their predictabilities they are at least interesting. The characters are much more likable this time too, and the voice acting I had little problem with either.

Overall, this isn't really a bad show. Not outstanding, but better than people make it out to be. 8/10 Bethany Cox

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