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29 Sep. 2007
The Good, the Bad, and the Snotty/Escape from the Barnyard
Otis and the animals put on a fake commercial to trick the Farmer into going to the made-up "TurnipCon," allowing Otis to throw himself a giant birthday bash, but the plan backfires when Snotty Boy is hired to "barn-sit."
1 Dec. 2007
Otis Season/Cow's Night Out
It's Moose Appreciation Week, so Otis disguises himself as a moose to get in on the freebees and handouts. Unfortunately, by the time gets his costume together, it's the next day -- the official start of Moose Hunting Season.
1 Dec. 2007
The Big Barnyard Broadcast/Dead Cow Walking
Mrs. Beady videotapes the animals walking and talking and is going to air her footage on live TV! Otis and the crew pirate the TV signal and broadcast their own show to bide time while they try to steal back the evidence.
1 Dec. 2007
War of the Pranks
The animals stage a Barnyard Olympics, with Otis letting Abby the cow compete out of the kindness of his heart. She whips him in event after event.
19 Jan. 2008
The Barnyard Games/War of the Pranks
The animals stage a Barnyard Olympics, with Otis letting Abby the cow compete out of the kindness of his heart. She whips him in event after event.
16 Feb. 2008
Raging Cow/The Great Sheep Escape
Otis uses his patented wrestling moves to toss a heckling horse out of the barn. A fight- promoting hedgehog sees this and grooms Otis to be his next star! Otis creams his opponents one after another.
12 Apr. 2008
Bigtop Barnyard/Pigmalion
After accidentally injuring an entire troupe of circus performers, Otis enlists his friends into replacing them so the show can go on. But Abby refuses to do her signature Triple Flipperoo.
7 Jun. 2008
Club Otis/The Chronicles of Barnia
Snotty Boy stumbles on the animals playing "Dungeons and Barn Animals." Fearing he'll go to the authorities, Otis convinces Snotty that he's entered the magical realm of Barnia.
21 Jul. 2008
The Haunting
When the animals overhear Pig singing to his pet skunk in a beautiful tenor voice, they enter him on "Do You Gots It?", a popular singing competition.
23 Jul. 2008
Brave Udders
Otis gets a letter from his childhood bully saying he's "coming" for him. Otis freaks remembering all the beat-downs at his bully's hands. With the help of his friends, Otis decides to confront the bully.
26 Sep. 2008
Dummy & Dummier
When Mrs. Beady decides to run for Mayor, Otis realizes he has to run against her or face her anti-talking animals policies.
Get Bessy/A Beautiful Freddy
The animals decide to follow Bessy to see where she always goes after she insults them and walks away, and the clues point to her being an international art thief!
20 Jan. 2009
Pig Amok/Sun Cow
Otis tells Abby that girls get all the breaks, and then sets out to prove it by dressing as a girl to go bowling with his pals. But they run into Snotty Boy and his friends, who pressure them into going on a pizza date.
Jul. 2009
Dream Birthday/Lord of the Beavers
Find out what really happens when the farmer's away! Join Otis, the carefree party boy cow, and his pals Pip, Freddy, and Pig, as they pursue nothin' but a good time...down on the farm!
Jul. 2009
Little Otis/Kids in the City
In order to get out of doing chores, Otis decides to order a clone of himself to do the grunt work for him.
Oct. 2009
Back at the Booyard
In a bid to collect the most Halloween candy and win a prize, Otis tops off the animals' trick-or-treat candy with a handful of candy from a hallowed-out that legend says belongs to Hockey Mask Bob and reclaim their candy.
14 Nov. 2009
Mr. Wiggleplix/Chain Gang
When Otis accidently murders Pig?s imaginary friend, Mr. Wiggleplix, Otis is forced to pretend to be Mr. Wiggleplix to keep Pig from falling into a deep depression.Otis and his friends are mistaken for jewel thieves and are put in a chain gang.
5 Dec. 2009
A Barnyard Christmas Special
Otis convinces his college buddies Donner and Blitzen to stop by the barnyard on Christmas Eve night. During the visit, Otis accidentally gives Santa a cup belonging to the sick Freddy.
16 Jan. 2010
Arcade of Doom/Rodeotis
When Otis spots a brand new ZBox 360 in the prize booth, he charges the animals with collecting the 10,000 tickets to win it for the barnyard.
6 Feb. 2010
Puppy Love/Rodeotis
When Peck is pummeled to bits at the Science Fair by one of the kid animals' projects, the animals make him bionic.Duke learns out that his kid sister, Stamps, has become engaged to his arch-enemy Baxter!
4 Jul. 2010
While creating a fake alien news story to scare away Mrs. Beady, Otis accidentally attracts actual space aliens bent on conquering Earth! Otis tries to stall them at the barnyard while he tries to find their weakness.
Sep. 2010
Mission: Save Bigfoot/Mrs. Beady Takes a Holiday
While shooting his new music video, Bigfoot is caught in an avalanche atop Mt. Avalanche./Otis finally pushes Mrs. Beady over the edge, causing her and Mr. Beady to move to a cabin in the woods.
18 Sep. 2010
Hickory Dickory Donkey/Clonedemonium
When a beautiful she-donkey takes an interest in Pip, Bessy suspects ulterior motives and follows them on their dates./An evil scientist threatens to mass-market the animals' adorable mini-clones as pets!
3 Oct. 2011
Episode dated 3 October 2011
Pig's mole subjects (from when he was Emperor of the Mole People for 45 minutes) have sought him out to return as their Emperor and defend them from Eric the Terrible, a verbally abusive worm.

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