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The Visitor, is, if anything, more imaginative and touching than his first.
A heartfelt human drama that sneaks up and floors you.
It is one of the year's most intriguing dramas, with a quartet of powerful performances.
Chicago Tribune
Jenkins and The Visitor”make lovely music together. It's a case of a veteran character actor slipping on a leading role like the most comfortable pair of pants in the world.
New York Post
Best movie I've seen so far this year? Hands down, it's Tom McCarthy's superb The Visitor, which turns Richard Jenkins, one of the best character actors in the business, into a full-fledged star.
McCarthy's flawless casting may be the film's greatest strength: Veteran character actor Jenkins and his costars vanish into their characters -- their performances are so subtle and unforced that they don't feel like performances at all.
This audaciously issues-loaded indie drama works, improbably and entirely, on account of the marvelous, often familiar-looking, rarely starring character actor Richard Jenkins and his perfect performance as a stodgy, widowed economics professor.
The Hollywood Reporter
A compelling and illuminating story of four people who form an unlikely and momentary friendship of considerable depth.
At first glance Walter isn't a guy you want to spend two hours with. But by the end of the film, you don't want to see him go. Jenkins is like that: He sneaks up on you and steals your heart with light-fingered skill.
The Visitor tells of renewal through love. Its song is tinged with sadness, but stirring all the same.
Both director and cast exhibit the dedication of those who truly believe in the message at hand. But with so much earnestness onscreen, the message occasionally gets in the way of the movie itself.

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