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The Truth About the Relationship of John Winchester and Ellen

Author: Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
29 June 2008

Dean and Sam visit Ellen and Joanna Beth in the Harvelle Bar, and Jo shows her file about the disappearance of six blonde girls during the last eighty years in an apartment building in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She tries to convince the Winchester brothers to bring her to investigate the case; but Dean refuses the request afraid of Ellen's reaction. They break-in the apartment of the last victim and when Sam finds ectoplasm, they realize that a fiend is hunting the location. When they leave the place, they meet Jo with the super and find that she had lied to Ellen telling that she was going to Las Vegas and had just rented the foregoing apartment. Their further investigation discloses that in the past, before the construction of the building, the field was next to a prison and used to execute criminals, including the serial killer H.H. Holmes. When Jo decides to search the last victim behind the walls, she is captured by the evil spirit, and Dean and Sam figures out how to rescue Jo and escape from the wrath of Ellen.

"No Exit" is and engaging but flawed episode of "Supernatural". The story has good moments, like the revelation of Ellen to Jo about her relationship with John Winchester, but I honestly believed Jo was actually sister of Dean and Sam. The greatest flaw of the story is the use of the sledge hammer in the walls of the apartment building does not bring the attention of the super or the dwellers. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Sem Saída" ("No Exit")

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America's first serial killer

Author: zombiehigh18 from Egypt
3 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When I first saw this series, I never understood the hate some people had for Jo. I mean the girl is beautiful, smart, and fans always say that if Sam and Dean should have a girl, She should be a hunter. So where is the problem?!, Jo is a hunter and fans never liked her, yet fans never seemed to like any of the boys' love interests any way. Jo is clearly very interested in Dean, and Dean obviously likes her, Yet he keeps on pulling away. But, watching this episode again, I understood why.

This is the episode where the writers (whether deliberately or not) screwed up Jo's character. First of all, Jo is too young for Dean, He only sees her as an inexperienced school girl, a younger sister who has a chance for a normal life (unlike him, who never really had the choice) and a mother who wants more for her. Jo is no doubt a tough girl (She has a knife collection!) but not too tough to be a hunter, the girl tries too hard but I don't really know; is it whether to make her daddy proud? or to impress Dean and make him see her as an equal? All in all, Jo is not a good hunter, She had no solid plan hunting the ghost, she was too scared when it got her and if not for the boys she would certainly be dead.

However, my favourite part was the awkward scene in the Impala when they drove back home with furious Ellen and the "You are as cold as ice" song.

On the other hand, I don't like episodes where Sam is taking the back seat and has nothing to do more than just appearing in the camera frame.

This is a filler episode, so if you want to skip this, you wont miss anything.

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Not the Best Episodes

Author: katierose295 from United States
20 March 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I actually wrote my master's thesis on World's Fairs, so the true crime book, "Devil in the White City" by Erik Larson was pretty much required reading. The book is all about the juxtaposition of a rash of urban serial killings in Chicago, with the artificial splendor of the 1893 World's Fair. H. H. Holmes was the serial killer in the book and I actually like the idea of basing an episode around him. He was a human monster, who would make an excellent ghost for the boys to fight. "No Exit" is just not a great episode, though. It just never comes together. If you're interested in Jo's storyline, you might want to give it a shot, since she's in it a lot. And it does set up her anger with the brothers in the better episode to come, "Born Under a Bad Sign." However, if you don't care about Jo, then you could probably skip it and not miss much.

"No Exit" revolves around Jo. She wants to investigate killings in Philadelphia and Ellen is trying to stop her. Ellen gives the case to Dean & Sam instead. It seems that women are mysteriously disappearing from an apartment building. Jo follows the boys to Philly, where they soon discover that the ghost of H. H. Holmes is at work in the building. Holmes was America's first serial killer and soon he's kidnapped Jo. Sam & Dean have to save her from Holmes. Then they trap Holmes in a ring of salt in the sewer and cement him in. Meanwhile, Ellen is furious at Jo and the boys. She tells Jo that Jo's father died because of John. They were both Hunters and John used him as bait on a case they were working. Something went wrong and Jo's dad died. Jo takes her anger out on Dean and tells him to go away.

There are some good parts to this episode. I really like the ectoplasm in the building. Or, more specifically, I enjoy Dean's reaction to it. "Sam, I know what we're dealing with here. It's the StayPuf Marshmallow Man." It cracks me up. And I like Dean's ring tone playing "Smoke on the Water." It's a nice touch. And I enjoy his fearful respect of Ellen. She kinna scares him a little, especially when she calls asking where Jo is and Dean has to deliver the encouraging news that, "Look, we'll get her back, alright?" And the scene of them all driving together in the Impala is just so uncomfortable and perfect. But, at the same time, Dean tries to tell Jo that she should appreciate her mother more. It's a nice way to show how Dean misses his parents and how he never had someone to try and stop him from doing a dangerous job. He even tells Jo that he never really had choice about Hunting and now he can't do anything else. Even if he loves the job, he's trapped in it and doesn't see an exit.

On the down side, it's still hard for me to warm up to Jo. She just seems too try to hard. I really like the show best when it's just the two brothers hunting together. Poor Sam spends a lot of this episode getting coffee and doing stuff on screen. And Jo's reaction to Ellen's story is just ridiculous in my opinion. Why are Sam & Dean to blame for something their father did years before? They never even met Jo's dad. It's just out of line to take it out on them. Also, anyone who's ever watch the History Channel knows that photo of the murder victim shown in this episode is one of the women Jack the Ripper killed, not a H.H. Holmes victim.

My favorite part of the episode: The "Nebraska is for Lovers" t-shirt wearing tourists who wander into the Roadhouse while Sam & Dean are refereeing Jo & Ellen's screaming match. "We'll just try the Arby's down the road."

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Many plot ploys

Author: mm-39 from Winnipeg
28 July 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Dean and Jo sexual tension plot ploy is implemented on the many stories and sub stories which intertwine in the complex series Super Natural. Did Jo go on the hunt because of Dean? Did she go for she wants to be a hunter? Maybe both or even because of family fighting? Jo acts annoyed and makes it deliberately obvious that she is ignoring Dean. The story heightens with Jo needing to be rescued by Sam and Dean. Did Sam and Dean screw up? They find out later that John Winchester (their dad) mistakenly killed Jo's father. The cold as ice song hits the mark for humor when Sam and Dean drive Jo and her (over protective) mother home. 8 out of 10. Will Dean and Jo meet up again? I guess we will find out in season three.

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