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Buried Treasure
It's a race to discover the location of the legenday old Roman fort between Mr Jones and the residents of Gosling Farm.
Bye Bye Blue
There's a new model on the market and Mr Jones decides to trade in Big Blue. Somehow Stan, the children and Little Red Tractor have to get him to change his mind.
Circles in the Corn
Have aliens visited Babblebrooke or is there another reason for the corn circles on in Mr Jone's field? Walter and Skip decide to stay up all night am meet the visitors themselves.
Enter the Dragon
It's the Fancy Dress Tractor parade at Babblebrooke Fair but Little Red Tractor's dragon costume is a bit too realistic for Mr Jones.
Farm of the Year
Something is spoiling Mr Jone's' chances of winning the big prize - and he knows who to blame! Surely it's not Little Red Tractor and Stan?
When Ryan's kite vanishes into the distance it's up to Little Red Tractor to save the day.
Glorious Mud
Stan's pigs are stranded on an island. He and Little Red Tractor need to come up with a plan to rescue them.
Gone with the Wind
Stumpy proves that windmills and clotheslines don't mix. With no clean clothes left to wear, Stumpy calls on Stan and Little Red Tractor to fix the mill and return his dignity.
Hot Hot Hot
It's too hot, there's not a breeze to be felt and Stumpy's windmill has ground to a halt. The way to keep everyone cool is provided by the coolest tractor in the world, Little Red Tractor.
Little Red Rocker
Mr Jones' plans to hold a music festival backfire when he reverses Big Blue over the power cables. It's up to Little Red Tractor to save the big event.
Little Red Tractor's Birthday
It's Little Red Tractor's birthday and Stan is trying to find the perfect present.
Llama Drama
Stan's sheep are worried. So is Mr Jones. Could his new Llama have anything to do with it?
Making Hay
Little Red Tractor and Stan help Mr Jones harvest his wheat when Big Blue breaks down.
Marrow Mangler
Can Stan and Little Red Tractor discover what happened to Mr Jones prize marrow and take their place in the Agricultural Show finale?
Molehills and Windmills
Moles in the garden are no fun for Amy but maybe the windmill can solve the problem?
Mr Big
There's a big fish in the lake and all Babblebroke wants to catch it. Can Little Red Tractor help find the best fishing spot?
Mr Fixit
It's a day off and Stan has promised Little Red Tractor a wash and polish - if he can only find the time...
Roof Tops
How did Stumpy and Walter get stuck on two different rooftops - and what's happened to all the ladders? Little Red Tractor and Stan have to find a way of getting them both down.
Secret Den
Ryan and Amy's den building gets Mr Jones worried about hikers on his land.
It's potato planting time and Mr Jones' plan to use his tennis training machine sees high flying potatoes all over Babblebrooke.
The Beast of Babblebrook
The legendary Beast of Babblebrooke has been spoted in the district so Ryan and Amy cancel a camping trip and pitch tent in the safety of Gosling Farm. All is quiet until something enters the yard...
The Big Bang
What is causing all the big bangs around Gosling Farm? Stan and Little Red Tractor investigate.
The Dam
What's happened to all the water and why is Stumpy stuck in the mud? It's up to Little Red Tractor to put things right.
The Detectives
A school project turns into a detective mystery for Little Red Tractor and Stan.
The Ghost of Tawny Owl Wood
Ghostly goings on in the middle of the night see Mr Jones at the bottom of a deep hole. Little Red Tractor and Stan come to the rescue but there is something spooky in the farmyard...
The Gold Cup
It's Little Red Tractor against Big Blue for the Babblebrooke Cup and the honour of Gosling Farm.
The Ladder
Stumpy is stuck on the roof of Gosling Farm when Mr Jones borrows a ladder without asking. Can Little Red Tractor and Stan get him down?
The Lucky Day
It's Little Red Tractor and Stan's lucky day - or so it seems...
The New Addition
Where has Stan's favourite cow vanished to? And what's that funny noise following Walter around?
The New Engine
Stan and Nicola buy an old steam driven traction engine to restore. But how to get it home? It's up to Little Red Tractor to do what he does best - towing....
The Paperchase
Little Red Tractor and Stan search for the children when a paperchase trail goes missing.
The Party
It's Mr Jones' first anniversary in Babblebrooke so Stan & Little Red Tractor plan a surprise party but keeping the secret is harder than they bargained for.
The Town Boy
Little Red Tractor, Stan and the children show Mr Jones' nephew Thomas that there's more to life than playing computer games.
Tiger, Tiger
Stumpy spreads the alarm... There's a Tiger on the lose in Babblebrooke!
Traction Trouble
It's Little Red Tractor to the rescue when a scarecrow looking just like Stan confuses the inhabitants of Babblebrooke
Water, Water
When Ryan and Amy locate Babblebrooke Spring in Mr Jones' front garden his plans for a brand new business leave the district dry.
Windy Day
There's a tree on the railroad tracks and only Little Red Tractor and Stan can save the day.

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