19 Music Video Cameos You Totally Need to See Again

19 Music Video Cameos You Totally Need to See Again
Liam Payne‘s most recent music video for his single, “Bedroom Floor,” is one to remember – and not just because of its catchy beat; the song’s video features Bella Thorne, who portrays a girl dealing with a flaky boyfriend.

Payne is hardly the first singer to feature another celeb in his music video. Some are particularly iconic – think Liv Tyler and Alicia Silverstone in Aerosmith’s “Crazy,” or Lena Dunham, Cindy Crawford and more in Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” – but there are a bunch we bet you forgot about:

Channing Tatum: “Beautiful Trauma

Tatum goes back to his dancing roots,
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Watch Human Firework Explode in Extreme 'America's Got Talent' Stunt

"America's Got Talent" was on fire Tuesday night, with several auditions held outdoors to showcase major stunts. There was Damone Rippy, the 16-year-old flyboarder who got the girls squealing, the Metal Mulisha freestyle motocross team performing "Kiss of Death," and Wally Glen -- who calls himself Pyro Boy, despite seeming closer to senior citizen than senior in high school.

For his act, Pyro Boy covers his body in fireworks, dances around, and explodes on stage. Hearing this, judge Howard Stern announced, "I feel like I've been institutionalized and we're all in one crazy house together, 'cause this sounds nuts to me. I mean, do women get excited by this when they see you covered in fireworks?" Pyro Boy: "They find it hot." Haha. Ba dum dum. But seriously, sometimes they should consider changing the name of the show to "America's Got Issues."

Pyro Boy's audition was set to "Also sprach Zarathustra,
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Everything You Need to Know About 'Empire,' TV’s Most Talked-About New Show!

Everything You Need to Know About 'Empire,' TV’s Most Talked-About New Show!
Hip-hop drama Empire is Fox's latest breakout hit, featuring an award-winning cast and crew. Created by Oscar winners Lee Daniels and Danny Strong, the King Lear-inspired family drama has been a ratings boon for Fox, with viewership growing each week since its Jan. 7 premiere.

The show's popularity is due in no small part to an incredible cast. Former Hustle & Flow co-stars Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson electrify as Empire Entertainment mogul Lucious Lyon and his ex-wife Cookie, recently released from jail for the drug hustling charges that gave the couple the capital to start their Empire. Newcomers Trai Byers, Jussie Smollett, and Bryshere Gray stand out as the three Lyon sons and guest stars like Cuba Gooding Jr., Naomi Campbell, and Gabourey Sidibe add to the awesome drama.

News: Inside the Secret Formula to Fox's 'Empire,' TV's Next Big Hit

Here's nine things you need to know to catch up on Empire:

1. Cookie. Is. Queen
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Father’s Day Beauty Guide: Pamper Dad On His Big Day

Father’s Day is almost here, HollywoodLifers! And if you want to get your dad something a little nicer than just your average tie, we’ve got you covered. Make sure your dad is looking so fresh and so clean this Father’s Day with our top picks for the best gifts.

Since we usually end up giving our dads a “fancy” beer glass or a package of golf balls, we we’re in desperate need of some Father’s Day gift inspiration! Luckily the beauty department has complied some of the best (and manliest!) beauty gifts for dads out there. Check out the gallery for all our favorite hair care, colognes, and shaving kits!

Father’s Day Gifts: Male Hygiene Products — Hair Care For Dad

Your dad may not have long flowing locks, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t need to tame his mane!
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Famous Monsters Listed #35 Of Top 100 Comic Blogs!

Recently, Famous Monsters has been bestowed with a pretty cool honor. We were listed #35 in a list of the top 100 comic blogs to follow on this here interwebs! We are proud to accept the honor, and now will be displaying the infographic below on our website.

This ranking is most likely due to the excellent work done by Holly I. with her weekly comic book column, “FM’s Got Issues…,” a the newest entry of which can be found here, and most unlikely due to my random ravings about the onslaught of comic book movie adaptations and horror related comics.

An infographic by the team at CouponAudit

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Hellraiser Raises Hairs Anew At Boom! Studios

Hellraiser Raises Hairs Anew At Boom! Studios
Cenobites are about as iconic and mysterious as monsters get in the horror world. Who wouldn’t want to read more about them—especially when it’s being handled by the supreme talent who originally conceived of their nightmarish visages?

Boom! Studios, the indie comics publisher originally responsible for returning Clive Barker to the property that made him famous, have just announced a newly rebooted Hellraiser series to be co-written by Barker and Brandon Seifert, who is currently witting his way through Image Comics’ gleefully amusing Witch Doctor (see the recent FM’s Got Issues column). Tom Garcia, who contributed art duties to Boom!’s previous Hellraiser ongoing series, will rejoin the team on Hellraiser: The Dark Watch. Surely a new #1 will entice readers to get onboard—especially when they see that the Pinhead gracing the cover isn’t the one they grew up with…

To find out what’s happened,
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FM’s Got Issues – Indie Comics Roundup

Eyegores? Emmys? Please. Everyone knows that the most important awards are the—admittedly first-time annual—FM’S Got Issues To Award awards. Otherwise known as a lengthy roundup of non-mainstream comic book horror goodness that is worth just as much scrutiny as any the superhero of the week, but struggles to sell half as much, which is tragic.

Why comics?

Because we want to give great comic monsters their due. Because the popularity of comics characters and staple superheroes seems to have skyrocketed (no doubt due to Marvel Studios’ film successes). Because pre-Comics Code beauties like Adventures Into The Unknown and EC Comics titles created just as many nightmares for their readers in the first half of the 20th century as any movie monster. Because post-Comics Code pulp like Creepy and Eerie fulfilled a gap in the media market—one that thirsted for genuine scares on a newsprint page and
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90210 2.21 "Javianna" Recap

So we are on the way to what looks to be an explosive finale next week for the denizens of 90210. I know I have used the word "explosive" in just about all my recaps when it comes to finales, but… it's a signature of mine of sorts. I guess. Anyway! Last night's penultimate episode prepared us to what's to come and possibly set some seeds that might blossom into full storylines next season… that is if they aren't wrapped up next week, but I highly doubt they will be.

"Javianna" = Navid's Bad Luck

Navid bitches about pop star Javier to the guys, who think that he should have told Adrianna about his break up with Lila, as well as his feelings for her. So Navid purchases yet another bouquet of flowers to show his love to Adrianna, but is literally blocked by a limo carrying Javier, who brings Adrianna flowers,
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