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Terrible Programme

Author: freemantle_uk from United Kingdom
7 July 2008

Who ever thought that this show was a good idea should be sacked, never allowed to work on television again and any money made from television stripped away from them. Charlotte Church may have been a good classical singer when she was younger, but that is as far as her talent extents. She is a poor host for a show and is not charismatic or funny. This show is basically a mix of awful sketches, bad chat with celebrities guests and Charlotte Church just swearing. The programme doesn't know what kind of show it wants to be. It does go the Saturday Night Live route or be more like a talk-show like Johnaton Ross or Graham Norton. It is poorly written and is not funny or interesting. The worst part of the show is host herself. Charlotte Church is a poor performance, she is not funny, can't act and just resorts to swearing. The only reason she does it is because she wants to get rid of the image of the voice of an angel. She overplays being Welsh, but most Welsh people I know (admittly students) at best don't like her. The only half-decent thing about the show is when a singer or group perform at the end with Charlotte Church, but she is anything special at that and she should have struck to classical music because she is not a good pop singer.

It's best just to avoid this programme and hopefully it will go away.

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Flat and uninspired, save for occasional moments

Author: markwilliams91983 from United Kingdom
8 September 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Not being a fan of Charlotte Church I had never got the inclination to see the very first episode of this show which aired a week ago (time of writing September 9th 06). A few friends and colleagues told me that they had watched it and that I ought to do the same. So when it came around on Friday I sat down and cast aside my dislike for Charlotte Church.

Hating to admit that I enjoyed part of it (where she went undercover as an office worker who accused the office ladies man of being gay and throwing stuffed animals at her new boss) when the commercial came on I thought that this might be worth a look. Yet when it returned I realised that the undercover part (which on reflection is no different to other ones such as Dom Joly and Dead Ringers) was the only part of this show that would be funny.

There were two guest stars this week, Patsy Kensit (who looked as though she was hating every minute of it) and Ruby Wax (who just stared and laughed every now and then a light went on and off). There were moments of insightful questions here and there (and it actually held my interest) but there was a comedy sketch where she pretended to be Paris Hilton and from that moment on I turned off and switched over to BBC1 where the new series of Jonathon Ross started. A series which no doubt will do to Charlotte Church what the audience ratings did for Davina's show.

Rating: D-

By the way; perhaps it was unfair to criticise Charlotte Church for the fact that Patsy Kensit was looking miserable. From the work she has done on Emmerdale (that being the only work?) her face looks incapable of making any other gestures. Looks like a camel chewing a lemon most of the time.

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I Like the Show

Author: kingleoncouer from United States
26 November 2006

I think you people need to give Charlotte church a chance this is only her first (season of the show, and channel 4 said that they will pick it up for another two series. I think she is doing a good job, It's a lot better then most of the talk shows we have here in America. I do think she is doing a good job, and i am sure she'll get even better as the show goes on. Miss Church is a very talent young women, that just wants to do something other then sing. I say just watch the show , it will grow on you . Yes I know she is no Monty Python, or Benny Hill, but this is her show and she does it her way, not the way others expect it. That incident with slapping her guest, I have seen professionals her in America do that numerous times, when the have gotten mad at the guest.

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Excellent show!

Author: thomasperkins from Plymouth, Devon, England
16 December 2006

This is an excellent show, ignore the previous review! It is meant to be a fun, humorous, lighthearted programme and it is. I think the person who left the previous review possibly needs to 'lighten up' a bit. Anyway, no-one is forcing them to watch it so if they don't like it why don't they turn over and watch something else or turn off and don't watch anything! Yes the guests are mostly nobody's but Charlotte's sketches etc. in between are hilarious. She is an excellent presenter and I personally think that the theme tune at the start is very good and funny - far better than some of the c**p she sings with a guest singer at the end, although I've got a strange taste in music so they are probably quite modern popular songs, L.O.L.

The only complaint I have is that I kept forgetting it was on and missing it because I was watching Jonathon Ross and forgot to set the video. It's a pain that the two clashed.

I can't wait for the Christmas Special on Friday, definitely watching it!!

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Absolutely the worst show on British television - Kids look away.

Author: Movie_Reviewing_101 from United Kingdom
16 October 2006

It's been a while since I reviewed something so I apologise in advance if this isn't that good.

I watched this show a couple of weeks ago, just to see what all the hype was about. And I have to say I wish I'd never bothered. There are so many things wrong with this program. From the minute the grotesque Welsh beast, (No I don't have anything against the welsh) arises off her lard a**e to sing the awful and fowl theme tune, I want to shoot myself. As well as the s*** theme tune, she has possibly the shittiest line up of guests, asking sh*t questions that nobody gives a s** about. In between the interviews, Charlotte takes the time to show 'sketches' that she has filmed earlier in the week. And I can assure you, I'd rather listen to the interviews on a continuous loop, played in front of me, over and over again. Until eventually I can't take anymore and I shoot myself, relieving the pain of the crap TV.

One thing which puzzles me about this show is that it is getting more views than "Tonight With Johnathon Ross". Which is as far as I care the only good show on a Friday night. TV has slowly been deteriorating, after the Big Brother creation, and the explosion of reality TV. Which us Brits have to endure week after week, with crap lie Hells Kitchen, X-Factor, Big Brother etc. We should all march on the television studios of this country and demand that they bring back classic TV, like "Only Fools And Horses". We should also stop watching such dribble and crap. Eventually we will turn into mindless TV addicts, becoming fat and disgusting.

Anyway I've gone completely off topic. So basically the Charlotte Church Show is the biggest pile of crap on TV. Please save yourself the torment and don't tune in. And watch her cry as the show slowly caves in on her.


Milligan =D

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The Chrlotte Church Show

Author: Jackson Booth-Millard from United Kingdom
17 October 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After The Friday Night Project had finished for another series, I was wondering what the replacement for it was going to be like. Basically the beautiful vocalist and singer Charlotte Church has decided to have her own entertainment with comedy show. It does not have the same spark as The Friday Night Project, but it does have memorable moments. There are things like: Wales vs. The World, Charlotte Undercover (like Ant and Dec), Sister Charlotte (Save Our Souls), Charlotte (like Tricia or Jerry Springer), some mickey takes of recent stuff and about the guests, and much more. The guests included Denise Van Outen, Ruby Wax, Johnny Vegas, Patsy Kensit, Rupert Everett, Alan Cumming and Kerry Katona. She also had duets with singers like Orson, Nelly Furtado, The Brand New Heavies and Alesha. Very good!

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