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  • Johnny stumbles upon a conspiracy to assassinate the Vice President. The plan, headed by Janus and his mysterious Illuminati, is to take over the government so that Stillson can assume the vice president's place. A vision of a murder leads Johnny to a paranoid and controversial radio show host, named Marshall Frost. His girlfriend, Kendra Crowe, is also a part of Janus conspiracy to frame Marshall for the murder. But it soon becomes clear that Janus not only has similar powers to Johnny, but Janus has his own plans to take over the world for Stillson's New World Order for the upcoming Apocalypse.


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  • Johnny races to stop the assassination of the Vice President by a lone gunman, while trying to protect the guy who's being set up to take the fall. Stillson will play a central role, ultimately shooting and killing the lone assassin during a hunting trip with the big boys, taking a bullet and becoming a national hero overnight. Johnny is left with no evidence, but realizes that the master plan to place Stillson in the White House has begun.

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