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When it first came out ....
ml23485 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
When TV's first came out - I very vaguely remember the term "Television" - and had absolutely no idea what is was. I was in a hospital bed - recovering from some corrective operations of birth defects of the feet - very experimental at the time. But - I heard the nurses talking about "snow" and "Television", I wished them to show me these new items. Well - one day - this white stuff was falling just outside the window - she termed it "snow". Fascinating stuff indeed - laying there for hours watching this strange stuff. Wonderful - it seemed in 1948. But - this "Television" was driving me nuts - had to see what it was. When - finally - I recovered - they taught me to walk - at the age of 5. Strange time indeed. Some where in the neighborhood - someone mentioned "Television" - at a lounge somewhere. After searching & searching - in the Summer, 1950 - there was a bar with the beer logo of "Yusay Pilsen" - fascinated - I sneaked in - so small - they didn't even notice. Lo and behold - up on the counter - was a "Television" - watching it each day - they gave up trying to throw me out. One day - they put a program on called "Crusader Rabbit" - and I was enthralled. I begged our father to get a "TV". He said - he'd do better than that - he'd go to work for Motorola - local maker of TV's. He brought home a TV from work - for us for Christmas, 1950. We had the only TV for blocks & blocks. And - Crusader Rabbit was absolutely vital. Among other very early programs - we were raised on Crusader. So - if I tell you we were there at the start - well - we were there at the start. The very beginning. (
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