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top 5 episode

Author: gandalf_a_1999 from Australia
26 March 2007

This could be the best episode ever. There were a few ridiculous moments as usual, with the usual Kenny death (this time virtual), and Cartman's toilet display after 17 hours of battle of his number 2 (bad diarhea).

Having played a role playing game will enhance your enjoyment of this episode a lot, knowing just how long it takes to level a character, how they did it at 2xp per kill is definitely not recommended. To really get to high levels, you've got to have "No LIFE" as is said by the blizzard management who obviously do since they don't have accounts.

By far an episode that must be seen.

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Best episode ever

Author: Japie Krekel from Netherlands
5 October 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In this episode Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny play World of Warcraft, but there is a player online that keeps killing their characters. To battle this new player, they decide to become a really high level themselves, so they can then do the heroic epic battle against this 'newbslayer'. Without giving away the rest of the story, i can recommend this episode to every south park fan out there. (knowing something about World of Warcraft definitely enhances the experience) Having seen this episode does make me suspicious that Parker and Stone have actually played WOW themselves. The lingo and in-game acts suggest some online experience :)

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South Park WoW's it up

Author: Mr_Maniac from United States
20 April 2008

Total riot of an episode, mostly for those that have played WoW ( or any MMO for that matter).

This episode makes you crack up and shows how WoW can just grab you to want to level and level and level and..... level to just hit the top and be the best. I know the feeling, having played the game, and this just puts a nice laugh on the process. Showing how addictive the game can be, but also adds the perfect twist of humor. Played WoW or not, if your a south park fan, WoW fan, or MMO fan, watch this! Cartmen's explosive diarrhea is enough to make the South Park fan laugh! So sit back and enjoy this one!

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Seems impossible to make an episode so perfect like this.

Author: frankie-dunn from Spain
5 January 2008

The famous MMORPG "World of Warcraft" arrives to South Park and our kids have their own copy. Probably, one of the most funny episodes of the show with unforgettable scenes like the progress of the plan while we listen "Live to Win" or the evolution of Cartman, Stan, Kyle because of being in front of a monitor.

Using elements very well known for "World of Warcraft" players (the beginning of the episode) and memorable quotes like "Only one kind, whoever this person is, he has played World of Warcraft nearly every hour of every day for the past year and a half! Gentlemen, we are dealing with someone here who has absolutely no life." said by one member of Blizzard; South Park creators give us an instant classic of the show, a good reason to keep watching next episodes and a real warning to whom buried too soon one of the best animated series.

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One of the best episodes EVER!

Author: Bon_Jovi_chick from Manchester England
10 February 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Now I have been a fan of South Park for 7 years and I have got to say that this is one of the best episdoes EVER! This is what South Park is all about!

Basically, the kids of South Park have bought the latest game "World of Warcraft" and are enjoying it when a rogue player starts to kill off innocent players. (The rules are you can't kill another player unless you are in a duel but it is implied that this player has played it so much that not only has he gone on a higher than even the game creators thought possible but basically, and most importantly, this player has no life!). It is up to Eric, Kyle, Stan and Kenny to save the day by playing it as much as possible so they can match to the "rogue" player and destroy him for good so everyone else can play the game peacefully. Of course, the creators are there to give a helping hand.

Now in recent series, I thought that South Park was losing its touch. There have been some episodes which I thought were brilliant such as "Scott Tenorman must Die" but on the whole, I thought it was going downhill. This episode proved to me that when it can, it doesn't have its good moments, it has it's GREAT moments! What I found refreshing is its lack of preaching messages which had to add some morale. This one is basically the lads just playing a game to defeat a menace so they could continue to bring peace to the World...of Warcraft.

Itbeautifully satires on how some people take games like this so seriously, it doesn't control their lives, it BECOMES their life! The one thing that disturbed me was:


The scene with Eric, Eric's mum and the bedpan. I thought that was a bit too grotesque!


I'd highly recommend this episode though and watch out for a very funny Butter moment (trust me. You'll know it as soon as you see it!) Oh and watch out for the music montage. Trust me, you'll have a 90% rate of getting hooked to the song!

Blessed Be!

Helen xxxxx

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"In the outside world, I am a simple geologist... but in here, I am Valkorn, Defender of the Alliance"

Author: RainDogJr from Mexico City
15 December 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A warrior is in the middle of a battle and he is going to poop in his pants, he also speaks like a baby, he is actually Ike's character in World of Warcraft! This game is the sensation and almost every boy in South Park play it online just like almost everybody in the South Park office, including Trey Parker!

Before watching this episode I only knew one thing: it has a truly great title. And now after watching it I have to say it is a little gem and certainly the great title is just a plus of this that for me is one of the very best from Season 10. This is one of those episodes that just by seeing it for like a minute you just totally love it and at the beginning we see the characters in World of Warcraft of Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny and since they play the game online with teamspeak a hilarious thing in this episode is to see the World of Warcraft characters in the middle of something talking about a lot of stuff, like that scene that I mentioned with Ike's character or when a World of Warcraft character says something like: "let's fight because my mom says I have to be in bed before 9". So if hearing the South Park boys talking is simply hilarious is more when they make talk their World of Warcraft characters.

Simply for the look o this episode you should watch it but certainly you will find a lot of great things. Here the issue is that one player's character is killing every other World of Warcraft character so it maybe will be a point in which nobody will want to play the game, the end of the world…of warcraft can be near. Is just great since we see people of the company that developed the game and they are the only ones who can help Cartman, Stan, Kenny and Kyle in order to kill that tough bad-ass's character (the stuff with the sword is fantastic, basically the legendary sword is a USB and the one who told the prophecy is in accounting – this whole stuff is hilarious!). And here the four boys are not cute anymore, they stop doing every other activity for doing the thing that really matters, they have to kill 65,340,285 boars, they will play the game to kill those boars for "7 weeks, 5 days, 13 hours and 20 minutes, giving ourselves 3 hours a night to sleep"! And when they finally reach the objective of killing boars and of killing that tough bad-ass's character (on the paper was almost impossible since how do you kill somebody who has no life?) is time to finally start playing World of Warcraft! So make love, not warcraft!

Since some time I really wanted to watch this episode and now that I both have seen this episode and read the comments by other IMDb users I'm pretty sure anyone who come here looking for recommendations will really want to watch Make Love Not Warcraft since most of the comments here claims that this is the very best episode of South Park or at least one of the very best. While I loved the episode I'm not sure this would be in my top 5 of all time but for sure is one of the very best from Season 10 and is wonderfully unique. 10 out of 10

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One of my favourite episodes!

Author: Dillon Harris from Ireland
16 July 2010

South Park:

Make Love Not Warcraft:

I would have to say that Make Love Not Warcraft has got to be one of the funniest South Park episodes ever made,definitely a must see South Psrk,TOP 10

The boys have been playing the computer game World Of Warcraft all weekend,where a rogue player kills them all without remorse,Cartman,Kyle,Stan and Kenny take it personally and work really hard to kill his character.


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Best episode of Southpark

Author: jumbot from United States
8 June 2010

I never post reviews on anything, however, this episode of Southpark deserves it. This was so well written and accurate is so many ways, it was truly genius. Matt & Trey deserve some type of an award for this one. I am a big SouthPark fan, however, they really outdid themselves on this episode. Truly one of the best written episodes of the series. The dynamics between the characters and the portrayal of the World of Warcraft were excellent. It was really nice to see an episode where Cartman, Kyle, Kenny & Stan worked together towards a common goal as well. If you have not seen this episode, I strongly suggest you watch it. Hope to see more like this from Matt & Trey. Great job guys.

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One of the best, if not THE best episode

Author: siltaves from Finland
12 September 2015

Make Love Not Warcraft shows the genius of Stone and Parker and how "in the now" they have been with South Park since way back when.

It also shows the dedication to go the extra mile, as they actually got Blizzard (who made the World Of Warcraft -game) to help and animate the episode with actual graphics and animation from the game.

And you don't even have to know the game to enjoy this episode. I haven't played WoW before I saw the episode and even then I considered it to be of the best ones I had seen. With that said, it gets even funnier when you have actually played the game.

Still my favourite episode after all these years.

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Author: gangstahippie from Canada(Montreal, Quebec)
23 September 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

South Park meets World Of Warcraft in this episode.This is one of the better episodes, especially with the visuals of world of warcraft.Now I do not play this game so I may not get all the references, but the episode is still hilarious! There is a player who has a very high level(and no life) and is killing all the South Park kids.The kids eventually stop playing but Stan,Kyle,Cartman and Kenny decide to gain levels by killing boars.They then become fat, pimply kids with no lives just like the person they plan on fighting.Eventually, with the help of the developers and Stan's dad, they beat him! This is a very entertaining and funny episode!

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