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"Dark Shadows" Episode #1.1 (1966)

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Victoria Winters (Alexandra Isles [as Alexandra Moltke]), an orphan living in New York, is invited to Collinsport, Maine, by Elizabeth Collins-Stoddard (Joan Bennett) to be a governess and a companion to young David Collins. Victoria accepts hoping to find her roots there.

David's father, Roger Collins (Louis Edmonds), dislikes the idea of having a stranger in the house and tries to convince Elizabeth to send Victoria away as soon as she arrives, but Elizabeth stands firm.

Arriving in Collinsport, Victoria meets Burke Devlin (Mitch Ryan) on the train platform and he offers her a ride into town in a car he arranged to meet him. At the hotel, Burke tries to convince her to go home, but Victoria insists on staying so he arranges for a cab to take her to Collinwood. There is a message waiting for Burke and he leaves the hotel quickly.

Burke ends up at the Blue Whale, a small bar, where he meets with Strake, an investigator he hired to research the Collins family.

While waiting for her cab, Victoria has a sandwich at the hotel's coffee shop which is run by Maggie Evans (Kathryn Leigh Scott). Maggie warns her that Collinwood is full of kooks and that Victoria would be foolish to work for them.

Strake tells Burke that Elizabeth has not left her home in 18 years and probably needs a keeper. Burke observes that that could be the real reason Victoria was offered a job there.

Maggie tries to convince Victoria to spend the night at the hotel and go to Collinwood in daylight, but Victoria does not want to wait. The episode ends when Vicki makes her way to Collinwood and is invited in.


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