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13 out of 17 people found the following review useful:

Burn Victim = Zombie???

Author: FrightMeter from FrightMeter.Com
15 November 2006

Clearly an attempt to cash in on the success of other Halloween-themed slashers, "Halloween Night" offers nothing new to the genre. However, new offerings does not equate to entertainment, and this movie certainly entertains. For a low-budget DTV, it certainly isn't terrible...I have seen much worse.

The BAD: A weak script, and sub-par acting are this films main faults. Many have posted opinions of the guy who plays David's acting--honestly, I didn't have a big problem with him. That is probably because NOBODY was good in this movie, even Rebekah Kochon who gave a good performance in "When A Killer Calls." None of the actors seem to be really into the film, which is problematic. The script is laughable in parts on the dialogue really consists of nothing but high school hallway banter. The films looks like it was filmed all in one day, and yes, the killer resembles a zombie much more than he does a burn victim! Have the filmmakers ever even seen a burn victim???? I'm pretty sure they don't like they just climbed out of a coffin after decaying for 15 years. I also felt extremely let down by the was pretty predictable and by-the-book, but also very rushed. There wasn't a big chase scene and really no suspense as to who was gonna live/die.

The GOOD: Some pretty decent death scenes are about all this has going for it, and they aren't even THAT great. Also, the killer here is pretty ruthless and viscous, which some genre fans might find refreshing. But mainly, this entertains because of the old "it's so bad it's good" cliché, and sometimes, like on Halloween eve, that's all I really need out of horror flick--entertainment, no matter what its source. Still die-hard and picky slasher fans should probably just stick to watching the original "Halloween" for the 30th time.

My Grade: D-

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14 out of 23 people found the following review useful:

What the hell was that

Author: Horrorible_Horror_Films from Outer Mongolia
4 November 2006

This is an entertaingly bad b-horror movie, but like all movies like this the bottom line is its just horrible. I really really hated Derek Osedach who played David Baxter, he really really sucks. I'm not sure what they hell he was trying to do for his 'performance' in this film. Its so laughable, I guess he was trying to improvise and ad lib, but he kept stumbling, and sounded so ridiclous, one of the worst acting jobs ever, honestly he gives the guy from El Chupacabra, Eric Alegria, a run for his money for the worst performance ever given in one of the worst movies ever made. Where was the director on this dumbass' acting? Well I guess this may not be one of the worst movies ever made. It does has satisfying killings. You end up hating the characters and are happy when they get brutally killed. That is the halmark of a true b-horror movie - characters so annoying you root for the killer.

However, the greatest thing about this movie is the hot girl-on-girl action! And I'm not kidding, there are a couple of hot chicks that get naked and get it on a couple times during the movie. most excellent. The nudity in this movie is one of its few good points. The music was really really well done too, but the one string melody was interesting but overused. But the script, acting, directing, camera work, etc all sucked big time.

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8 out of 13 people found the following review useful:

Halloween Night acting)

Author: stephaniemosley from United States
12 November 2006

I have to agree. The guy who plays "David" in this movie is one of the worse actors I have ever seen. The effects were good, the storyline was OK, but the acting really sucked for this guy. Even the killer, Chris Vale, did a better acting job than this David character and he didn't even have any dialog in the movie. Shows how bad of an actor this David character really was. I have noticed that the guy who plays David has directed a few B-movies. I think this guy should just stick to directing and leave the acting to the professionals because he totally get a thumbs down for me. The other characters in the movie did an OK job. Now, the woman who plays David's girlfriend, Shannon, her acting was OK, up to the part where she gets tied up and starts squealing like a pig. That was the annoying part of the movie. But everyone else in this movie did pretty fair as actors.

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3 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

Halloween rip-off from The Asylum, surprisingly not as bad as much of their output...

Author: Paul Andrews ( from UK
17 August 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Halloween Night starts as a young boy named Chris Vale (Sam Stone) witnesses his mum (Jan Anderson) get raped & then murdered before being horribly burnt by a jet of steam from a pipe. Jump forward 'Ten Years Later' on 'Halloween Night' where Chris (Scot Nery) is now locked up inside a mental asylum with a face that looks like a McDonald's hamburger, he escapes & kills teenager Todd (Nicholas Day Clark) & his girlfriend who were on their way to a Halloween party organised by their friend David (Derek Osedach). It just so happens that David is organising this Halloween party in the house where Chris used to live & he heads there dressed in Todd's Halloween costume & everyone mistakes Chris for Todd which lets him move about freely killing everyone he meets for no apparent reason...

Directed by Mark Atkins I settled down to watch Halloween Night yesterday & I feared the worst, being made by those folk at The Asylum who specialise in ripping-off big budget well known Hollywood blockbusters (affectionately known as Mockbusters) with the vast majority of their product being amongst the worst films you could ever have the misfortune to see but rather surprisingly I though Halloween Night was a fairly reasonably watch & not a too bad little Halloween (1978, 2007) rip-off that does what it sets out to do. The script by Michael Gringold will feel very familiar who has watched any sort of 70's or 80's teen slasher, although the title is obviously taken from Halloween there are elements of Friday the 13th (1980) with the killers mask resembling Jason's more than Michael's & the basic idea of a horribly burnt maniac killer is taken from The Buring (1981). To give it some credit at least there's a steady stream of dead bodies & killings, there's a nice amount of sex & nudity including a bit of lesbianism & a deliriously awful double barrelled twist ending that doesn't make any sense. The ending claims that Chris' father placed some wood effect sticky strips over a door, shut him self in the small room & committed suicide & no-one found him in the ten years since! Wouldn't the door handle or the door frame give away that there was a room there? Do you know the smell that a dead decomposing body would have given off? All the fly's & maggots would have been hard to ignore! Then in the final twist David is accidentally killed by his girlfriend after he is mistaken for the killer & placed in a body bag! What? Wouldn't the police & medical examiners actually have checked his face? I mean Chris is so burnt I really doubt anyone could have got the two mixed up. Then the final scene show's Chris being picked up at the side of the road with a paper plate placed over his face with two eye-holes cut out, would you stop to give someone wearing a paper plate over their face a lift? It's just a totally insane ending that makes zero sense & that sums up films from The Asylum quite well in that when they go for simple blood, guts & nudity their films are OK in a crappy sort of way but when they try to write twist endings or good scripts & plots then they fall completely on their face & look stupid.

As usual for an The Asylum film Halloween Night looks like it was shot on a camcorder although the special effects are better than their usual output. Out goes the horrible CGI & wisely the makers went with proper on set prosthetic make-up effects, there's various stabbings & impalement's, some effective burn make-up, a slit throat & a ripped out throat, some guts, a rotten corpse, a fair amount of blood splatter & Halloween Night is maybe the only slasher to feature death by clothes hanger! There's nothing scary here but if all your looking for is some cheap gore effects & naked chicks then I suppose it delivers.

This isn't as badly made as many films from The Asylum but that's not saying much as there really isn't anything to it & when a bit of film-making is required when the twist endings come along it all falls apart & becomes hilariously bad & inept. There's not even any reason given why Chris would want to kill anyone anyway, is there? The acting isn't anything special & I am sure the actors used were cast for their looks rather than their acting ability.

Halloween Night is a Halloween rip-off with a bit of Friday the 13th in their as well & a modern Scream (1996) style twist ending which is just plain stupid. For what it is I thought it was OK, at least it actually delivers what it promises with a fair amount of blood & boobs & it's short.

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8 out of 14 people found the following review useful:

medley of slasher movies

Author: wrlang from United States
11 November 2006

Halloween Night is about the psychotic adventures of a child who grows up in a mental institution after witnessing his mother's death and also getting severely burned and disfigured. He runs around in a costume on Halloween slashing the heck out of everyone he sees, mostly young scream queens. Some lesbian scenes and a modicum of nudity add to the offensive nature of this film. A few really well scripted scenes make it watchable. Some good musical scores and some bad cinematography. But overall it is a take off on many previous slasher films. If you're looking for some naked girls and a lot of screaming and slashing, this is for you.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

A Halloween with rubbish treats.

Author: morrison-dylan-fan from United Kingdom
1 June 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When a friend of mine recently asked me to look round for some fun looking horror films,i,spotted a pretty good looking DVD cover to this film.Though now i have seen the film,i feel that it does not live up to what i was hoping to see from the cover.This is partly due to some of the worst shot slasher/killing scenes that i have seen in a while.

The plot:

A guy who has been held in a maximum-security prison for ten years,kills two guards and,decides to go back to his old house.Where as a kid,he saw his mum get brutally raped and murdered.But,unknowingly to him,in the ten years that he has been in jail for,the house has been turned into a place for students to have Halloween parties!.

For this years party,one of the students is planning to scare everyone at the party,by having him and a few of his friends pretend that there is an insane killer on the loose in the area.When the real killer returns to his old house,the prank starts to go very,very wrong...

View on the film:

The first thing i have to highlight is the guy that played the troll,who blocks the entrance for the party goers,that injects some really good comedy moments into the film,with a fun performance.To my pleasant surprise,i actually enjoyed seeing the section of the film where the prank is played out.With the gun standoff being pretty entertaining.Sadly,the rest of the film seems to try every thing it can to crush any good horror moments out of the film,by having all the murder scenes,including the two creative ones (one involving a clothes hanger,and another with a seat belt.)being cut in a very badly done way,with the all the killings looking like they were filmed on a budget of 20p.The main thing that i was shocked about with the film,was how badly the story lines had been written,with parts of the plot making no sense at all (such as the "killer" being held in prison,even though everyone knows that he did not kill his mum,and there being no sense at all in the flashbacks of him killing anyone at all!!)

Final view on the film:

A film with some very badly made slasher scenes,and a poorly written plot.

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not bad at some points for a Asylum production

Author: trashgang from Midian
8 January 2015

I have seen so many flicks coming out the hands of The Asylum and the latest were full of cheap CGI. Luckily, this one doesn't has any CGI. The effects used are done on-camera. So far so good, but there are still some problems.

The story itself is a pure rip-off of Halloween (1978). A killer returns to town to do some killings on Halloween night. But just have a look toward the killer. He's a mixture between, Jason (Friday the 13th) and Michael (Halloween). But it's so easy to see that the burned face is just a mask. So on part of the make-up it's rather ridiculous. But what did surprise me for a Asylum flick is that it do has some gory shots with intestines being teared out and throats being sliced on-camera. Not only that, there is also a bit of juggs to see here and there and some lesbian love scenes.

Some parts are boring and doesn't add a thing, others are word picking up. Not that bad at all for an Asylum flick.

Gore 1/5 Nudity 1/5 Effects 2/5 Story 2/5 Comedy 0/5

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The "terrifying story" of Chris Vale...

Author: TheLittleSongbird from United Kingdom
14 November 2013

For The Asylum Halloween Night is not too bad, they have certainly done much worse. Even with that taken into account, Halloween Night is still not a good movie. There are some things that are done reasonably, some of the daylight scenes are shot nicely, the music is a good mix of jaunty and eerie, Scot Nery does bravely as the one character that we come close to rooting for and there are some gory and imaginative slasher death scenes(honourable mention must go to the hanger death which is just hilarious). There have been worse-looking movies from The Asylum, but the special effects are poorly rendered, the editing is sloppy for much of the movie and some scenes especially the first 10-15 minutes are really amateurishly shot. Chris Vale's make-up is appropriately hideous considering what happens to him, but he looks too much of a zombie and some have already said. The acting is pretty dire from almost everybody, Nery is the best of the lot but then we have Rebekah Kochan overacts her rather shallow character and Derek Osedach mumbles his way through his lines and not much else. The characters are exceedingly annoying and shallow with non-existent character development, the one exception is Chris Vale but he is not much different from similar characters from similar movies. The dialogue is dumb and just painful to listen to, making something like the worst Disney Channel movie seem like Casablanca comparatively. The story is even more of a problem, that it's mind-numbingly ridiculous, painfully predictable and deathly dull is one thing but we also have a complete lack of tension, thrills sense of horror/terror(mainly because of the characters' interactions and expressions being so blank) and suspense, situations and interactions are really contrived and implausible, and there is a heavy reliance on drawn-out done-to-death clichés that are marred even further by being played far too straight. The ending is inept in every way, and if you're finding it difficult to buy or swallow don't blame yourself, you won't be the only one. In conclusion, could have been worse but rather mediocre, not the terrifying story that the cover advertised. 4/10 Bethany Cox

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Deranged, disfigured, psychotic killer joins Halloween party.

Author: suite92 from SoCal, USA
27 October 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Chris Vale witnesses a rape-murder as a child. He is disfigured at the time, and he's a bit unbalanced mentally as well.

Fast forward to the present. There's a Halloween party being the house where the rape-murder occurred. There are intricate costumes, and authentic looking weapons. A young man and woman drive there. When they stop for petrol, the man goes to the rest room. Chris Vale (now a man, escaped from an insane asylum) overpowers him, kills him, puts on a leather mask, then goes to the car. The young woman does not figure it out, but his bad driving tells her there is something wrong. The killer hacks her up.

Chris Vale gets to the party alone with a backseat full of steel weapons.

What could possibly go wrong?

Quite a lot. The film is high on slasher deaths, splatter, screams, and psychotic behavior.


Cinematography: 8/10 Excellent for daylight exteriors. A bit jerky on some of the darker interiors.

Sound: 6/10 Did not expect the lag of lips versus voice, which makes it look like a bad Eastern European production made by/for the SyFy network.

Acting: 4/10 Lots of non-actors in this one.

Screenplay: 4/10 The dialog is terrible. I would have preferred a English subtitles and the spoken word in the first language of the screenwriter. As it is, the lines are stilted, and just not what one would expect from English speakers.

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A film that sharing a similar title to John Carpenter's Halloween and almost clear cut story can scare you yet.

Author: Hunter Candelaria from United States
20 July 2013

Today I was scrolling through Netflix and just simply just strolling through the categories when I finally came across this movie. I had read the description and though to myself "this is very similar to Halloween", but due to my curiosity I watched it and my prediction was right. The film takes a small kid who had watched his family be killed right in front of him and is later framed for doing so. Then years later we see Chris Vane (the kid) grown up in an insane asylum, and for some reason burnt up to a crisp looking like Sam Raimi's Darkman, he soon escapes and heads back to his home to kid a series of kids who are trying to throw a party. The film on its own is okay, it takes a story that has been done a thousand times (I have been guilty of doing so myself) and just puts in a new killer. Basically it Friday the 13th but you put Michael Myers in that series. The film has some creative kills and some scenes that could be stuck in your head for a while, but I feel that it just does a few scenes to clique and some shots that aren't exactly... Necessary (you know what I mean) and puts them into I have to say alright film. In my opinion its not bad and you should check it out.

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