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Epic isn't quite destined for the “Again, again!” re-watchability of some of the Pixar classics, but for a satisfying explosion of color on a lazy summer day, it does the trick.
In the roll call of visually distinctive 'toons, Epic looms large.
While it might not amount to epic animated filmmaking in terms of scope and invention, Epic, a 3D, CG adventure-fantasy from Blue Sky Studios, nevertheless makes for pleasantly engaging viewing.
And that's the thing with Epic: It's something close to an animated masterpiece, provided it's watched on mute.
The film's clever use of emerald-colored hummingbirds as transportation is a highlight.
Epic isn't epic, but it isn't half bad, either. It's just that as high as the bar has been raised on this sort of animation, this is more evidence that a strong story is worth more than any next generation software.
While never losing its visual dazzle-factor, Epic keeps returning to overly familiar themes and characters.
San Francisco Chronicle
Well-polished and well-intentioned, this human-among-the-fairies adventure is filled with plenty of rousing action for short attention spans. But the beautiful visuals are paired with a mediocre script. The pacing is off and scenes become repetitive. While Epic has broad appeal, it's hard to imagine this will be anyone's favorite movie in 5 or 10 or 20 years.
The animated result isn't bad. It's an adequate baby sitter. But where's the allure in telling the truth? Twentieth Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios present "Adequate"?
Naming aside, Epic could have been good, except that it wasn't, it was stone cold terrible, something even a six-year-old might scoff at. I know, I'm just as sad as you are about the whole thing.
Even young would-be botanists will find this charmless animated adventure as exciting as watching grass grow.

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