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Reviews & Ratings for
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56 out of 96 people found the following review useful:


Author: ulidawson from Canada
9 June 2012

the avengers was an okay movie. I heard so much hype about the avengers and i didn't think it was amazing it was an okay film not really terrible and it wasn't amazing it was okay. The acting was okay but the effects were pretty good actually but because it was in 3d. I would say it deserves an acadamy award for best sound effects not best acting.every body is saying best film of the year you cant just say that right away the only film you can say the best film of the year is the Mario Puzos The Godfather. I liked the way that they put most of marvels Super Heros into one movie but only one villain. There should have been more villains in the film in summary the avengers was an OK film.

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26 out of 37 people found the following review useful:

Dumbed down irrelevant nonsense

Author: hendry-robert from United Kingdom
27 January 2013

Honestly, I like the odd superhero movie but the makers of this are like the fat kid in Willy The Wonka who has to have all the chocolate.

This production (sic) treats the entire audience as low IQ zombies (no offence to actual zombies intended). There is zero depth of character development and zero story line interest. At no time whatsoever do you ever feel a sense of suspense or danger. At no time do you care if any of the characters come to harm - well you kind of know that none of them will as their superheroes - obviously. And why even bother having humans with no super powers - Oh I forgot, the humans in it are the most magical, unbelievable fighting machines. They just stand there wasting anything in their path, and Im not talking about the super heroes here. Rambo is but a beginner compared to them.

Every single facet of this farce is totally predictable from start to finish. Its one of those where you pray your transported to another reality and the bad guys actually win.

Technically its all good except the sound department have again gone mental. The action scenes are incredibly loud and were at times quite painful on the ears (seriously) and then the speaking parts were often so whispered and muffled sounding. I'm sure during post the sound guys sit there with the best sound system money can buy - but the reality is their mix doesn't translate well across systems. Bad sound isn't the problem, its the post mixing. I hear this issue on far to many movies these days and its ruining many films.

The acting by some of the cast is decent, considering the ridiculously poor script they have to work with. But in no way will any of them be remembering their part in this movie during their twilight years. This is a money and profile job - nothing more. Even then I do have to wonder if putting your name to this is actually worth it?. The directing is amateur hour. His/her (I don't know and don't care) focus is squarely on action and FX - so why not just have the FX team direct it as they certainly would have done a better job than the lucky ducky who managed to land this lucrative job. I do wonder if the director has actually ever watched a movie to see how one directs actors?

Anyway, I cant say much more about this nonsense except if you enjoy a movie which is one long mind numbing boring action scene, aimed at a dumbed down populace - then this is for you.

PS I cannot believe this movie gained so much favourable reviews. I certainly smell a rat.

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37 out of 60 people found the following review useful:

Even five of the world's most powerful superheroes could't save this movie!

Author: mcoyle-381-636753
27 May 2012

Did not live up to my expectations AT ALL. For a movie with such hype, it was very long and the picture was very dark. Too many overly dramatic lines, and the buildup music lasted for practically the whole movie. I usually love superhero movies, but this one was a letdown. I don't know why it got such great ratings. The Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and Captain America movies were more enjoyable on their own. I thought it would be great to see all these heroes come together, but I think it really just lead to so many main characters that the audience didn't get a chance to understand any of them individually. Special effects were great, don't get me wrong, and the 3D was cool, but that wasn't enough to save the movie. Storyline was too stretched out. Underwhelming opening. The movie didn't evoke my emotions (I wasn't scared, sad, excited, relieved when I should have been). A bunch of characters that are interesting on their own plus special effects does not equal a great movie. Overall, I'm disappointed.

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34 out of 55 people found the following review useful:

Every superhero/action movie cliché rolled up into one shallow, unemotional, "PG" film.

Author: Matt Briskey from United States
25 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I honestly have no idea how this movie has made it into the IMDb Top 250. Maybe people are just so blinded by the fact that this has so many superheroes in it that they ignore the quality of the film. The Avengers has almost no emotion in it. Think about the emotion of this film compared to any of Nolan's Batman films. The turning point of this movie was when that scrub Agent Phil died? Really? He wasn't even an important character. This movie also felt very "PG" to me. It seemed more of a child's movie. I can't believe they let Joss Whedon direct this. He was fine for Buffy, Angel, Firefly, and whatever, but he ruined this movie. There were way too many cheesy "jokes" and one-liners. Additionally, I cannot express how sick I am of the "Transformer/Alien/Robots" that seem to appear in every movie. Transformers, Battleship, The Avengers (to just name a few) all have these. Not to mention Loki is the worst possible choice for a villain that they could have picked. All in all, this movie was shallow, boring, and unemotional. If you find yourself actually wanting to see this so-called movie, just do yourself a favor and see The Dark Knight Rises again. IMAX>3D. Nolan>Whedon. Hardy/Ledger>Hiddleston. Bale>Downey/Evans/Hemsworth. Nothing about this movie is even remotely good.

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40 out of 68 people found the following review useful:

Is this a spoof?

Author: saad_khi from Pakistan
29 May 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Six (super heros) versus one nemesis!! Otherwise usually it's one against one. The fact is this film is over-hyped and doesn't live up to what it claims to be nor does it complement the critics' excitement, which is to rave the first action movie of the summer - like a ritual and to be quoted in the ads. While watching I asked myself how many times have I seen done to death special effects like a gaping hole in the sky? The aliens raining and attacking New York? Technical jargon supplemented by devices and gizmos? Some huge contraption passing for a space station floating in the sky? And so much executed and projected before that I felt fatigued! The 3D effects are absent where they should have been in your face and more - like when the black widow holds the gun at a character and the nozzle is out of the frame! The cohesive factor, and which keeps it going is the (tongue in cheek) wit, which everyone is blessed with! So much so such dialogues appear to be out of a MAD satire! And to think of it when Thor knew Loki so well or his psyche, then why send for the other five?

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23 out of 37 people found the following review useful:

Junkiest movie ever

Author: ricardo-consonni from Sao Paulo, Brasil
13 February 2013

If you know the story, the only things that will matter will be the special effects. If you don't know the story, the only things that will matter will be the special effects. Why? Well... there is no story, just special effects - lots of them. There is no plot. Nothing makes sense, unless you know the characters' backgrounds ...and if you do, you will think this movie should be at least an hour longer, so the screenwriter could squeeze some actual dialogues in between all the action. If you take away all the eye-candy, this movie would be less than 15 minutes long - major flunk, imo. This is a movie to forget about. After you leave the theater, and talk about some of the scenes people might have enjoyed, it goes into utter oblivion - I'm sure I won't be looking forward to buying this for my DVD/BR collection.

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21 out of 34 people found the following review useful:

IMDb ratings no longer reliable

Author: kuckunniwi
25 February 2013

First of all, let me just establish the follow IMDb film ratings as a reference:

- A Clockwork Orange: 8.5 - Aliens (1986): 8.5 - American Beauty: 8.5 - Full Metal Jacket: 8.4 - Chinatown: 8.4 - Fargo: 8.2 - Donnie Darko: 8.1 - A Scanner Darkly: 7

These are the kind of movies that get (and should get) 8+ ratings. They have real content. They're innovative, original, intelligent and thought-provoking. They're timeless classics.

But the comparison may not be too fair, being such different genres. How does it REALLY stand up to Batman Begins (8.3), Watchmen (7.6), or any of the X-Men series, none of which reached and 8? These are all meant to fascinate and woe the same kind of target: comic-book fans, adrenaline-pumped teenagers and action-yearning males. Yet they are aeons away in terms of originality, depth, story and execution from 2012's The Avengers.

I don't really have much of a gripe with "The Avengers" itself, as after seeing Captain America, I expected nothing more than another formulaic blockbuster. Even so, it's pretty bad even for a fill-in-the-villain/superhero/threat formula movie. A ridiculous super villain, flat characters, no excitement (as you know how things are going to turn out)…

My disappointment is mostly with IMDb. I'd trusted their rating in the past, but it seems as if that reliability is no longer. Either all the reviews are now being written by 10-year-olds, IMDb users are losing brain cells at an incredible pace, or something's pretty fishy….

How many reviews that are titled things like "Awesome! Blew my mind!", or "Coolest superhero movie ever!", that you'd expect to be full of teenage adulation, grammatical mistakes and tons of slang, are actually very articulately written, displaying profound knowledge of script, direction, acting, and character analysis? I thought our education system was going down the drain! Where are all these lucid, eloquent, youths hiding out? And, being so instructed and discerning as they are, why the hell are they giving such a poorly made, mediocre movie such high scores?

It looks like the industry's eye has finally set on IMDb's viewer-decanting power, and is corrupting it's authenticity beyond recognition. From now on, I guess I'll have to look elsewhere for real, trustworthy reviews.

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16 out of 25 people found the following review useful:

Action only film about comic book superheroes uniting

Author: Bill-stricker from United States
24 February 2013

All I can say is I am stunned that this terrible movie has been given a rating above 2 or 3 by anyone. And to read this film grossed over $600MM makes me lack faith in the movie public. The Avengers has virtually no character development or plot. It basically is non stop chase scenes and things exploding, with an extreme amount of loud noise. I don't think there were more than several quiet, dialog times the entire movie. I kept thinking that the movie would settle down and get to a meaningful story, but it did not happen. I even was watching it in 3D but that did not help. If one wants to go see continual actions stunts and things exploding, then this is the movie for you. I am dismayed that so many people considered seeing this movie, based on the revenues, but then again, I was one of the victims too!

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19 out of 32 people found the following review useful:

Superhero Pollution in Hollywood

Author: merdiolu from Istanbul, Turkey
22 July 2012

Actor John Cusack once said that there are no more big production studios anymore. There are just a bunch of banks which provide funding/credits for projects and approve which script would be produced according to box office profit it is projected to generate. ( because Hollywood mentality became like : more money , bigger stars , bigger budget , bigger marketing , bigger blockbuster , bigger box office income that's all it matters ) Since comicbook / superhero genre is the newest and biggest market to be milked in popular culture for Hollywood in these harsh economy ; is it surprising that The Avengers , a childish intake about a bunch of ridiculously costumed "Superheroes" with one dimensional immature behavior getting together to repel an alien invasion ( AGAIN ! I think any actual alien seeing these alien invasion movies would not even close Earth ever again. Our "always winning despite odds" thing would be silly to them ) ? Unfortunetely not. This is another shallow seasonal product , another "leave your brain at theater door" movie aimed for Comic Con Convention fans. And I admit it is a BIG market.

Just like most movies in this genre ( there are a few exceptions ) it has its own cliché's and tropes like they are coming out of a factory assembly line. At least director Joss Whedon ( a great TV writer/producer. I was a follower of Firefly and Dollhouse ) does not deny them and recognizing what they are , wears them at movie's sleeve. Bickering superheroes ( that's fine amusing with Whedonesque humor but humor got overwhelming and made "superheroes" childlike not multi dimensional characters ) , threat from outer space from a sneering arrogant enemy with another comic book costume ( at least Tom Hiddleston performed as well as he could with material he was given , but what the hell was Loki's motivation in conquering Earth ? ) , his boss with a digital voice , super secret ( American as usual ) military spy agency ( I can never understand American film industry's fetish of military - for a nation devoid of conscription ) , national stereotypes ( Russians are evil you know ) , hot ass kicking super agent babes ( Scarlett , Scarlett are you so desperate ? ) , Aryan looking superheroes from WW2 era ( Thor , Captain America , blond blue eyed , with whom we were fighting with anyway in that time ? Did you realize that there were no other ethnicity among these heroes like Oriental or Latin ) , Tony Stark rich jerk , Hulk a Doctor Bruce Banner marked with tragedy ( Mark Ruffolo is the only actor with proper character material and performs admirably in this ) , Hawkeye with baby faced Jeremy Renner ( I never warmed to that guy as an actor ) , and Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury big boss of agency with an eye patch ( no fake protez in nowadays ? ) because it looks cool , a final battle with lots of laser rays and CGI explosions without casualties in another American urban area ( this year it is New York City's trashing time ) , good vs evil , government made the mistake of launching a nuclear missile , it is averted , heroes are victorious blah blah it is the end....

After all this sequence of predictable events where no protagonist was harmed and good guys win , what do we have ? An empty blockbuster which will make a big Box Office hit , probably a franchise but at the end an empty film. I can not wait in 20-30 years our grandchildren asking "Is this the stuff your generation was watching ? No wonder everything really mattered like environment , economy , politics or simple psyche of human or society condition all of them gone hell. Your visual arts stopped reflecting them !"

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20 out of 34 people found the following review useful:


Author: elysian-lycoris from Toronto
5 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is totally overrated! The movie was just so hyped due to the fact that it contained "everyones favourite super hero".

There was no plot, no character development, and not particularly special effects that made it memorable.

The overall story seemed kind of lame and ridiculous. Why was the main antagonist Loki? And how did it made sense that it took so many super heroes to defeat someone who was "technically" one of their own? The comedic portions contained a few smiles but it wasn't laughing material.

In short, the movie hadn't met my expectations.

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