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Reviews & Ratings for
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386 out of 691 people found the following review useful:

Nothing Short of Amazing

Author: dreamerboi23 from SJ, CA
14 April 2012

I just saw the early screening for San Diego through the top 10 cities on facebook who got them. And suffice to say I am glad I was privileged enough to.

First off, this hands down is the best Marvel movie ever. I don't say that lightly. And in terms of superhero movie with maybe the Nolan Batman series being tied with this, I thought Whedon did an amazing job to bring out all these characters in this one movie. I especially like what was done with Hawkeye and Black Widow just because those two didn't really have their individual movie with their back story.

You can tell when a comic book fan writes and directs a comic movie because it clearly showed in all areas of production for this film. Going into the film I honestly thought that a lot of the cool mutant action scenes would be strictly Iron Man and Captain America. But Whedon does such a great job giving each mutant their 15 mins of fame and by the end of it you seriously feel like "Wow this guy/chick is a badass" for every mutant. I will admit i am not a Hulk fan. I like the inner story for it but was never a fan of the films, show or comic. But Hulk's role in the movie is so awesome I became a fan just from it.

If any of you are Whedon fans then you guys/girls will love this movie. It has his M.O. written all over the humor and story presentation. And there were definitely parts in the movie where I thought "Wow this seems like Firefly and Serenity". And story aside, if you read, watched, or idolized Marvel superheros as a kid, the action alone will make you cheer just out of sheer nostalgia of imagining The Avengers or X-Men all together on the screen kicking ass.

In summation, I don't need to say you NEED to watch this movie because I think anybody who is anybody already knows they want to see this. All this review has done was just reaffirm the hype behind this movie. I don't say this much but job well done Marvel and Disney for hiring a writer/director who has the audaciousness to keep it honest and true for those most dedicated comic fans who are the backbone of Marvel comics being a success. And in this day and age of superhero movies and movies in general that is very hard to do. Cheers Joss Whedon!

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295 out of 519 people found the following review useful:

Kids Stuff

Author: paris_whitney_hilton_nyc from United States
31 May 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When my friend asked me to see the Avengers with him I thought he meant the Steed and Mrs Peel Avengers . Unfortunately , it was the comic book Avengers . While I am not such a big superhero action movie fan , I did enjoy the Batman and Watchman movies . However, the Avengers is one film I could have easily passed up . After first battling each other , the Avengers unite and join forces to save the world from the same common enemy . A lot of the action takes place on a gigantic flying aircraft carrier ,No.64 ( not the CV-64 USS Constellation ). This movie consists mostly of very fast paced CGI's and cheesy Iron Man Robert Downey Jr one-liners . Our heroes and (super villain) are practically indestructible as they are beaten to a pulp but always manage to bounce back time after time . I don't know what the Black Widow's super powers were except martial arts and pistol shooting . Some unintentionally funny moments came when Iron Man Downey was speaking from inside his metal suit . It looked like a talking head from inside a goldfish bowl . It just looked so silly ! There isn't much chemistry between these cardboard characters either . If you are 10 years old or an adult with the maturity of a 14 year old boy , who is obsessed with reading comic books, and are addicted to video games, I'm sure the Avengers is your cup of tea . If not, you will be thinking of the 143 boring minutes you just wasted or what other movies were playing next door you could have seen . If you do decide to see this movie , select a seat in the last row to avoid nausea . I would like to see movies that rely so much on CGI's to be made into animated full length cartoons instead . At least the unaware movie goer has a better idea of what is in store for them when they purchase a ticket .

This film was definitely not for me ! .... NOT HOT ... pwh

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128 out of 187 people found the following review useful:

boring, stupid, cliché punchline-thrower

Author: unbekannternutzer from Switzerland
21 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

this is where IMDb needs to react to all those obviously faked reviews. if they don't people will just ignore all 'blockbuster'-reviews. which would call for competition that will take action against this kind of manipulation.

this has never been so obvious than with the avengers. this movie does not deserve a rating above 4. the plot is uninspired and boring, has no twists and everyone knows where it's going. the dialog feels very scripted. characters in comic books for 5-year-olds maybe talk like that. superheroes don't. the acting is very unnatural, it feels very staged and no emotion is being transported to the audience. the characters aren't developed, they just get different punchlines to throw at the audience. the cgi is really bad, not worthy of a movie of 2012. i think even '2001 - A Space Odyssey' (1968) had better special effects.

it seems that they spent almost all their money on the actors, forgot about the story and just used the cheapest cgi they could get. the rest of the money they used for marketing and creating a hype (as i said, this is obvious here on IMDb).

the whole thing is just cheap. but we will see more of this if people continue to make this kind of movie profitable. and this will probably be the case, so expect more of these.

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597 out of 1136 people found the following review useful:

8.8 Is most likely "Cheated"

Author: pro-wows
11 May 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There is no way this is legit 8.8. The movie is comparable to Transformers 3.(Rated a 6).

Look I loved the following recent action hero movies. Spiderman (1-3), Dark Knight, Super 8, Iron Man(1-2), Transformers(1-2)

I really don't dislike that many movies. I'm not being cynical. This movie really is just a cluster ..... There's no emotion to the whole thing. Its dull and flat. It also feels very "PG"

Its the definition of cliché when it comes to super hero movies. There's no bar being raised, there is nothing new being done. The entire script is just a bunch of predictable non sense jargon with no meaning. There's no event in the movie where i go wow, that is original. Or go wow this movie gives me emotion and it really immerses me in the experience(Watch the beginning of star trek).

My only thoughts is that Walt Disney Pictures did black hat tactics to hype this movie through social networks. I cannot and will not believe people think this movie is worth an 8.8.

I really did want to walk out of the theater. This movie is forgettable and I was very disappointed and let down. This movie really just feels like another "average" super hero movie. But the expectation of it being good just makes it worse.

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72 out of 97 people found the following review useful:

Insanely Overrated, Style over Substance and just plain awful

Author: Michael Smith from United Kingdom
14 February 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Sigh. These days a lot of films are over advertised and over hyped and are mindlessly praised by fan boys and critics alike. I remember being so eager for this film since the original Iron Man. Having loved all the origin films (even Iron Man 2) and especially Thor, I awaited eagerly for the Avengers. When things would get serious for all these characters and they would all have to confront the villainous Loki face to face on Earth in a dark tale of war. The trailers were excellent and despite my disdain about the Hulk recast I still thought the film looked promising. Then it came out. "The Avengers" instead of being a serious story that ties these characters together and develops these characters from where they all stand motives wise instead throws all of that away for a generic plot and cheesy dialogue. Now I do love some witty one liners and cleverly written comedic moments during a serious plot. However, the Avengers goes over kill with ridiculously childish jokes that just seem like a bad parody. It doesn't even take itself seriously and I know I sure as hell couldn't. What bothers me a lot is how bad the humour is that Joss Whedon and his crew thought it was good enough to keep in the film.

There is the problem. Instead of directing this film toward its real fans it seems like it ignored all the previous films and was made purely for money as well as the little children. It really shows in the film. For starters the plot. How could Thor get Odin to use dark magic to send him back to Earth if Loki was the only one with that knowledge and only confessed this to Heimdall? How can Odin suddenly use the dark magic only Loki knew about? Why did Loki need to get captured just to waste time unleashing the Hulk on the Helicarrier instead of opening the portal for the Chitauri and giving them the Tesseract straight away? Especially considering he has had no previous interactions with any of the other Avengers besides Thor so how does he even know who Banner is? Why does Loki need to travel through portals now if he blatantly said and demonstrated he had the power to go through worlds in Thor without anyone seeing him at all? How did Tony Stark get revived by the Hulk with a simple roar if the light went off on Starks chest device thus requiring a transfer one as seen in Iron Man 1? Why did the Mothership's destruction suddenly kill all the Chitauri? How can Black Widow and Hawkeye two normal humans hold their own against thousands of Chitauri with only a bow and two handguns? How does the Tesseract have a fail safe if Selvig was under Loki's control when he built the device around it? How does Black Widow a human trick Loki the God of Mischief based on a vague statement from Loki about Widow bringing Banner in. How does that hint to anything Loki is planning? Hydra were not Bruce Banners enemy so why does he care about what Shield is doing with the Tesseract to re make their weapons? How are the Avengers communicating with each other in the final battle whilst so obviously not wearing ear pieces? But the worst one of them all. Why does Loki for no reason leave the Chitauri Scepter aka his best weapon on Stark tower after his battle with Thor? Don't expect the film to answer any of these for you as coherence to the other films as well as general sense have been axed in favour for brief boring action scenes after action scenes that become old after the first viewing. Everything feels forced, rushed and contrived to the point where it no longer matters about the story or characters as long as their is huge battles and terrible cgi on the screen the fan boys will squeal.

All the characters are made to act completely stupid for the sake of a little joke or a little action scene and contradict the complex characters they were in their origin films. For instance, Hulk punching Thor. The CGI is another problem with this film. It looks down right horrible. The Chitauri designs were awful (with the exception of the Other), they looked like a 3 year old drew them. The final battle is an anti climax as Loki the film's main villain doesn't fight the entire team which is odd considering the film is called The Avengers and they previously stated how big a threat Loki and his army were, yet Loki only fights Thor then flies around doing nothing, disappears for 10 minutes then reappears only to be the target of cheap humor from the Hulk. The Chitauri are all easily killed too so they aren't much of a threat.

Overall, this film could have been one of the best comic book movies ever made but ultimately it fell victim to being a generic Hollywood movie with no substance.

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102 out of 161 people found the following review useful:


Author: atcshane-1 from Chicago, IL, USA
20 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Before I went to the movie I was shopping for Tshirts online and found one that looks like the NASCAR symbol... You know the one--it looks like the word NASCAR in motion with a bunch of colors coming off the left side like its a car I guess. Anyway, someone made a Tshirt that looks identical but instead of NASCAR it says BORING. Lol.

Anyway, flash forward to me falling asleep in the movie, butt numb, and I keep picturing that Tshirt. Boring. This movie. Really boring.

I think I fell asleep 3 times, for about 15 minutes total. Its hard to sleep too long because every now and then there is an explosion or some other loud whammo.

The Dark Knight was WAY better than this. Spiderman was WAY better than this.

Is it worthy of 1 star? No. Maybe it should be 3 or 4... But I'm giving the 1 to help offset some of the insane 10s I'm seeing on here. Seriously, there are people on IMDb saying its the best movie they have ever seen in their life. Really? Really!? Really. O.o I smell something fishy going on around here.

The movie was completely vapid, boring, convoluted. Nothing about the movie was new or interesting.

I'm assuming the score has been manipulated by social media, hopefully IMDb will do something about it. I look forward to seeing the score drop consistently for years to come, once whoever/whatever is driving this fake voting moves onto a new project.

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147 out of 252 people found the following review useful:

How did this get in the top 100?

Author: rich1234567 from United Kingdom
30 June 2012

This film is is an empty shell covered with dazzling lights. Sure, it does look pretty but that is as far as it goes.

Nothing interesting happens in this film (by interesting I mean plot wise, not a standard fight scene with new people copied and pasted into it) the 'plot' is horrific, to the point in which you wonder if there actually is a one. Hollywood seem to use the same script for every action film they make, only they replace a few of the more minor details so hopefully people won't notice.

In an attempt to keep at least some of the male (and select female) audience awake the director decides it is time for Scarlett Johansson to pop up on screen to show off her, lets say defining costume in such an obvious manner. It is just a cheap, cheap film full of filler material that you will enjoy if you have an inability to think for yourself.

I really have no idea how this film got into the top 100 of all time, there is really no reason for it to be there.

The only plus sides are that the acting and cast are superb, it is just a shame that they were not involved in something where their talents could have been used in more fulfilling roles.

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108 out of 176 people found the following review useful:

Most DISAPPOINTING Superhero show in 2012

Author: danieltay47
29 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

At first when I heard of this show, I was kinda excited about it. But when I went to the cinemas yesterday to watch it, I was tempted to leave my seat already at the early part of the show. It's not the characters or actors that is horrible, it's the director to be honest. I don't know how the script writers come what with this or even how the director approve it, but the lines and conversation were so fake, blunt and seriously horrible. It lakes emotions, feelings or even creativeness. Let alone, the whole plot is too predictable and boring. No doubt the action scenes is good and the graphic is awesome, but the plot and horrible lines just make this show right at the bottom of my list for shows in 2012. I rather watch "The Dark Knight" anytime rather than this horrible show. Even friends of mine who are crazy about DC and Marvel comics were absolutely disappointed in this show. In fact, they leave the theatres during halfway of the show. This is just an example to show how horrible it is. All in short, this show to me is not worth watching or buying and was a waste of 143 minutes of my time.

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66 out of 97 people found the following review useful:

Avengers represents everything that is wrong with blockbusters

Author: adlion944
22 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'll preface... I'm not a comic book reader. I enjoy fantasy, as long as it makes sense in its own self-created universe (Star Wars and Trek, Harry Potter, Superman). But the Avengers is awful, and even worse considering how highly rated this junk is on IMDb. It has a couple moments of delight (but so did the Phantom Menace), and the effects are state of the art, bar none. But, this is the 50th movie in a row where the photorealistic effects impressed me. Now, I'm afraid I need a real movie to use that CGI to good effect.

The Avengers fails for me due to the character combination. I didn't read a single comic book, but Universal released this huge budget movie knowing they will need to attract 10 new people for everyone who read the dusty old comic books. The Avengers are a dumb assembly of heroes. Captain America is an idiot character. He is from a different time, isn't good at anything modern (like why is he barking orders?), and has no powers whatsoever. Ditto for Black Widow and Hawkeye. I mean, the latter shoots friggin arrows. Cappy had a shield and punches guys within 5 feet of him. They are just plain lame. Thor is a GOD and the Hulk is invincible. They're immortal. Unstoppable. And Iron Man, with his impossible-to-believe suit which might as well be magic-based is also nearly invincible. Who needs the other 3? Why isn't Spiderman in this group? Or some of the X-Men? As for the humans, why do we have a city-sized aircraft carrier? That flies and looks amazingly like the big aircraft from Avatar? Why build a ship that flies? Okay, now the plot. I don't get it. This movie is 2:22 minutes. I don't even understand Loki's motivation or plan. Loki wants to blow up Earth? Why? Why do those Aliens/Clash of the Titans monsters want to blow up Earth? Why could Thor and Loki get to Earth but they can't without the magic portal? Are those monsters magical or technological? And that cube - seriously, they used the same lame McGuffin from Transformers. Which is a movie very much like this one. I mean that as an insult. What was Loki's plan, crumble the outer shells of buildings in NYC. Shoot a lot and not hit anyone? Not one human even seemed to get hit with all the devastation.

I hated it. My wife and kids hated it. My 9 year old son hated it. That says it all. It made no sense, was utterly talky and boring for a huge chunk of it. The Dark Knight wipes its rear end with this blu-ray disc. Avoid at all costs unless you liked Transformers 3, John Carter and Clash of the Titans.

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52 out of 71 people found the following review useful:

A Stunning Visual Effects-Driven Spectacle

Author: SmashingUKProductions from Worcester, England
12 July 2014

'Avengers Assemble' ('The Avengers') is a truly enjoyable superhero film that lives up to its hype and creates a story that allows for four of the greatest superheroes to connect in this mega-blockbuster extravaganza. Joss Whedon has created one of the most action-packed Marvel films to have graced the screen, full of humour, thrills and a great cast of characters, all of which impel this visual effects-driven spectacle. Whilst I had the great opportunity to watch this epic in the cinema in 3D, the film is equally as stunning on an average television set, with the final battle between the Avengers and Loki's army being one of the most spectacular scenes in a superhero movie. An impressive and remarkable fantastical superhero flick from Whedon.

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