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Plot Keywords

shield tesseract
captain america captain
thor army
iron man soldier
super soldier alien invasion
monster escape
thunder alien
attack assassin
crashing through a window rivalry
immortal beating
deception warrior race
tied up while barefoot gunfight
banquet philanthropist
head mounted display brother brother relationship
fistfight sabotage
superhero team shot in the chest
2010s handcuffed
exploding car bow and arrow
returning character with different actor fish out of water
human alien hit with a hammer
disguise sequel
severed arm invisibility cloak
lens flare eye patch
helmet news report
camera focus on female butt laser
technology marvel entertainment
grand central station manhattan new york city orchestra
hand grenade masked man
scepter warrior
exploding body hologram
costumed hero shot with a bow and arrow
final battle fighter pilot
hammer combat
chrysler building manhattan new york city strong female character
shot in the face tough guy
villain arrested betrayal
little black dress helicopter
reference to god thrown through a wall
exploding truck lightning
inventor surprise during end credits
artificial intelligence title appears in text
superhero brooklyn bridge
archer wormhole
hit by a car world domination
interrogation macguffin
punching bag marvel cinematic universe
lasersight security camera
man punching a woman missile
parachute first part
mask mission
shot in the back elevator
hit with a chair spaceship
shootout teleportation
punched in the face blockbuster
power suit superheroine
assault rifle electromagnetic pulse
cnn reporter good versus evil
flashback black eye patch
critically acclaimed beam of energy
russian manhattan new york city
genius gatling gun
ensemble cast forest
walkie talkie aircraft carrier
kneeling world war two veteran
transformation ejector seat
manipulation hydra
hostage space travel
fighting brothers nuclear missile
war veteran chase
exploding ship rocket launcher
street shootout two word title
crushed by a car mothership
female assassin arrest
disaster in new york bank
brawl costume
subtitled scene evil sorcerer
electrocution stuttgart germany
held at gunpoint portal
gymnasium german
bell 206 jet ranger helicopter airplane
giant revenge
car crash female warrior
bomb tuxedo
billionaire fictional government agency
thrown through a window exploding plane
redemption action heroine
masked hero adopted brother
rescue super computer
mixed martial arts cameo
supernatural power shot in the head
kolkata india body landing on a car
group name in title plane crash
jumping from a plane without a parachute eye scanning
jumping through a window battle
shape shifting alien nuclear explosion
tied to a chair bodyguard
anti hero fictional war
battleship laboratory
tough girl exploding building
helicopter crash robot
nuclear threat explosion
beaten to death battlefield
secret government organization ex soldier
eye gouging fighting in the air
fight shot in the throat
police officer new york city
female agent shapeshifting
bare chested male cell phone
exploding bus dual wield
government agent alien attack
pistol knife fight
hitting a woman martial arts
no opening credits jumping from an airplane
forcefield spear
super speed scene during end credits
reference to stephen hawking rocket
rescue mission laser gun
war hero tied feet
imax alien race
hand to hand combat humanity in peril
machine gun helicopter crash
falling from height mercenary
sorcerer secret agent
stabbed to death stabbed in the back
super strength marvel comic
head butt based on comic
returning character killed off robot suit
knife high tech
prisoner secret agent
mind control spacecraft
super villain based on comic book
car accident marvel comics
character repeating someone else's dialogue fighter jet
character's point of view camera shot invisibility
one eyed man scientist
nuclear explosion impalement
scene after end credits american abroad
action hero 3 dimensional
outer space spy
national guard cube
death of friend title spoken by character

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