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solid episode
mpenny222 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Island Plot:. Sayid's plan to rescue Jack, Kate and Sawyer puts himself, Jin and Sun in danger. Kate and Sawyer are put to work by the Others.

Flashback: After finding out about Sun's affair with her English tutor, Mr. Paik orders Jin to kill him.

This episode was a bit of a letdown after the season premiere but still good in its own right. Jin and Sun flashbacks aren't my favorite but I still like them better than some fans do, and this is one of their better ones. The revelation that Sun had cheated on Jin added a new layer to her character. It also, of course, put into question the paternity of her unborn child. The scenes with Jin, Sun and Sayid are well played but not all together memorable.

Much better are the Scenes with Kate and Sawyer doing hard labor. Sawyer tries to test the metal of his captors and finds the only serious threat is Juliet. The brief scene with Kate Sawyer and Juliet is even more interesting now looking back and knowing the future of these characters.

Still the episode was stolen by the great Michael Emerson whose character Ben finally introduces himself to Jack and the audience. Emerson can turn even the cheesiest of lines into gold and he excels in this episode. All told a average episode with some good moments but nothing special. Still for fans waiting to find out what happened to the people in the hatch at the end of season 2, they would have to wait one more episode to learn their fate. Which at the time was more frustrating than you can imagine.

Favorite moment – Ben's chat with Jack at the end.
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The Glass Ballerina
ametaphysicalshark11 November 2008
"The Glass Ballerina" is part of the Hydra island pod of six episodes which kicked off the third season of "Lost". As a result, there is plenty of soap-opera nonsense with Sawyer and Kate and Jack, and some mean-looking Others. The whole setting and idea is complete and utter crap, and there's nothing to talk about here at all (ooh, Sawyer kisses Kate!! *rolls eyes*), with the exception of the great scene where Jack finds out that the Red Sox won the world series.

Outside of that we get a bunch of tolerable but unimpressive scenes catching up with Sun, Jin, and Sayid on the boat. It's alright I suppose. The flashback stuff is as soap-opera-ish as the Sun and Jin relationship goes, but there's some genuinely good character development there. Er... Paul Edwards directed the episode nicely. Eh, there's nothing to talk about here, the whole Hydra island storyline depresses me to no end.

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Loosing momentum
technoyos14 October 2006
Don't know about you guys,but episode 2 looks too much like the episodes in the middle of season 2 - not much happening,boring flashbacks and interesting final 3 minutes. During last season I hoped the producers will successfully avoid the mistake of having episodes who's only purpose is to stretch the show another couple of seasons. Episode 2 is not Lost.It is not why we spend so much time trying to figure out the plot,the maps,the island. What about the island?the monster?The mystery?This is becoming too much O.C. For the first time,after seeing episode 2,I asked myself "Is this shoe that good???". What need is more Locke,Mr.s Eko,The island itself,the monster,the polar bear.That is Lost for me.
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A Relationship Built On Lies
Claudio Carvalho13 October 2006
Sayid lies to Jin, and convinces Sun to sail to a dock to make a bonfire on the beach and signalize to Jack, Kate and Sawyer but actually he wants to attract and ambush a group of "The Others". Sun recalls her childhood, when she broke a glass ballerina and lied to her father, blaming the maid. Later she cheated Jin with Jae Lee, her father finds the truth and he orders Jin to get rid of Jae Lee lying about the reasons. Jin lied when he said that he cannot understand English. Kate and Sawyer are sent to a field for labor work, and Henry Gale proposes Jack to send him back home if he cooperates with him.

"The Glass Ballerina" discloses a little bit more the relationship of Sun and Jin and we see that their relationship was built on lies. Meanwhile, Juliet shows how dangerous she is and Henry Gale discloses his leadership and how connected he is with the world outside the island to Jack, and introduces himself as being Benjamin Linus, in the best and most intriguing part of this episode. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): Not Available

Note: On 5 April 2013, I saw this episode again on DVD.
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