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Awful Movie!!!

Author: yash duggal from Melbourne, Australia
18 April 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is one of the worst movie i have ever seen in my life! i waste my time on this. I watched this movie completely as i took it a punishment for me. I wonder how Suneel Darshan could make such a movie? it doesn't have any continutity. It feels he just shoot scenes and then joined them in some editing software!!! Music is of course good but the film doesn't need so many unwanted songs. Kangana Ranaut looks fake and I wonder what role does Celina Jaietly has in the movie? Bobby deol is good. at least he can act! Upen Patel needs to take some acting lessons rather than taking off his shirts in almost all the scenes! The end was the most pathetic!

I watched Shakalaka Boom Boom after watching "300" (the movie), you guys can really imagine what i felt about this bollywood movie.

I really respect bollywood but please directors and producers, get real, not everything is fantasy!

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Good concept -- poorly executed

Author: AishFan from San Jose, CA, US
9 July 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I would say the strength of the movie lies in the complexity of its characters, situations, and emotions. It has an Omkara feel to it with Bobby trying to destroy Upen's life as Saif tried to do to Ajay Devgan. What I found most interesting is how seemingly innocent, loving, passionate people such as Bobby's character can be consumed by so much hatred and envy and how Upen shuts out all people who care about him and only trusts the one man who is out to ruin him. A very powerful story indeed--however, quite a bit of tackiness combined with an ending that pretty much ruined the movie even if you were enjoying it was quite disheartening. Anupam Kher's portion was nice and could have been explored further. Kangana was good as usual. Celina was bad as usual. Bobby was good. You hate Upen when he's being selfish, but you feel sorry for him later on--as much as I hate to admit, I guess those are signs of a good actor. Music is slightly catchy, but a movie like this that centers around music deserves more than just a (barely) foot-tapping score. Now, you can't expect a Taal out of every film's soundtrack, but something that highlights the emotions and thoughts going on in the minds of the characters was necessary.

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Shakalaka Boom Boom? More Like Shakalaka Tap Tap

Author: bcookuk from United Kingdom
22 April 2007

Now, I like the Bollywood films and I'm very glad they have recently gained success in the UK. However, Suneel Darshan's latest effort is a deeply flawed film from start to finish.

The idea of a modern-Bollywood take on Amadeus was quite an exciting one, that is until the two supposed 'musicians' appear on the scene looking as if they have never touched a piece of manuscript in their lives. Upen Patel is a very good looking man, and the film plays to his narcissistic sensibilities, but he is never once believable as a modern Mozart. In terms of acting, all he can do is stand there and pout. His expressions, hair and clothes all look the same throughout, including the scene where he is supposedly 'dying', when in fact he appears to have nothing but a slight sniffle. Bobby Deol, playing the Salieri role, does his best to liven up what little wooden script there is but, alas, just comes across as a little bit angry when he is supposed to be fuming with jealousy.

Bollywood films are widely renowned for their stunning set-pieces and colour schemes, but Shaklaka looks like a drab BBC drama reproduction. In fact, the closest thing Shakalaka comes to is Hollyoaks, as it blatantly hides a really bad script behind beautiful people looking, well, beautiful. "He has yet to reach mediocrity" - the same could be said for the totally forgetful songs.

In short, Darshan's latest offering has no boom, bang, wallop or twang. Instead it merely plods along with its head held low hoping to catch your attention with a soft tap on the shoulder. And that is not good enough at all.

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Underrated gem

Author: jfungp from United States
24 June 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is right up there with "Dosti" as my favorite Suneel Darshan movie (though very different from "Dosti"), perhaps even better. I would give it an 8.5/10. Darshan retains his well-honed emotional sensibilities at key effective moments, as well as his trademark ear for good music and his belief in songs being integral in telling the story of a movie. But he tones down the melodrama a lot, uses a new editing style that is neither too hip nor too dated, and substitutes the cooler sound of Himesh Reshammiya for the slower Nadeem-Shravan of his previous movies. He also gets fairly good performances out of a mostly new, but talented, star cast.

The story in the movie is different, not yet another rehashed love story or rehashed action plot or rehashed family melodrama -- inspired by, but not slavish to or merely copying, the movie "Amadeus." The power play in the music industry portrayed here is both gripping and, to me, believable. One can see parallels in the story to real life in the way certain directors or stars become blacklisted in the Hindi film industry and its associated media because of fear of someone's No. 1 status being taken away by superior new talent, or perceived humiliations and slights. I think Darshan himself may relate to that struggle, as he finds himself seemingly cast aside as old guard, and so too from another angle might many of the young actors, who do fine work in this movie, relate as their work is ignored for the latest SRK/Akshay/Salman/Saif retread which has way better publicity (but don't misunderstand me, I like those actors too, and I don't think all of their movies are retreads). This genuineness of the theme, and the likely relevance of the movie to the people making it, are part of what makes the movie work so well.

Further, the movie is not typical Bollywood in being gray-shaded. Neither of the two lead male characters is wholly sympathetic or wholly villainous. It's hard to say who I rooted for more and who I rooted for less. They were both wrong. The ending is probably a just one for the characters involved though.

Don't get me wrong, this movie is an entertainer, and a star vehicle for Upen Patel and Bobby Deol, with the trademark Suneel Darshan emphasis on songs telling a story -- it's not a social commentary! It doesn't claim to be a "Page 3", and it certainly isn't! But I just think the story is a worthy one.

As mentioned before already in this review, the songs propel the story forward. For example, Bobby's character AJ sees Upen's character Reggie for the first time in the picturization for "Dil Lagayenge," and the seeds of both appreciation for Reggie's talent and jealousy/insecurity form there; the same picturization also introduces (tastefully) the fact that Reggie and Celina Jaitley's character Sheena have a sexual relationship. My favorite song and favorite picturization, "Thade Vaste", is perhaps less important in propelling the story, but establishes Reggie's love and respect for both his father (played by Anupam Kher in a short, but effective appearance) and for Ruhi, which we keep in mind despite Reggie's later actions when angry and bitter.

Acting: The acting of Bobby Deol in his part-sympathetic, part-villainous role is great -- believable throughout, and mostly subtle but with some good "villain faces", as one follows his transformation from well-meaning to embittered and vengeful. Upen Patel is good for a newcomer, and improves steadily as the movie progresses. He seems kind of one-note-arrogant and a little scummy looking at the beginning, but in the second half displays a wide range from the expressive exuberance of "Thade Vaste" to the subtle heartbreak of "Namumkin", and is especially effective when his character is sick, portraying his illness and passion for music and gratitude to AJ. His best scene is probably when his character apologizes to AJ. Patel is also a great dancer, which was already evident in his previous movie "36 China Town." Kangana Ranaut does fine in her first glamorous, commercial role, particularly when she is concerned for Reggie or standing up to him to try to get him to see sense, and also in the songs. Celina Jaitley makes an impact as a powerful and sexy businesswoman, despite having few scenes. The supporting actors are also good.

There are lots of effective scenes in the movie -- from the opening where someone is putting a CD into a player (right away you know it's not the same old Suneel Darshan movie) and the bouncy credits sequence, to the mysterious opening with AJ staring down his guru, to, after a bit of a lull, Upen arriving on scene with "Dil Lagayenge," the first of several effective song picturizations, to the humiliation of AJ in the studio, to the hilarious sequence where Ruhi thinks Reggie is a serial killer stalking her, to Reggie's dad's parting speech to him at the airport about needing to apologize for bitter words (so well acted by Anupam Kher), to Reggie's drunk scenes, to Ruhi's departure, to Reggie's composition while ill, to hospital scenes, to AJ in a dream version of Hell attacked by demons (pretty good special effects!), and yes, even a horrifying disco ball scene.

The ending is abrupt but is probably just, and leaves you thinking.

I only have a few complaints. A subplot with the music mogul's wife having an affair with AJ is only half-developed. The US setting is not that convincing. Some friend characters are not developed. And, I wish we had seen more of the characters' families than just Reggie's dad -- he brought an immediate reassuring typical Bollywoodish family touch when he showed up briefly in the second half (but I guess it worked to have not much family in that sense).

Anyway, overall, awesome movie! A must for Suneel Darshan, Bobby Deol, or Upen Patel fans!

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complete no see

Author: nsrawz from United States
9 August 2007

This movie lacks in everything. Except Bobby deol, who in his own standards is mediocre, no one in this movie has come close to act in a single scene. Kangana is complete fake in her acting.

The great Anupam Kher has a guest appearance and is better in those 2 minutes than bobby in the whole movie. The music does'nt compliment the movie

that well. The contrast in Music between Bobby and Upen is not highlighted that well. Great concept gone completely wrong. The movie does'nt have a proper ending. Please don't waste your time as i did on this movie

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Honestly I don't think it's's just not fair to do this!

Author: Sherazade from United States
14 October 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Most people get the luxury of typing in the title of a film, and finding out about the film before watching it but unfortunately I've just never been one of those kind of people. I wouldn't even read the synopsis for fear of spoilers but there are two sides to that because if you ignore such warnings and even give a film a chance after it has flopped in theatres, you're entering at your own risk and might just end up with a bad taste in your mouth which is exactly how I feel about this stupid movie.

Honestly, the only thing good about Shakalaka-Crap-Crap are some of it songs (and seriously excluding the title track). Even the ever promising Kangana Renaut's talent (Metro, Gangster, Woh Lamhe) is seriously wasted here as she plays Ruhi, the woman who has captured the attention of both the leading male characters played by Bobby Deol (who plays A.J. a rootless music producer) and Upen Patel (who plays Reggi, an upcoming artist who crosses A.J.'s path). Celina Jaitley provides the right amount of OOMPH required of a socialite who gets jilted by Reggi (whom she helped get his foot in the record industry's door). This doesn't sound like a mix or movie that should include Anupam Kher right? Well, you're wrong because he's in it as Reggi's father (another wasted talent).

The film might not have been so bad had their not over-killed the writing behind Deol's character. The moral message was too preachy (revenge had a deadly dark side) and the ending was way too overblown that it will make you wonder why you sat down to such a foolish movie in the first place. Truly, this is the epitome of crap.

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A disastrous rip off from a beautiful movie

Author: Raghu Mittal from India
1 May 2007

Shakalaka Boom Boom is a rip off from the movie Amadeus. I personally rate Amadeus as one of my favorites not only because it is about music, which is my favorite subject, but also because it tells us the real story of a musical genius who is not only remembered for the voluminous works of beautiful music he produced during his life-time, but for his own self-destructive nature and his tragic death at a young age of 35, being virtually uncelebrated during his life time because of the politics played by some people, particularly Saliere, the Italian composer, who was jealous of him.

Personally, I was shocked to see Shakalaka.., as the director has invariably cut-pasted most of the scenes from the movie Amadeus. I see the worst kind of plagiarism in this movie and am skeptic about the kind of movies Bollywood keeps on churning day by day. The movie is a disaster, the two musicians in the movie don't give you any feeling of being realistic, the film is tasteless, meaningless and total failure on every count. The only person who makes an impact is Bobby Deol, who at least knows how to act. Otherwise, the whole cast looks like a bunch of amateurs.

The irony is that while watching the movie, the first screen in the movie says that all characters in this movie are fictitious and that any resemblance with anyone is purely coincidental which is a blatant lie, because all resemblances are very much clear and they are very much intended. I wish I could take Darshan and Co. to court not only for Copyright Infringement, but also for mutilating a beautiful work of art.

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Some good music work!!!

Author: gavin_coolhgr from Guyana
23 November 2007

Aj (Bobby Deol) wants to rule the music industry. He is, however, successful in convincing himself to become a successful musician. Because he has the capability and thought he wants some more. With full confidence , he decided to step out and goes to sing more songs to make himself more popular. Reji (Umen Patel) comes into his way, and started to condemn Aj's music and said he can sing more better than Aj. He even snatch away Aj's sweet heat Rohi Parker. But Aj straight his mind to one thing, music, that was his life. And he would go to any extent to become a popular musician, if he have got to destroy Reji for that. Shakalaka Boom Boom is the convincing part of music & it will always remain so.

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Shakalaka Boom Boom Indeed A++++++++++++

Author: movierocket from United Kingdom
17 April 2007

What Can I Say This movie was Very Good From start Too Finish Here Is a Plot Summary For The Film :

the music industry is considered ruthless, manipulative and cutthroat, these terms certainly do not apply to A.J., the most popular singer/composer New York has ever seen. However, if prodigious talent, passion, and attitude are considered synonymous with the music industry, then Reggi fits the bill. Young and hugely talented, he hungers and craves for A.J.'s spot at the top. Into these lives enters two women: the aspiring singer Ruhi and the ambitious P.R. professional Sheena. Ruhi, while she has much professional respect for A.J., she has been wooed and won over by Reggi. Sheena, on the other hand, holds a grudge against Reggi because, while she did a lot for him as a PR, he had rejected her in a personal relationship. As A.J. and Reggi face off against each in a do or die battle, envy and betrayal rear their ugly heads, and talent struggles to survive the onslaught of a carefully orchestrated smear campaign... Music will be the ultimate winner... and loser... in SHAKALAKA BOOM BOOM!

With Great Acting From The Leads, Plot Twists ,this film is great and truly Amazing and even the songs are Great like the Title Track obviously called SHAKALAKA BOOM BOOM!

The Film start From Present Day and Go back To 1 year earlier on how A.J Played By Bobby Deol got another Hit Album His Sixth which again relates to the Movie Title called Shakalaka Boom Boom. To The Point in the film which it started and what happened next. As I said before this fill is great 10/10. The Film has drama,Suspense and Of course Shakalaka Boom Boom.

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