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The GUI of the computer in Flint Lockwood's lab changes from either a Unix / Windows interface, with restore, minimize and close icons on the windows on the right initially. However, when his dad sends the email, the GUI is a representation of a Mac OS with the icons on the left and in standard Mac OS colours.
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When typing in the first breakfast order into the machine, Flint orders the eggs "over easy", but when it rains, the eggs that are falling are "sunny side up".
When the giant fish bowl breaks loose, the spectator from the 'Splash Zone' can be seen leading those fleeing, but in the next shot is back in his seat being missed by the splash.
The "spaghetti tornado" originally rotates clockwise, then counterclockwise, then back to clockwise.

Errors in geography 

When the clouds are seen approaching Manhattan, the city can be seen. The Empire State Building is located in Upper Manhattan, but yet is portrayed as being in Lower Manhattan, almost near what was then Ground Zero.

Factual errors 

The radar screen on the portable Doppler radar sweeps counterclockwise. It should be clockwise.

Revealing mistakes 

When the Mayor is leaning against the fence his left thumb is passing through the fence geometry.

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