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This white-knuckle adventure is a literal and metaphoric cliff-hanger that gets a spectacular foothold on an unforgiving mountain.
These fears explain why in its scenes on the Eiger itself, North Face starts strongly and ends as unbearably riveting. They also explain why it was a strategic error to believe this story needed romantic and political subplots.
A straightforward, wickedly suspenseful man-versus-nature saga of the type that rarely gets made anymore.
The Hollywood Reporter
More than delivers on the excitement and terror of this existential flirtation with one's own mortality. Where it falters is trying to link this event to Nazi-era politics and a feeble love story.
North Face is a gripping, at times downright epic, account of men vs. mountain vs. other men (and, what the hell, one woman).
It's a literal cliffhanger and the next worst thing to being there.
While the movie is never dull, its romantic fodder doesn't do justice to any period at all.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Director Philipp Stolzl worked in the same dangerous conditions as the original climbers, and we can feel the chill and peril in our bones. It's a shame, then, that the screenwriter, unlike the camera crew and the characters, was afflicted with such timidity.
All the retroactively enlightened symbolism gets monotonous, and reaches an absurd apex with the introduction of a party-line newspaperman played by that scowling emblem of Teutonic depravity, Ulrich Tukur.
At some two hours, the film is 30 minutes too long. Cutting out the melodrama and sticking with the daring-do is the answer.

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