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The makers of this mediocre comedy about dorky guys who work in a cut-rate electronics store probably hoped that "40 Year-Old Virgin" lightning would strike twice. It doesn't.
If one of your non-filmmaker friends watched "Office Space" a few too many times, this is probably the movie he'd make.
It's certainly an unusual movie, aiming more often than not for pathos rather than pratfalls while nonetheless maintaining a slapstick tone, but it remains resolutely unmemorable.
The Strip makes you appreciate what hard work effortless comedy is.
The New York Times
As depressing as the résumés of its 9-to-5 characters, The Strip sweats to wring laughs from overworked themes and underwhelming performances.
There's certainly no energy surge in writer-director Jameel Khan's effort, which is a collection of lazy, look-who's-stupid-or-pathetic vignettes so loosely assembled and laugh-deficient they play as if you're thumbing through a sketch reject pile.
Could Dave Foley prostitute his talent to amuse any further without actually becoming a prostitute? In a plunging step down from emceeing celebrity poker, Foley provides a recognizable face to Jameel Khan's picked-over Goodwill bin of workplace comedy, The Strip.
An economic slump is no reason to settle for this junked-up, unintentionally depressing "Office Space" bootleg.
Brain-dead film.

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