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A Great TV Series About Love
Desertman8423 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I finished watching all 16 episodes of ALONE IN LOVE.It is highly recommended.It was worth all the 16 hours of viewing.

ALONE IN LOVE is story was about a divorced couple,who are struggling to move past their relationships,in their journey of finding their one true love.Kam Woo-seong plays Dong-jin Lee and Son Ye-Jin plays Eun-ho Lee,both as the male and female divorcees respectively.Credit should also be given to Lee Ha-and Kong Hyeong-jin for providing great performance in their supporting roles.The story was both realistic as well as highly unpredictable until the last few minutes of the final episode of the series.

Also,it was a HAPPY ENDING for change since Koreans are known for sad endings.Son Ye-Jin was great in this TV series.She once again proves that she is one of the best actresses if not the best in Asia.

The viewers are given a lot of information in real life situations about love that can be useful not only to married couples but also to those who are engaged,in a relationship and those people who have yet to fall in love.The series has a good mix of drama and comedy.

Not a dull moment in this 16 hour long TV series.
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Most romantic show ever!!
Mit Parmar7 November 2013
This is real romance! First mature Korean show I've seen. This isn't a love story, a life story is more appropriate. It's a very beautiful-powerful representation of relations between people with awesome combination of lightness and seriousness; not only love but also friendship, siblings' love etc. Overall mood of drama is light; often it's L-O-L kind of funny without being idiotic and very heartwarming and sometimes it gives feeling of emptiness. I'm a guy and I'm not ashamed to admit that I shed many tears of happiness while watching Alone in Love. I felt like I was one of the members of their friend circle. I was attached emotionally with each character. I felt emotionally saturated after going through this lovely show! Eun-ho (SYJ) and Dong-jin's (KWS) views in narration on their life and love are inspiring and can be lessons for most people. Their views can be useful for any person-any age, those who are in love, those who were in love and especially those who yet to be in love!


Almost everyone was A+ in acting including guest roles! Gong Hyung-Jin is brilliant and funny as an unconfident gynecologist and played an important role as best friend of main lead.

Son Ye-Jin: I don't need to talk about her. She's proved actress. She is flawless throughout whole show but her best performance was in the last two episodes.

Lee Ha-Na: I'm very very impressed by this actress! This was her first role in her career still she managed to perform it brilliantly. She was very natural, great expressions and dialogue delivery. Sometimes she was suppressed by the presence of Son Ye-Jin but still she outclassed SYJ in many scenes! She definitely deserved her New Star award.

Kam Woo Sung: Poor guy, every other actor in this drama got acknowledgment for their acting by getting either best actress; top excellence, New Star or supporting actor-actress awards but this poor man missed it! I think his acting was best in the whole cast! Clever dialogue delivery! BEST!


Music was mesmerizing. I couldn't find OST album yet so I don't know specific track names to point out but I loved the music!


-Very realistic -Romantic! -No angst and typical Asian show riddles -Excellent combination of all emotions -Perfect casting & acting! -Strong and likable characters -No idols -0% nonsense -No annoying characters -Stable pace


None, still I couldn't find anything negative except this was highly addictive. It felt like a 16 hour long movie!

Who should watch this?

As I said it's mature so it'll definitely suit mature audience but I think it's more advisable to recommend it to younger audience (I'm also in this group!) to give slight idea about love! So in short everyone! Highly recommended for everyone! If someone wants to watch a Korean show and wants to watch only one then I'd recommend Alone in Love. I'd easily sideline my previous joint #1 Salaryman and Evasive Inquiry Agency!

Who should avoid this?

-Those who want adrenaline rush in everything. -Those who want to live in fantasy. -Those who want to watch mushy, kiddo's, 'Love @ 1st sight', "I love you…I love you too!"/"I can't live without you…" kind of romance.
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Beautiful narration
Sujatha Kamalaksha8 February 2013
I read reviews for this series extensively before I started to watch.I only got positive reviews. By then, I was also a fan of lead actors (The Classic, Marriage is a crazy thing). What captivates is the narration. Director and the script writer have done excellent work with crisp editing. Actors are brilliant in bringing their natural strength to the characters. Many reviews say one common thing - silence speaks in this story. If you are not a person who can appreciate that, then it is not for you.

My favorite scenes are mostly the reminiscing parts from the lead characters. Their ache of missing each other, yet their ego and insecurity that stops them from taking that step forward towards each other.

Supporting characters are well sketched and have a purpose. They build the characters we come to appreciate as they make up for the dialogue bit, mostly. Story moves on quietly. Music is also quiet, but stays with you long after you finish watching the series. Miss Ye Jin is a natural and considering her natural age at the time of this character portrayal, she has shown a lot of maturity. Award for her in this category was well deserved.

Since my review comes late and probably wont add much to what has already been written about this story, I will conclude by strongly recommending this to any viewer interested in melodrama.
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