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Yet another childhood memory
TheLittleSongbird23 November 2009
I used to watch this show all the time when I was a kid. I loved shows like this, Rosie and Jim and my favourite Pingu. Tots TV was educational, fun and cute. The Tots, Tilly, Tom and Tiny are nice colourful creations, and the donkey was sweet but I liked Peekaboo(the little mischievous dog) best of all. I liked the house as well, I remembered when I was kid it was the sort of house I wanted to live in. Their adventures outside the house were exciting and proved educational fun for preschoolers. I will admit very little of interest happens inside the house, others than the Tots making things. The title song was catchy and made me want to sing along as well.

All in all, an almost forgotten childhood memory. 9/10 Bethany Cox
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A very fond memory.....
jrwhayward27 July 2014
Ah, tots TV. What can I say. I would tell every parent to show this to their children rather than the garbage on TV currently. As a young sprog, this show was pure magic. The 3 tots on their adventures at home and away were real, with real things you could go and do. Other programs gave you make-believe places and worlds but tots TV gave me the wonders of the outside real world on TV. Also, they acted human, with human emotions and human situations that as a young child you could relate to. The music, not jarring and silly like modern shows, but calming, soothing and memorable. To this day as a teen, I see an episode on TV and I well up slightly. Why? Because all of the tots TV I ever saw was in my old house, in a place that looked like the setting for the tots house. Back as a kid , I wondered if I would ever find their house in the woods near me. Now, the show makes me homesick for my old house, but rekindles the fond memories of many years there. To me, tots TV will always stay close to my heart. Forever.
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Tots TV
Jackson Booth-Millard19 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I remember often watching this on CITV, and when I was a child of course, it was quite entertaining, well, who doesn't like puppets, apart from Tweenies and Teletubbies and all other hideous ones. Every episode starred the three rag doll puppets, red-haired French girl Tilly, blue-haired with glasses one, Tom, and the youngest green-haired one, Tiny. Every episode they would sing the opening song, and that little dog thing would pop up, and either they would stroke the donkey, which would mean they are staying home in their cottage, or they would continue the song to go out on an educational adventure. As they had their adventures, there would be some person educating the audience about something, e.g. feeding elephants. I can't really remember anything really exciting they did at home. At the time, worth watching!
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